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"Don't Shoot The Dog" By Karen Pryor
  • MyloMylo
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    Has anyone read Don't Shoot The Dog, by Karen Pryor? I feel like I've heard forum members mention her before, but I can't remember what the opinions were. I was thinking of buying it. Let me know your thoughts!

    p.s. Fantastic book everyone should read: Puppy Chow is Better Than Prozac, by Jonathan Goldstien (I'm not sure if I spelled that properly).
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  • Seminal book on the laws of learning, how learning works and the 4 types of behavior modification (pos punishmnt, neg punishment, pos reinforcemnt, neg reinfircement). The Why of pos reinfrcmnt. Not really about dogs per se, but about pure behavior, Pryor illustrates how you can solve all kinds of behavior conflicts/adjustments in other people, or your dog, cat, dolphin -whatever, by showing a modficiation choice for each of the 4 for a variety of problems, such as "roommate leaves laundry lying around" or "mother complains you never call her." Why nagging doesn't work. Stuff like that. Nothing bad abotu this book if you like to learn Why, or require evidence to believe in pos reinforcement. Easy to read, sometimes funny. Points out that behavior modification works best if you dont tell family members you are using it on them, so I debated- use techniques on husband? or make husband read so he;ll quit nagging us and shower us with treats instead...

    If you find learning fascinating- a good down to earth book on brains and learning is Excel-erated Learning by Pam Reid. Add in a bunch of Patricia McConnell For the love of a dog and Jean Donaldson Culture CLash and you can have a brain-stravaganza from dogs to daughters and back. I suggest spacing it out with a bit of fiction though for best results. :)
  • I highly recommend all of Karen Pryor's books. Look at her book, Reaching the Animal Mind, too.
  • MyloMylo
    Posts: 879
    haha thanks for the recipe Chrystal ;). I'll likely omit the fiction though. I probably read fiction once a year, if that lol.

    Shibaserf, Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check that one out.

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