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All about Bully Sticks
  • I gave Katsu a bully stick today. She loved it so much that I'd definitely buy her another one. I was just wondering how often can you give a dog a bully stick? I'm sure there is such a thing as too much dried pizzle.
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Sorry. Just had to... ;P ~
  • I was actually thinking of posting it on that thread, lol
  • Koda has one always. He's working on two right now as I type. One end piece and his new one.
  • How many do you give a day. I got her a small one i think it was either 4 or 8 inches. She killed it in about 6 and a half hours.
  • I get Koda the 12" ones. They usually last a few days, but he goes to it and then gets other things for treats as well like Kongs. The problem is, I have to throw them away when they are around 2" long. He will swallow them whole and it's scary. So, 12" is really 10" of chewing.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • We're pretty bad I guess as we give one a week, maybe, if we remember.
  • Wow, all your dogs go through these pretty fast! If we give our two small ones two 6", it takes them like a week to get through it!
  • Ewww...Pizzle.
  • CaliaCalia
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  • Kristin can't handle the Pizzle talk. lolz
  • I feed my dogs pizzle like I feed my dogs tripe...NEVER! ew ew ew ew ew.
  • LMAO Koda gets Tripe too.
  • Jen (Tsukitsune)'s favorite thing is to talk about Tripe to me...excuse me while I go hurl....
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  • Thanks Jen...I seriously just gagged...never visiting this thread again....
  • ulll....I can smell it from here...

    I wonder if it smells less frozen in a kong- Tripecicles? or maybe it smells MORE because it isnt eaten quickly...
  • I've heard grass-fed tripe smells a bit more tolerable. Like a farmhouse. ;)
  • oh man I love tripe! Maybe i'll get some tonight and feed it to Spuds, see how she likes it.

    And EW on the pizzle!!! WTF I just googled it....Joe/Dawn, maybe that's why Katsu's all up on Tetsu..all this pizzle you've been giving her! ;-P
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • Irene, when you say you love tripe, do you mean, you do, or your dogs do? I think the white cleaned tripe isn't the same as the green, uncleaned ones for dogs.. (the only kind they should have)... that being said, Yoshiki loves (cleaned) tripe too!
  • Does any one know if it's bad to give your dogs to much pizzle?
  • I heard from my vet that it takes about 3 days for anything a dog eats to work its way completely out of their system. I think it's swallowing large chunks or an obstruction you need to worry about. If you don't see Katsu straining or having difficulty eliminating in the next few days or so, then you should be fine. This explanation by my vet is why I don't give Ichi a pizzle stick no more frequent than one every few days to make sure his digestive tract is not being obstructed by a rogue UFP.

    My $.02

  • rogue ufp, lol.

    thanks. I guess I'll do every couple days just to be safe.
  • Koda swallowed a 2" piece when he was only 10 weeks old. I freaked, wow this actually might be a theme with me and him. I called the vet, and he said that he wouldn't worry about bully sticks that they have not caused any cases of obstruction that he knows of. They are 100% digestible. Koda was fine from it.
  • Crap, I forgot this was the thread with the Tripe picture. What a way to ruin my AM....
  • LOL. In any case, the digestibility of bully sticks is why many prefer it over raw hide (which does/can cause blockage when swallowed).
  • Yukidomari, I was thinking the white ones that I eat ;-) Is that bad to feed? Can't be any worse than Rogue UFPs!
  • Irene, its not bad.. its just that dogs absolutely love the uncleaned, 'gross' 'green' - from undigested food - ones. I don't think cleaned tripe has much of any nutritional value.. but this is for raw feeders only, who may feed tripe as part of a meal. If you're just making it a treat, I don't think it matters one way or the other.
  • lol Irene. They sell cleaned Tripe on the streets with Pizza in the town that I'm from, Torre del Greco outside of Napoli. I'm sure I have a picture of a vendor somewhere at home. I'll find it. You can buy Tripe all day long and just squeeze a little lemon. Perfect for a snack while shopping in the market.

    Kristin I'm sure you will love that pic. lololol.

    Cleaned Tripe does not have much nutritional value for dogs. You can get cans of green tripe at any pet store that sells RAW. My cat also gets it.
  • Fly me to Napoli! *drools* I confess the tripe is for me. I know Solid gold sells the green stuff ;0)

    anyway, sorry Joe, didn't mean to off-set your thread. ..back to bull penises *vomits*
  • LOL i'd take bull boy-bits over tripe anyday.. :T
  • LOL! "Bully units"... think I've been watching too much "bizarre food" to find this really gross..
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  • OK i had to stop watching once they opened the box. Thanks Kristin for getting me to join you on the nausea bandwagon X-/
  • That is the part I stopped at too, then just pasted for everyone else...

    UGH...still not as bad as tripe though...BLAH
  • ROFLMAO Kristin. I can't believe you watched even part of that. Even I was grossed out.
  • Kinda reminded me of the bologne making episode on Dirty Jobs.
  • Kristin, I thought I was crazy! That video is hysterical, I love the country western guitar part. It makes want to write words to that song.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I LOVE Dirty Jobs. I knew balogna was full of lips and "cheerios" ;) but I have a new respect for the product after seeing how it's made.

    Are there other kinds of bullys that are made for dogs? Pig or horse?
  • has lamb pizzles. And 36" full pizzles from grass fed bulls. Meow.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Ha! Bison bully's, too-interesting.
  • I saw this years ago and wondered why we pesky humans always have some infection problem or the other when similar "ports" as put in during some weird surgery.. lol
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    There are a lot of super bugs in hospitals.

    The cow port is a neat idea, they also use those to see how certain feeds are digested compared to others-helps to tell what is more easily processed.
  • I have GOT to remember NOT to come back to this thread...
  • I believe there was a 'ported' cow on my college campus, on the campus that held concentrations of animal and agricultural sciences.. really neat!! Thanks for the info, Lindsay!

    This forum has the best thread jacks!

    I think I'm either going to pass out or vomit now.
  • That is awesome... I think I missed my calling as a scientist or something.
    I have a friend who graduated from West Virginia University who has two of her own sheep (one with a stomach window) and a rumen donor cow with a port hole. I never EVER get tired of hearing what she learns!
  • You guys are crazy

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