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Neutering Question
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    How old were your dogs when you got them neutered/spayed?
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  • RomiRomi
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    Wow 4 weeks to dissolve? So does that mean you have to keep them from licking that area for 4 weeks? Or just for 2 weeks and then you can take the cone off and let them be their normal selves again?

    Rina - I got Portia spayed when she was 6 months and Ninja will be about 6 months when I neuter him as well. All the vets i've talked to always suggest neutering males between 6-8 months. Just so they don't develop any bad habits. IE: marking territory, lifting leg, aggression, etc.
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  • I hope you don't mind, but I have to ask a question again. (Did ask on another more recent thread but it got shut down before I had a chance to be responded to :()

    Anyway, Oki is 4 months old. Only one testicle has decesnded so far. How likely is it that the second will eventually decend? And if it doesn't, I know the surgery is much more invasive and wondered if anyone had any experience of how long it took for the shiba to recover? We will probably get him done at 7.5 months just because it happens to be a convienient time as I've got a week off then. Could get it done before in the holiday before that but we're really busy (including the dog!) so best if we wait. Might give it more time to drop?!
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  • Ok thanks. Silly little Oki...
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    1 - Ozzy got glue. Haha I didn't think to ask either. He had fancy laser surgery (which isn't so necessary for boy doggos but I had a free upgrade at my vet), so his was very minimal.

    2 - I think I kept Ozzy's on for about a week and a half. Possibly close to 2 weeks. Some dogs don't even need them, just if they are interested in the site of surgery. Ozzy is a nosy little thing, so he would not leave it alone. As he healed, I would take it off when we were just lying around and in potty walkabouts. But would put it on if he got curious.

    3 - I mostly let Ozzy hang out in the apartment. At night, he stayed in his ex pen that attaches to his crate, so he has more space but was still safely confined.

    4 - umm.. some dogs prefer wearing like a shirt instead of an e collar. Ozzy hated wearing a shirt. I tried it. But he actually prefers the cone to most harnesses lol.

    5 - yeah, Ozzy had pain pills that I would cover in some peanut butter or into a small bit of hot dog to make sure he ate it. Idk about topical stuff...

    6 - especially at the beginning, I would not let zoomies happen haha. But he'll probably also not feel so full of zest in the beginning. I was extra cautious and wanted everything to heal ok, so I lifted him up and down from the couch and car, never let him jump, and calmed him down if he ever got too hyper (but that never really happened). I would distract with a bully stick or some treat / puzzle toy for mental stimulation to get his energy out instead of physical movement. I know it's an easy surgery for boys but I'm still cautious and would rather be safe.

    Good luck to Zenki!! Time for me to get off my phone since anatomy class is starting lol.
  • BootzBootz
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    I don't think vets give you a choice, but I may be wrong. Both my girls got spayed and had dissolving stitches.

    I tried the cone and they did not like it. I even introduce it to them a week or so prior to the surgery and no luck. I actually kept it off since I had an eye on them the whole time. And reinforce with verbal cues if they even start thinking about licking their stitches.

    First 24 hour they will be drugged out and sleeping. Going to the bathroom caused them pain/discomfort.

    Best way to alleviate the pain/discomfort was cuddling time and petting them to let them know it'll be ok.

    Prevent zoomies with treats and distractions
  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    1) Ours had two--inner dissolvable and outer stitches. We didn't ask, so I think it is up to the vet.

    2) We kept Coal in the E-collar until the stitches were removed. He is not able to leave those kinds of things alone. Feeding time, walks, potties--it was necessary. I am surprised it worked, though, because our E-collar wasn't the right sized for his Shiba-head and neck.

    3) Yes, it is better to limit movement. For most of the time, Coal was pretty subdued. The walk home was exciting, but after that, he was very not-zoomie. When Coal isn't feeling well, he tends to "mope" haha. Mostly, you have to gauge the dog and just check on the stitches a couple of times a day. Boys aren't nearly as strict as girls, or so I have read and heard from my vet--but that may be how he stitched it up. He told us just a couple of days and then it would be fine to let him run around.

    4) Coal... is not a typical shiba. He showed NO signs of discomfort or pain at all . He was just his happy-go-lucky self, for the most part.

    5) I don't think ointments are necessary.

    6) If you can stop Zenki from zoomies, then go for it. We had no luck with Coal when he actually got them lol.

    Each dog is different, so just keep an eye on yours. You should be able to get an idea of what is necessary. Ask your vet what kind of stitches he used and his recommendation for how long to keep your pet calm, as well as some of these other questions (ointments, etc). that is probably the best way. As for discomfort---well, since our dog showed none, it wasn't really necessary to do anything super special with him. We just let him go at his own pace and it worked out well.
  • 1 - Rhys was glued

    2 - We used an inflatable donut, which Rhyz was fine with once he got over how silly he looked. It's like a built in pillow, I think sometimes he actually misses it. Kept it on until the Vet said it could come off .. for Rhyz I think that was around 10 days ims.

    3 - Yeah limit movement, mostly to keep them from stretching the incision - no galloping up/down stairs or leaping on to couches/beds. RE: 6 - especially no running/zoomies!

    4 - Rhyz had no discomfort, he was on a low dose of Meloxicam for a few days and then right as rain. You'll notice, though, that it won't look like he's been fixed for the first few days due to swelling, if anything his balls will look bigger than ever lol

    5 - We were advised to avoid topicals unless there was a LOT of swelling, and then use ice if he would allow it, but nothing else as it may irritate the incision and inhibit healing

    6 - see #3!

  • @ Zenki
    Pascal got neutered on the 5th of September at 5 months old.

    1) Pascal had regular stitches, the incision was tiny (about half a centimetre) They didn’t bother him much at all and they were taken out 10 days later by the same vet. Took them a minute to take them out and he was right as rain throughout the whole process.

    2) While pascal did not have an e-collar I would highly recommend keeping one on them. While checking visibly how well he is healing you may not be able to gauge internal healing from inspection alone. I’d say a week minimum to really ensure he can’t get at them, as even licking can cause infection. If he can still reach I’d suggest bittering gel (however be careful as some dogs like the taste, Pascal certainly did!)

    3) We live in a two bedroom house but limited Pascal’s recovery area to just the living room, 3x4 rectangle that included the couch, tv, his bed, food and water and toys. Any time he was out of the area (to go pee outside etc) he was on lead to not get too far from us. This really helped with supervision.

    4) We didn’t have much of a problem with this so sadly I can’t give any advice – Pascal was eating and back to himself the night he came home from morning surgery.

    5) Didn’t get pain med but did get an anti-itching injection, we have a feeling his hair regrowing was causing agitation and that solved a lot of our issues. It would be worth talking to your vet if it’s an option.

    6) This was by far our biggest obstacle, he was always on lead to prevent running during zoomies. If he was full of energy we did training and the allure of his favourite treat was usually enough to follow some gentle exercise. Chew toys and tug play really helped us in getting his energy out.

    I hope the surgery and everything went fine for you both!

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