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  • Hmmmm not to sure. What does he usually do when friends come over?
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    Maybe the picture your adding is too big maybe re size it and it should work.

    How does Yogi act when he's around the people that he's scared of, how do the people act around him? Was he like this the day you got him or did something happen?

    He might be going through a fear period I dunno Saya is scared of young kids, but will warm up if they have her favorite treat and if the young kids stay calm around her, but she does loves older kids around the age of 8+ she probably knows kids around that age can be trusted to act calmly around her. I'm working with her with young kids she's starting to get calmer around them as long as they don't scream loudly..

    Is he scared of people when they come to Yogi to pet him or generally afraid of anyone even if they're walking by paying no attention to him? Maybe you can try having the person throw a very yummy treat to him Wryly Brindle mentions this method and how to do it on a thread which the shiba is scared of the husband so this should work in this situation I'd think.. eventually with working with this method he should be a little more confident around the people and eventually he'll be confident enough to take treats out of people's hands, but with working with any dog that's afraid of something take baby steps and never force the pup into it..

    Here's the link

    Saya used to be terrified of fire hydrants living in a countryside like area we don't have any so when I brought her to a friends house or an event that had them around she would bark at them and be a little scared of them.

    She's fine with them now it took four different attempts to get her used to them for her to be able to walk up to them and be fine by it. Now she doesn't pay them any attention at all.

    I'm sure things will work out as you work with him I'm sure you'll get better answers soon.
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    I know a Shiba who is the same way. She physically shakes around people she doesn't know and although she plays with my dog at least three times a week and is with me all the time, she tends to stay away from me unless I have a treat or raw bones to give them.

    When kids come around, she watches them so intently scared of what they will do. It's so sad to watch her sometimes just shake. She has been socialized well. It might have gotten started a little late though, at 4 months. I would say with a shiba start before shots are finished safely.

    This is just going to take time and patience on your part. Keep trying, but also ask yourself when enough may be enough. She may just not ever like people and continuing to try and socialize her with them may just keep freaking her out. You both are still getting to know eachother. One real word of advice is set her up for success not failure in any socialization activity. Her becoming fearful during the event would be considered failure.

    Good luck!
  • My Shiba, Sake, is EXACTLY the same. She adores other dogs, but is so scared of people. She is never aggressive, just tries to get away from people, tries to hide, and has even peed out of fear. She's scared at the vet, but will let them pick her up---I think she just knows she has no choice.
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    Do people rush him when they see him? You have to start out slow. Invite a few people over every so often and let him do his thing. Bring out plenty of good smelling, high value treats when they are around.

    I'm trying to break Jada of the same thing but the way she reacts to strangers is loud barking and hiding in the room. She's getting better at the barking since I usually distract her with the treat but she's still not fond of strangers.

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