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Has anyone ever had a dog that was only aggressive towards male puppies?
  • My friend has a Shiba-Inu that is about 6 months old. It is friendly with people and other dogs but when ever it comes into contact with a male puppy it tries to attack it without warning. I would understand if a puppy was bothering him by jumping on him but he goes after puppies when they aren't even paying attention to him. His dog is still not neutered yet and I'm wondering if that has to do with the aggressive behavior. Is there any advice I could give my friend with his Shiba besides getting him neutered (he's suppose to be doing that very soon.)

    He thinks the hate of puppies may have came when he first brought his dog to a vet and a smaller puppy kind of cornered him and he kind of freaked out.

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  • Oh and they tried feeding him treats when there is a puppy present but he just keeps his eyes on the puppy waiting for the right moment to run after them.
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    Neutering should help with that aggression. I have been around several male shibas that cannot be around other males. My male is fine with males of other breeds, will will stand off with another male shiba.
  • Hello-- I'm hoping that someone can give me some tips on my 10 month old shiba puppy. When we first got him he needed strong intervention in learning how to be social with other dogs and how to play. I can happily say we have achieved this! So I know that with obsessive/diligent work, that he can be the best boy!!!

    We are trying to working on Yuki's aggression toward puppies. Over the last many months I've learned what aggression is and what it is not, and he is aggressive; lunging, going right into attack mode once he realizes he's near a puppy. I'm curious if it's an unstable energy type of issue in the puppy that makes him uncomfortable. He does this with both male and female puppies, fixed and unfixed, and different types of energy (very submissive to dominant personalities). This happens on and off leash. Can someone who has maybe had this problem give me some interventions on how to work on his behaviors? I'm continuously working on him saying "hello" (he's not there yet-- even a quick hello) or being in near spaces with puppies. I am open to all questions and suggestions.
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    @devonmlewis, does he get along OK with dogs he knows? So like, is the problem only when meeting new dogs? This is standard Shiba behavior, they more often than not become intolerant as they mature.

    Any time your dog becomes reactive over something, you want to minimize repeat occurrences. So in this case, if he doesn't like puppies, don't let him meet them face to face. If you want him to learn to ignore puppies or other dogs in his presence, you can work on desensitization by bringing him nearby but still within his comfort bubble (this may be a few feet or across the street) and rewarding him with food or play. He needs to start associating the offensive thing with positive experiences. Also continue to go to training classes, where he learns to work and focus on you, despite the presense of other dogs. Some trainers offer special classes to teach focus foundations, or for reactive dogs. Private training can also be helpful.

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  • He gets along with dogs that he knows that are older than him.

    Yuki is a bit of a departure from other shibas and is VERY social. He will get down on the ground to stalk every dog (EVERY. SINGLE. ONE) and say hello. And if we don't have time for all of that, he will collapse his big body so that we can't continue our walk. It's cute and really ridiculous at the same time. However, once he realizes that the dog is a puppy it's no bueno, and when he "pounces" it becomes immediately aggressive.

    It's not just new dogs-- he can see a puppy that he has met several times and try to attack them. And it's vicious the way that he goes for them.

    I think this is really good advice for a dog that isn't into most dogs. Yuki LOVES dogs, and we've worked really diligently on desensitization and his socialization skills. Although I could give him treats when we walk by the puppies. He can sit next to puppies for extended periods of time and is patient/fine in their presence. It's when he says hello and engages them that the issues ensue. He's no longer a dog park candidate because he's unable to be nice to puppies, although on trail he is a legit puppy angel. << seriously.
  • I will check out these threads-- thank you!
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    @devonmlewis - Most Shibas are not dog park dogs. As they mature, they often grown intolerant of other dogs, which in a lot of cases starts with intolerance for immature dogs. Generally this happens as the dog matures, which is around two years old. Your pup could be maturing faster, or something could have catalyzed this change.

    Either way, you need to change your expectations of Yuki, he is a Shiba after all. 90% of Shiba puppies are super social and LOVE to meet other dogs. Your dog is not a departure from Shiba behaviour, he is normal.

    Another thing is to watch out for that stalking behaviour. It is NOT acceptable canine behaviour and could cause problems with other dogs down the line. He may also not be stalking to say hello, so just be careful of how you interpret his body language.

    You may never get Yuki to be okay with puppies, but you can work with him to ignore them not be as reactive to their presence. This will take a lot of patience and understanding on your part (again, adjust your expectations of him). Work with him within his comfort zone and make every interaction (start from afar) with puppies a positive experience.
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  • @sunyata, can you expand on "stalking"... banjo's go to move when he sees a dog is to lie down and make himself REALLY small and try to hide his face behind his paws.

    Is that stalking or being friendly?
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    Kira does that sweet, let me lie down and look non-confrontational stance too @BanjoTheBetaDog. Totally different.

    Sunyata has seen Kira do this, she's just being polite.
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  • just checking, thanks for clarifying =)

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