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Blowing Coat In Mid-January?
  • brscrnsbrscrns
    Posts: 447
    Kuma is blowing his coat now and the house is covered in hair. Kuma is our rescue Shiba and he seems to be marching to the beat of a different drummer in many ways. What makes this a concern to us is that our other Shiba Kitsune which we raised from a puppy never blew her coat in the middle of winter. The outside temperature has been below freezing for about a month now and clumps of fur are poping out of Kamu all over the place. My question is it normal for a Shiba to blow its coat in the middle of winter or is something wrong? Kitsune is two years old and Kuma is a year old.
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  • TengaiTengai
    Posts: 275
    Yes its normal. My dogs are outside for a good part of the day. It has been pretty cold here in the northeast and my girl lily decided to blow her coat a few weeks ago. She is 10 months old. Many of the Shibas at shows recently are also in some stage of blowing coats. Moe also blew but not to the extreem as lily.
    Seems to depend on age/sex,weather, daylight etc. Wish I knew!
    Warm baths every 3-4 days with good brushing in between will help the process along.

  • sjp051993sjp051993
    Posts: 249
    all of mine are blowing coat right now. I am a dog groomer and we are seeing alot of dogs shedding right now.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Saya started blowing her coat late fall very slowly on her legs and now she is blowing on her body and neck.

    Some shiba inu are different they shed at different times it could be genetics or something else.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • MyloMylo
    Posts: 879
    Darn... I figured I might have avoided the coat-blow this winter, but it looks like it might happen after all. *Kyla sits waiting with the vacuum*
  • tjbart17tjbart17
    Posts: 437
    Koda is blowing coat. He looked all terrible, so it was bath time on Saturday. I'm thanking Dyson for my DC28.
  • Pebbles is also blowing her coat now. Started about 1 week ago and like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going........ I have to hide the brush until I get my hands on her, poor baby doesn't like the brush. Do you use to vacuum the dog itself or the house? Pebbles also is attacked trained to kill our vacuum when we do the house, so we just put her in another room to get the job done quitely.

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