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How long does it take for my pup to be normal again after being neutered.
  • I tried to call different Vets that will take a look at him but the earliest I was able to get was Friday. I think he might have scratched himself a little too hard and got his eye. I noticed it last night and wiped it off and it came back almost instantly. Then this morning I saw a huge amount in the corner of his right eye and crust on his eyelid. Is there any thing I can do for him for now? Anyone recommend any brands or something to clean it myself?
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  • My shiba used to get that when he had allergies before we sorted out his diet. I would just wipe the goop with warm damp wash cloth. let us know how it goes.
  • My shiba used to get that when he had allergies before we sorted out his diet. I would just wipe the goop with warm damp wash cloth. let us know how it goes.
  • Spike got that for a while. Would be bad in the mornings and seemed to come back after I cleaned it. (Worst part was that he was INSISTENT on licking it off my finger after I cleaned it...) Went away on its own though. Make sure his eyes don't look red or bloodshot.
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    Ki had some eye gunk that was definitely not normal. It did seem that it might be, as you said, a complication from him scratching since he does have allergies. The vet gave him some clear goop that I had to put on his eye for a short time (it didn't seem to bother him at all) and he's not had a problem like that since. I wish I had his papers here so I could give you some details (soon, though!). She did mention that it was basically a very mild version of what people with pink eye might use.

    Hopefully all ends up well and quickly with your little one.
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  • Yeah the vet gave me some stuff I'm suppose to put in his eye. He's been real squirmy about it which is understandable. But he may have a bigger problem now. His paws were getting irritated from his constant biting and they did a skin scraping cause his skin was really bad on his paws. They said it wasn't dermidix? or something like that but could be a form of scabies? I'm not sure how he would have gotten that but they told me to switch from front line and go with revolution. They also said he had some bacteria on his skin so after spending several hundred on the vet I still don't know exactly what his problem is=/. Very frustrating. I'll keep you guys updated...
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    :( Sorry to hear he's got a mysterious pile of issues all at once. I hate when you can't get a cut-and-dry "this is the issue and here is how to fix it" right away.
  • I know especially when you get charged so much and not know exactly whats wrong..

    anyway does anyone know any good medicated shampoos that get rid of mites?
  • I put a large cone on him but apparently he could still somehow reach his paws while I was at work...ended up getting an Extra large now...I think its time for another visit to the vet..

  • You may really want to seriously look into a raw diet for your little guy. His feet are breaking my heart, I can only imagine how you must feel.

    You may also want to look into a holistic vet. Or one who specialized in allergies and/or nutrition.

    I am sorry you guys are going through this.

    As shibas are becoming increasingly popular we are seeing more and more skin and allergy related issues. Or at least I have been noticing them.
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    Oh wow... Poor little guy.

    When Jen (Tsukitsune) was having her allergy issues with her female, I suggested something that had worked for Bella when she was having hot spots from allergy flair-ups. Desitin (the baby diaper rash ointment) really helped with Bella's itchy feet/face/ And it is non-toxic, so if they happen to lick it off, it will not hurt them (but try not to let him eat the whole tube). It may help soothe the irritation.

    And this definitely seems like an allergy issue. Jessica's suggestion for a raw diet is a good one. You may want to start off easy with a pre-made raw diet. I am sure she can give you some good recommendations. Another thing that causes skin allergies in dogs is mold. I think that ended up being Tsuki's issue. And I know how she felt, as I am terribly allergic to mold as well. May want to try for a de-humidifer in your home if you think that might be part of the issue.

    Hopefully some of these suggestions will help. Give little Serverus a hug from us all, and tell him to feel better VERY soon. Sending some good vibes your way!
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    Hey Frank,
    Allergies are really tough to diagnose. Believe it or not, I've known a few Shiba owners that have discovered that their dog is allergic to grass, chicken, etc. I feel for you and your little pup and I hope you guys can persevere through this!

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    Mylo is allergic to wheat and because of that, I avoid chicken (because they eat wheat). He had bad allergies when I first adopted him, and I've found that switching him to a fish-based kibble has really helped. I've fed Mylo Acana and Orijen. Both are great because they contain WILD caught fish. Farmed fish are sometimes fed wheat based feed, and as such, have a chance of reacting with Mylo's allergy.

    Maybe try that? It's something that my vet never thought to offer as advice, but really worked for us.

    Best of luck for the little guy. Give him lots of love from Mylo and I. *sending healing/anti-itch vibes!*
  • He was on taste of the wild salmon and very itchy. Now he is on evo red meat and still lots of itching. Maybe one last shot at evo herring before I go to a raw diet. I read about his symptoms online and it really seems like aN inhalant allergy but I'm willing to try anything. I bought a de humidifier. I want my dog back, it's breaking my heart. I been talking to my breeder and shes trying to think of any times when she had an allergic dog. She's been really nice and was a former president the northern cal shiba club. sorry if there are typos or autocorrected words I am on my phone. Thanks everyone.
  • Does anyone know if evo herring has wild caught fish?
  • Frank, we've had Yoshi on EVO herring and salmon for several months now. We had switched to a fish based diet with no grains because he does have wheat allergies and possibly other grain allergies. Since I'm on my phone I can't tell you if the fish are wild caught or not, but will check the bag when I get home. We're sending good healing vibes to you and Severus. It's always the worst when you can't just fix it. Hang in there...
  • Poor Severus! It is very painful to watch and obviously miserable for the dog. I would have to say this is very young for allergies, but each case is different. I would consult a veterinary dermatologist before it gets any worse.

    It can get worse and does get worse over time as dogs age.... It is horrible when the immune system goes full blown out of wack.

    Really it is best to get control over it now. In the spring appointments become harder to get at short notice, so go for it now to nip things in the bud.

    Here is a link to finding a vet dermatologist near you.

    There are new treatments on the market that allow for multiple options in keeping flairs at bay.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks guys.

    SnF..Thank you very much. I just went to that website and found a dermatologist. I have an appointment for thursday then the day after Severus gets neutered. poor guy =(
  • Remember it can take a couple of months for an allergy to go away once you switch foods, sometimes up to 6 weeks
  • I just noticed evo herring is for adults is that still okay if he's almost 5 months??
  • A food allergy can take up to 2 months to notice any results. I had a mutt that had very bad allergies. I hated to see her suffer and trying to eliminate what she was allergic to was proving difficult. I opted for allergy testing. My vet drew blood and sent it to a place in Arizonia. They test for both food and environmental allergies. I got a wonderful printout that showed what she was severely allergic to and what she was borderline allergic to. While the blood test was kinda pricey up front, knowing right away what she was allergic to was worth it. I was able to change her diet to the correct food. Also due to the large number of environmental allergies she had, she was put on an allergy shots customized for her. It made a world of difference and she looked forward to her monthly allergy shot because she knew she always felt better after.
  • The dermatologist appointment is tomorrow. Severus has been wearing his cone almost 24 hours a day. His paws are almost healed and are not very raw anymore =). But now whenever I take off the cone the first thing he does is put his front 2 paws together and rub his gums/muzzle with it. He does it extremely hard because I can see/feel his legs shaking while he's doing it. Is that a part of teething? Or also part of the allergy issue. Is there anything to help give him relief for now? It seriously feels like I have a completely differnet dog =(. I feel so bad for him. If the cone is on all he can do it sleep and if the cone is off all he does is scratch scratch scratch. I hope I get some answers/cures for him tomorrow.

    Right now I'm freezing his rope toys and letting him on that. I've read freezing aloe than putting it on their gums after helps
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  • The rubbing his gums could be partly teething, but most likely is part of the allergies. Sounds like the little guy is miserable. Freezing his rope toys will provide him some relief. Hopefully the dermatologist can give him something to make him more comfortable until you figure out what is causing the problem. Good luck tomorrow, Hope they are able to figure something out for you. It is starting to sound more and more like allergies.
  • We went to the Dermatologist today and they gave him new food (rabbit/potato) based to see if it is a food allergy. They also ended up giving him medicated shampoo and most importantly some steroids. They didn't see anything alarming in his skin scraping so they just suggested we give him another dose of flea medicine(Revolution) every 2 weeks to rule out scabies. Tomorrow is his day to get neutered. Hopefully the next month will be better for him.
  • Good to hear. Hopefully it will help him.
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    Best of luck with everything! :) I hope March is a better month for your little guy!
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    I hope his neuter went well today! Just hang in there champ, you'll feel better soon =0)

    *Healing viiiiiiiibes*
  • Me too! I won't be able to pick him up for another 2 hours. Hopefully he isn't too whiny/sad
  • He's been whining non stop since I picked him up with is understandable. I can tell he is really sleepy but he keeps trying to whine and not sleep. Maybe he's scared I'm going to leave him again cause he closes only one eye when hes tired now.
  • Oh gods, this brings me back to when Tierce was neutered. Now, look, intellectually I know that it was the best choice, but emotionally I was OMG MY BABY! Looking back, that little brat milked me for all I was worth. He got SO spoiled... and of course healed in record time. He was careful not to let me know because while he was generally being pathetic, I was stuffing him with cheese and salmon to assuage my guilt for HURTING MY POOR HELPLESS LITTLE PUPPY.
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    Do your best to act "normal" around Severus. Act concerned and he'll pick up on your raised blood pressure because of your anxiety and nervousness and need to comfort him. Stay calm, spoil the little bugger because he'll be lethargic for the next 36 hours or so.

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    Violet bounced back from her spay (which has to hurt more) pretty quickly. She was kind of dopey and tired for the first day or two after, but after that she more or less normal. (Didn't want to walk or jump quite as much for a week or so, but that probably was a good thing).
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    Don't worry. Pongy couldn't sleep properly for a day cuz it hurted her so bad :(


    She instead took the opportunity to ignore me for the rest of the day...

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