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Hip Dysplasia in Shibas
  • Hi, all - definitely turning into the worried dad here!

    I definitely don't think I have anything to worry about here (there is no history of this in Sabi's family), but when he sits he tends to do it on the side of his hip rather than with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Anything to worry about? (I, personally, think it's just a puppy thing and am correcting it by only rewarding him with the clicker and treats when he sits "properly") Thanks!
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  • CaliaCalia
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  • Watch how your Shiba runs. If there is "bunny hopping" with the back rear feet and if movement doesn't seem really fluid, then take your Shiba in for an X-ray. Sukoshi has hip dysplasia. It was diagnosed early on because someone at the dog park noticed that she seemed to "limp" when she ran. I had my brother (who raises Shibas) look at her after this comment and he agreed that her gait was off. So I took her to the vet and had Xrays done. Yep, she had hip dysplasia!
  • He doesn't bunny hop when he runs, persay, but on the carpet in my apartment he tears ass in a motion I would describe as "scooting" - outside on his walks, though, he gallops normally. Hrmm...
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    There are others on the forum here that might also be able to provide you some insight but take note of how Sabi gets up too. If Sabi favors his front legs when he tries to get up, then he might be adjusting to try and accommodate hip dysplasia.

    Ahhh...found it on the search. Pam and Tim did a great job documenting her trials and tribulations with her Puppy Mill Rescue, Roxy.

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  • did sabi's breeder do any health testing on the parents? How old is Sabi?
  • He's only three and a half months - and no worries with the parents - just being overly protective :)

    First vet visit in Asahikawa this Saturday - wish me luck!
  • i would let the vet know your concerns so they can check the pup.

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