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communicating with squeak toys
  • ab8906ab8906
    Posts: 14
    ok so this is kinda baffling to me obviously dogs cant talk but they do understand and try to communicatewith us. Now my questing is . Does your shiba talk to you using their squeak toy . Hopper does it all the time when she wants to play she makes it squeak with her moutn.
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  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722 dogs have never done that before...  But it is common you can teach them to do certain things to get your attention or mean something that you both understand.  For example, a lot of people housetrain their dogs by putting bells on the door and teaching them that "if you ring the bells on the door, ill let you out"  So whenever the dogs need to go out, they ring the bells and are let out. 

     We don't do the bell thing with our dogs, but im considering seems pretty cool.  Right now Portia and Ninja whine and then we let them out.  

    What exactly do you think Hopper is trying to say to you when she squeaks her toy?  Maybe everytime she sqeaks the toy you do something that she by squeaking the toy, she has learned that you will do this one thing everytime? 

    I can't give Portia or Ninja squeaky toys...they just squeak and squeak for hours...

  • ab8906ab8906
    Posts: 14
    so does hopper i will be in a dead sleep and at like 3 am ill hear squeak squeak its annoying i think she thinks its another trick for her   she usually does it after we throw it on the way back to us.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433

    The squeaking sound isn't meant to mimic the squeak a small animal would make when it is being hunted/killed.  By squeaking it Hopper is most likely trying to show you what she has accomplished, she caught the animal and is now "killing it", she wants you to be proud.  Many dogs (and some cats) bring their kill home to show off their prize and appease their owners..  It could also mean, throw it again.

  • JypseaJypsea
    Posts: 25

    Could be Shiba Morse Code?  :)

  • BradA1878BradA1878
    Posts: 2242

    I have noticed that each of our puppies go through a "squeaker stage"... around 5 months old they discover the squeak toy and squeak continuously - non stop, this lasts for about a month... then they just stop, and never want to squeak it again. Kinda odd.

    I think they squeak because it reinforces the action of biting... its a reward for being... like the clicker - its an audible reword.

    Same reason a child presses a button on a toy that makes noise - its an audible reward for an action.

  • Oh the infamous squeakers...

    We did the bells to house train Niko.  They were awesome and very helpful got OUT OF CONTROL!  She would ring them to just go outside, she would ring them when we went outside with out her...she would HANG off of them.  Our trainer scolded us for getting them because we need to take them out on OUR schedule not theirs...

    I still stand by it for house training, it reinforces inside as well as outside the potty technique.

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