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Best of Craigslist: Imperfect Pet Owner Seeks Perfect Adopter
  • xremiixremii
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  • McYogiMcYogi
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  • xremiixremii
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    This person is being sarcastic lol. Don't take it seriously! :) He/She is mocking all the posters that you hate.
  • Thanks xremii, this is great! This person may have written it to be sarcastic however you've got to admit that this is so true to most people getting rid of unwanted animals. They like to think they are novelties. When the newness and fun wear off, who cares about them. I wish more people would read this, stop and think twice even three times before getting a "cute little puppy". It's a huge lifetime responsiiblity. Thank you!!!!!
  • That's hilarious! Thanks for posting Jenny.

    The sad part is that its probably lost on the people it's mocking. It's like in class, when the professor says "you better start working on your projects early" and everybody in the class thinks "he's talking to everyone else in the class, I'm good enough that I don't have to." I bet every person dumping their animal using CL as the vehicle thinks they are the only person out there with a legit reason to be doing so.

    Anyway, enough of being a downer. That was hilariously spot on. Thanks again!
  • That post pretty much hits the nail on the head. Too many people seem oblivious to the amount of work and attention a pet involves, or that they have any reponsibility towards it.

    That being said, I have also seen people on Craigslist who seemed to be doing something relatively unobjectionable get attacked. Sometimes people really do have a pet that, through circumstances beyond their control, they need to find a new home for.
  • McYogiMcYogi
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  • CaliaCalia
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  • We had a woman at my shelter who returned her dog because she didn't match the couch the way she looked like she did in the pictures. I am not kidding.
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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  • This is great.

    JR- Really? Cause of a couch? That lady should be arrested and thrown into a mental ward.

    At the same time though this satire is also a sad inclination of the culture we live. People are all to willing to go out and by that cute puppy but when things start to go south they automatically blame it on the dog/animal instead of themselves. I think most people assume that animals are all fun a no work. I'll be the first to admit that I get frustrated with my dogs at times (when they do something wrong, training isn't going as well as I planned in my head) even more so because they are those "hard headed" shibas. But I cool off and realize that I made a commitment to them to give them a good well balanced life in coordination with mine. If that means I have to go the extra step I will.

    Not to mention I love them :)
  • That post is so true and also so sad. I have a huge issue with people getting rid of pets as if they are just possessions instead of living creatures with feelings. The family we adopted Triton from gave similar excuses: sudden allergies (although they were keeping the other 3 dogs and 2 cats that they had), pregnancy, etc. My husband and I consider our pets our children and it infuriates me when people question us for not having children. I also hate when people give up pets because they have kids. And that's the end of my rant. :)
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    My son adopted my little boy Quake from a craiglist ad by a family who I believe lost interest in having Quake because they already had another dog and a cat and they had a new baby. Unfortunately, my son also lost interest in having Quake. He never admitted that he lost interest in having Quake but I could tell and I am sure Quake knew. Luckily, Quake and I bonded and Quake is now with me in his forever home. Quake is my adorable little boy and I hope he lives a long and wonder life as my companion. I only hope he knows just how much a adore him and always will!! I am very lucky to have my little angel Quake and I tell him so every day!!
  • This post is eerily accurate. I really don't understand how people treat their pets like objects. One person I use to know decided she wanted to get ferrets. I told her she should research them and make sure it was something she really wanted to commit to as she was rather flighty. She ended up convincing herself that a day of research was sufficient and she went out and adopted two... It was less than three weeks that she gave them up (which was honestly best for them as she was not taking care of them well.) I just made me so angry that she would delude herself to into thinking any of it was okay.

    I also happened to run into the following Craigslist ad not long after reading this and thought of it immediately!

    "This shiba inu puppy was born on 12/24/13, he is very playful and has lots of energy, I just got him about three weeks ago, the reason why I need to rehome him is cause my work schedule just got changed and I can't take care of this awesome puppy any longer, the puppy was purchased at pets pros on eastern, I have paperwork on him, he will come with toys three beds a kennel, food, some treats, leash with a reg collar and a harness type collar as well. There is a $2000 rehome fee, I'm not trying profit on this puppy, just these puppies are very expensive and I just need to get back what I paid for him, serious seekers only, thank you"
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
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    I had a friend that did the exact same thing with ferrets. had been through a few cats and rats and decided ferrets were a cute, easy to care for pet. Lasted about a month, I think.
  • euphaireeuphaire
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    Recently I just had a female classmate posting in our dental school facebook group a craiglist ad for "rehoming" several 8 week old puppies (during exam period no less). What's more upsetting was the fact that at least a dozen other classmates posted comments like "awww", "i want one now!", "so cute!", "i want two of that!" etc. Does no one really see there's something wrong with that picture?
    When I clicked on the link, the post was already removed because of being flagged within hours, so that's a good thing.
    My classmates, friends, coworkers, neighbors upstairs and downstairs, lady next door, my professors......most people I know don't know the difference between getting a dog from a reputable source and from a BYB/puppy mill broker. Most people don't even know what a reputable breeder means. They just think it's some kind of beauty pageant dog breeding place and get defensive when I tell them otherwise. My friends are more accepting and I've successfully educated several of them. Yet I think in general, the majority of people are still very ignorant and getting dogs from not-at-all-reputable sources and that worries me :(
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