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    Nemo weighs in at 25-26lbs and is active.  He gets fed 1 cup of food per day, Niko should probably be getting less than that.  If you treat heavily, take that into account also, because you should feed a little less then.   Usually, if you feed what the bag says, you get a fat dog.
  • Thank you.  Niko isnt fat but getting chunky.  The problem is that when Chad is home he gives them a lot of extra stuff (ie table food) and then when he is gone for a week they act starved cause I dont give them all that extra stuff.  He knows he isnt supposed to do that but he doesnt always think.  So should I go down to a 1/2 cup for Niko?  Im really stuck on what to feed Sasha.  Maybe I should keep her at 2 cups.  She came to us overweight and has lost about 8 pounds but I dont want her to pack it back on.  UGH!
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