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Bathing to help coat blowing?
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Hi Saya is still blowing her coat it's not too bad as long as I brush her once a day and she seems to enjoy the brushing too.

    I'm wondering should I bath her to help get more of the dead hair out more or just keep brushing.

    She has never gotten a bath before she's been in a kiddie pool in the summer didn't mind walking in the water or getting wet.

    I'm lucky she's not such a dirty dog no smell or anything so she has never really needed a bath Bella on the other hand she loves to mess around in the pond in the summer. =)

    Oh yeah she weighs 18pounds now! She's so heavy to carry now compared to when she weighed 4 or 6 pounds. lol
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • sjp051993sjp051993
    Posts: 249
    Bathing will help. That usually helps loosen up the dead hair. I also use the furminator on my guys. It does wonders. I recommend using it outside though because you will end up with a huge pile of fur.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Yeah my backyard has lots of fur laying on the snow one day it was windy so it looked like it was snowing fur. lol
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • TengaiTengai
    Posts: 275
    A couple of warm baths a few days apart will help get all the undercoat out.


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