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Other Breeds- Korean Jindo
  • I found this excellent website about Korean Jindos today. Maybe it has already been posted, but I thought it would be useful for Shiba folks, since Shibas and Jindos are sometimes confused by the public and in shelters. Also there is an interesting discussion of Jindo colors and Jindo/mixes on the site. Several examples of Jindo/Nihon Ken mixes are shown.
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  • I wanted to bump this...

    As I've mentioned, the local Jindo rescue woman lives in my neighborhood. She's been very helpful to me with my dog so I wanted to return the favor. As such, I am going to volunteer on weekends to walk the dogs they have in rescue. I am also going to provide whatever else I can for them as when I look at them I see my dog in their eyes (misunderstood and in need of love). That means toys, treats, extra food, etc.

    Since this isn't a bijon frise or a bulldog (i.e. easy dogs). I was wondering if anyone has experience. Banjo is my first dog and relatively easy since physics is on my side (I am more than 7x his weight. I don't care how strong he is, if I plant my feet he cant move). A jindo being MUCH bigger may have the ability to pull me. I was going to use the same logic I use for Banjo on these dogs but given they are shelter dogs (and thus may have been abused), I was wondering if anyone could offer guidance on:

    1) How is a shiba different from a Jindo (except size)?

    2) What would you be careful of when walking a 'new' shelter dog?

    Thanks in advance!
    P.s. I tried to join niho ken forum but haven't gotten approved.

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    I can only help with question 2

    Initially I would gain the trust of the new dogs. You have to understand that each dog will have a different, maybe extreme, personality.

    I think we both Agree not to let a dog "overpower/dominate us" but when working with a dog that isn't yours and you don't know the background, you should let them "lead" so to speak to get a feel for them. Let them enjoy the walks and after they start to trust you, then you can work of walking/training but with shelter dogs, I recommend ONLY positive training. You know how I feel about mixed training lol but to not start a riot in this thread ill only say stay away from mixed training and use only positive reinforcement during your time with them.

    GL I'm volunteering for hours as well !!