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"Niko is a brat isnt she?"

  • I was on the phone with my mom and she asked that.  She stated when we talk Chad or I are always correcting her.  At the time of this phone conversation Chad was working on continuing training with Niko to keep her from running up the stairs without permission.  I told her that Niko knows what she is supposed to do but it is up to her to do it and that is her breed.  She somewhat knows about the shiba's from talk and their independence.  I told her that was why they make shiba's so cute because they can be so bad!


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    I think that's a good point - Yin and Yang - they are so cute, yet so bad sometimes. So sweet, and so mean sometimes.

    I dunno about you guys, and it may be our parenting style, but I think all six of our dogs are spoiled brats. Smile

  • Oh, it's not just limited to Shibas, Shikoku, Akita and Kai.

    Malinois too! I've been wanting to get a charm, with "Spoiled Brat" on it, to put on Lynx's collar. It's SO perfect.

    So tell her, it is not just Niko and her Shibaness. Give credit to the other breeds too -grins-.

    - Corina A. Gonzalez | Lynxiene (Belgian Malinois), Shoushuu, Kotomi & Shuran (Shikoku Ken). | Along with a Clan of cats!
  • Hahaha....Sasha only gets corrected when barking at anything and everything.  She does get praised for actually protecting the house though.

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