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Thinking about a second Shiba
  • Me and my wife have found a breeder in our area with a female Shiba available and we have been looking for some time now, the only problem is our current shiba is now 3 years old. Is he too old to introduce a new puppy. He gets along well with almost all other dogs and has lived for a couple months (while we moved into my parents) but I am not sure about Bringing in a second dog to our home. Any thoughts?
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  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    She isn't too old, but set her up for success. Here's a great thread:

    Introductions really are key. I've learned that tired pups on neutral ground make for good meetings. Several people on the forum are used to bringing in foster dogs, so I'm sure they'll give some great advice, as well.
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  • Is your dog good when other dogs come over to visit?!?! If yes, then Im sure they will be fine with a new pup! Just remember that there will always be an adjustment period and it might take a week or two for your current Shiba to learn to share (AHHHH, shiba's hate that word!). Im sure with great introductions, proper socialization and lots of love your dog could thrive with a buddy around. I don't think I could live with just one! :)
  • If your current male shiba has good social skills with other dogs. I see no prpblem with them living happily together .You will have to watch them very carefully for a while and keep them separated when you canot be with them. Our first shiba was 4 when we brought in a female shiba puppy to our family.At first he wanted to kill her but we were firm and let him know that she is now part of our pack & scolded him at the instant he showed the slightest bit of agression. It really didn't take very long before they were totally comfortable together. Now 18 months later they are best friends .Two shibas are twice the fun go for it, just stay engaged
  • I am not worried so much about him being aggressive towards her but I just dont want him to resent me for bringing in a second dog. I am also worried about his behavior, to date he is one of the best dogs I have ever owned as he was a treat to potty train and crate train and now I dont even own a crate because he is such a good dog.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    I could be 110% wrong, but I don't think dogs feel resentment or vengeance the way we think of those emotions.

    You will have to realize that this puppy is an individual dog and will probably not grow up to be like Niko. My pair of shibas (a male & female) are total opposites in most ways. But we love them for what they are.

    For an adult and a puppy - I would introduce slowly but give your adult dog the benefit of the doubt. If you think he looks uncomfortable, separate them for a bit. If you think they get along, let them play. If you think he misses one on one time - give him some. If you think he enjoys her company, let them play. If you think he's possessive of items in the house, take them away or work with showing him its OK. If you think they can share, let them play.

    How old will puppy be when you bring her home? Ideally between 9-12 weeks and she will have benefited from being around her litter/mom long enough to gain some necessary social skills. And Niko, if he has proven to be a stable adult dog around OTHER dogs, will teach her a great deal as well.
    How tolerant is Niko around other dogs? How much exposure & play time has he had with other dogs?

    Play it safe and separate when you cannot supervise the puppy, separate when they eat (I assume they will be eating different food for a while) and separate when they sleep. I think in a few weeks time with the new arrangement your dogs will "tell" you what they think of the other and you'll have a better idea of how to go forward.

    Two shibas are a lot of fun. Enjoy it!
  • starrystarry
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    i was thinking about another dog too
    are two shibas more fun?
    do they keep each other company or just do their own thing?
    is it hard for one person to walk two shibas at the same time?
    omg, i dunno if i could do the puppy thing again...maybe cuz mine still acts like a puppy but with less hyperactive energy
  • are two shibas more fun?
    -- You'd have to define fun for me. The only thing I can say about having two Shibas relative to one is that it is a LOT more work. You now have to pay attention to not just one dog interacting with the environment, but two dogs interacting with the environment and each other which can induce competition for resources. That being said, I personally find observing dog-dog communication fascinating so, FOR ME, having two shibas is more fun. I don't know if they find it more fun though.

    do they keep each other company or just do their own thing?
    -- This is completely dependent on the temperaments of the dogs. I have one very aloof dog and one uber playful dog. My playful dog pesters my aloof dog constantly which leads to a lot of snarkies. This may ultimately be the impetus for me getting a third (and final) dog so I can take the burden off of my aloof dog to entertain my playful dog.

    is it hard for one person to walk two shibas at the same time?
    -- I don't know if it is hard, but it is harder than walking one. You have to have a bit more dexterity to keep the two leashes organized which ban be quite difficult if your dog is either friendly or fearful and lunges or retreats in certain situations. You also have the potential for redirected barrier frustration. I'd suggest walking your dog with a friend's or neighbor's dog before you decide to take the plunge.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Walking a new dog with your existing pack of dogs, 1, 2 or more is enjoyable if your older current dogs are already well lead trained and know how to behave on a walk. As Dave said, having good dexterity and prior experience helps too. The new pup will certainly benefit from individual walks, but will also pick up on the manners of the older dogs when you do your group walks so it is a must to have those foundations already in place before the new dog comes home to make it easier for everybody.
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  • I'd have to say I concur with what Dave has stated. It depends on your current dog and where he is with training and socialization. The last thing you want is a puppy terrorizing you older dog and your older dog having behavior problems with a new dog in the house. There are ways to manage either/both but you really want the dogs to like each other mutually.

    Yes, multiple Shibas can be great together but understand the dynamic varies from dog to dog and also becomes more challenging with each you add in number. Some dogs do not like sharing their home and that has to be weighted.

    Sometimes personalities are such that a multi dog home is best with different types/breeds of dogs not all Shibas. Again this has to be determined based on the personality of your current dog.

    Having only one dog is fine too. Single dogs are not necessarily lonely if you provide the one on one interaction with them. I would say, never force another dog into your living situation out of your own personal need for another dog. Make sure it is a happy union for all.

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  • I appreciate all the feedback. I am feeling better about this from talking to you guys. I definitely think Niko can handle the small dog he is great socially and we will have areas where he can go without the puppy and I think the puppy will be my wifes as Niko and me are inseperable, obviously we will be a big family but how we do one on one time and what not. What about tips about training the puppy for crate training and what not, Niko no longer uses a crate at all is that going to create any issues?
  • We have a 8 1/2 month old female shiba currently and we are adding a male puppy in December. We were very uneasy at first about bringing another dog into the house. Will they get along? What happens if they can't get along? It's twice as much food, toys, walks, vet bills, etc. It took us a while (well for me it did, Joe on the other hand had no problem in saying yes) to finally decide to get another shiba. Our female, for the most part, is very laid back. She's a big couch potato. She's very playful with other dogs, especially at the dog park. She has some fear issues (which have gotten a lot better since we first picked her up). The boy puppy that we are bringing home, I believe, will sort of add balance to her laid-backness. The breeder from where we are getting him has much more outgoing dogs so the pup will most likely be outgoing (I know each dog is different) and will hopefully build our little girls confedence up. (Her confedence is much better when she's around other dogs, especially ones she knows well). So as long as you know your dog really well (which it sounds like you do) then don't be so worried about it. It's going to take some time and will definately be an adjustment but in the long run I really feel it will be worth it!
  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
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    Hi guys, I'm bumping this thread and hoping that I'm posting this question in the right place (apologies if I'm not!)

    What are recommended arrangements for leaving your dogs home alone if you don't use crates? Is it irresponsible to not use crates when you have two dogs? If you don't ever crate your Shibas and instead leave them in a dog-proof room while you're gone, can you leave both your Shibas in there? Or would you put them in separate rooms?
  • JackStateJackState
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    Starting out, absolutely two rooms. You've got to see how they do beyond playdates before letting be unsupervised together.

    I have Case in a crate in "their" room. Ichabod gets the roam of the house because we've gotten past his adolescent destructiveness, but his bed is by Case's crate. You don't have to worry about dogs getting jealous over abstract concepts like "parents allow this one to be free while I am crated".

    They get along great, but Ichabod doesn't always abide by cues to stop playing, and Case needs his peace.
  • BootzBootz
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    Definitely two separate rooms. I would definitely consider Crate training just to get them use to it. My dogs get free roam but are crated for travel or emergencies when I have a friend or family watch them.

    Also I would recommend you read up on the other threads we have on having two shibas. Sounds like your puppy is still young and have not really shown his true personality yet (in my opinion). I would definitely wait til 2 years + before adding another shiba. If your current shiba is not confident and independent, adding another one may hinder his growth. Just my two cents.
  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
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    Very good advice guys, thank you! I'll look into the crate training/etc and if we do get another Shiba I'll keep them in separate rooms while we're not home, just to be safe.
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    Or you could be like me, and never leave your dogs alone. Mine aren't crate trained well enough (my problem not theirs, we had a bump in the training journey and haven't gone back to it). I just get a dog sitter, and since Laika only likes two people other than us it's always the same ones (family members). The plus side is I don't worry about my dogs when I go out. The downside is I can't go out for dinner with my son and my father at the same time lol. :))

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