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This is the food I chose for Rudi
  • GreensageGreensage
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    I hadn't noticed this food brand "Taste of the Wild" noted by anyone yet and thought I might link it so that anyone who might be interested can read a bit more. 

    I knew from my breeder that I should try not to allow any typical Grain dogfood, that it would cause skin allergies.  She especially noticed Lamb as being a big allergen amongst her dogs. 

    This particular feed impressed me withe the lists of ingredients. I was able to try all three brands for dogs the Bison and Roast Venison, Smoked Salmon, and the Wetlands/Waterfowl.  He loved all three flavors.  So I went with the first five pounds in the Waterfowl.  Next month I will switch him to the Bison, and then later the Salmon so as not to have him get bored with it.


    tcfn, Ron

  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    We looked at that food - its one of the few that is available in NM... it looks good - good to hear you are a grain free believer.  :c)
  • You may not want to switch him around. Dogs don't get bored. They are just happy to eat. And god forbid he develop an allergy to one of the protein sources, you have the alternate formulas to go to.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    I switch every bag or two. You don't have to ever switch brands if you don't want too, just protein.  Varied diets are good for dogs just like they are for people.

    I was looking at their website the other day.  Seems to be a high quality food.  I hope they are in next months whole dog journal.


  • LeonbergerLeonberger
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    You have loads of choice there! That's great.

    I was checking around here, and now things are a bit better, but still it's pretty much Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Purina, PedigreePal, Friskies and not much more. At least not for the general public. If you look more into it you might find some more brands like Husse but not much more. 

  • okironokiron
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    We're currently switching our cats from Purina to Evo. Tis hard work making sure their tummies wont get upset by the richer food. It's not something I'm wanting to make a habit of lol. I'm happy with sticking to one food unless necessary. It makes it easier sending the boyfriend out shopping as well.

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