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  • HELP!  We buy the bog bags and dump them in the storage containers.  I think that we can start feeding Sasha more food cause she is getting tiny and Niko is getting chunky.  Does anyone have the bag to let me know how much to feed them???  I cant find the info on the site.  Thanks!

    Niko weighs 19 lb and Sasha weighs 65 (possibly a little less now) And Sasha thinks I am starving her!

    Right now Niko gets 3/4 to 1 cup and Sasha gets 2 cups 


  • Niko- If she is Active less than 3/4-11/4, if she isn't super active (hour or less of activity a day)1/2 to 1 cup of food.

    Sasha (if you are trying to get her heavier go for that active numbers)-Active 2 3/4-3 3/4cup InActive1 3/4 to 21/2

    Does that help? 

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  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    Nemo weighs in at 25-26lbs and is active.  He gets fed 1 cup of food per day, Niko should probably be getting less than that.  If you treat heavily, take that into account also, because you should feed a little less then.   Usually, if you feed what the bag says, you get a fat dog.
  • Thank you.  Niko isnt fat but getting chunky.  The problem is that when Chad is home he gives them a lot of extra stuff (ie table food) and then when he is gone for a week they act starved cause I dont give them all that extra stuff.  He knows he isnt supposed to do that but he doesnt always think.  So should I go down to a 1/2 cup for Niko?  Im really stuck on what to feed Sasha.  Maybe I should keep her at 2 cups.  She came to us overweight and has lost about 8 pounds but I dont want her to pack it back on.  UGH!
  • kwyldkwyld
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    you should be able to see an hourglass figure if you look at them from above, also a nice tucked up tummy from a side view.  You should also be able to feel their ribs easily under a thin layer of skin when you run your hands down their sides.  I keep News very thin for sporting purposes, so you can see his ribs looking at him from the side.  I feed News 2 1/2 cups of Evo per day, same for Orijen usually, and he's at 55lbs. 

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