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Eye Boogers
  • shirapup32shirapup32
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    Just a quick question
    Yesterday I noticed Shira had a whiteish eye booger in her left eye, so I used a wet napkin to try to wipe it away. Mildly successful, but I noticed it again this morning. I know eye boogers are sometimes "common", but if she could have an infection I'd want to take her to the vet. When I notice the goo itself, it's not on her face already, but more like sitting in her tear duct I think, so it's harder to clean out since she closes her eye when i get near it. Though I did remove a crusty from her face a couple days ago
  • KFontaine04KFontaine04
    Posts: 1872
    Sake gets eye boogers all the time, I just clean them off. She might have a mild allergy as this year allergies are really bad. My vet said unless it's persistent oozing, then not to worry, but if she becomes itchy or red you will want to take her to the vet because it might be a more serious allergy.
  • it's the allergies..and if you look closely on the ground the mold is freaking everywhere (or mushrooms too). Spuds has the brown boogers (by the time I see them they re brown) and has been itchy if we take her out in the morning b4 her claritin. Like Krisitn said, if it's red or she doesn't stop scratching herself, take her to the vet. :)
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    I think unless its green or really oozy, its probably something she continue to get, seasonally or otherwise. Green would make me consult the vet or figure out if an allergy was the cause.
  • shirapup32shirapup32
    Posts: 100
    Okay I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks you guys!
    PS: Hey there's all creamies on this thread! Haha :)
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Whoops. Had to break the creamie trend! :-P

    Bella has allergies and has had major eye crusties this summer. I will be so glad when fall gets here and the mold count drops.
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  • McYogiMcYogi
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    Resuming creamie convo :) Yogi gets eye goobers, usually pretty severely. I quit dealing with them because they never bother him and Mr. Vet says don't worry unless it's an infection. We do benadryl when they get swollen or squinty, but if they don't bother him, I guess they don't bother me either.

  • I've taught Spuds "Eye" and she'll let me go ahead and get the eye snot...lately it's so much she's been refusing or giving me a hard time that I reserve it for the evening only ;-)
  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    Koda came to me with eye boogers. This morning when I dropped him off at doggy daycare, I saw one of the workers going to him with a warm washcloth to wipe his eyes. I was a bad mom and didn't clean him this morning. he he
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I think the anatomy of their eye shape (the folds and breeding for the upturned eye line) can make it easier for debris to accumulate in the corners.
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    photo c5d87957-61b6-48af-a440-4187cbfc861b_zps88ccdf88.jpg
  • I wanted to ask about the eye boogers... I noticed that tsukitsune said,
    Green would make me consult the vet or figure out if an allergy was the cause.

    We finished battling a cold a few weeks ago (the cold came from a GSMD breeder who brought her puppy to puppy kindergarten... she had three puppies that had the cold, which turned into pneumonia, and last I heard at least one did not make it, they were doing tests to find out if it was canine influenza - it spread like wildfire at the puppy k, and a few other owners didn't notice the productive sneezing as quick as Hubs and I did, and they had to have their pups on IV drips for a few days), so of course I am in ober protective mode... and Hubs noticed some eye boogers yesterday when he got home... just clear, so we wiped them away when I got home, but today they've turned into a yellowish - green color. We've wiped them away probably four times since I got home at 5pm (it's now 9:45pm). We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow, but I'm really just wondering if I'm over thinking what is probably allergies (we've long suspected she probably has some. Even before the cold - I noticed she would have little unproductive sneezes after smelling carpet or something overtly dusty).

    I know I'm on high alert because of the earlier cold, but I'm curious if I'm just being overtly concerned?

    Here's a blurry eye boogie pic.

    [edited because it IS 9:45... unlike what I typed which said it was not 9:45....]
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  • That's huge, considering how blurry the photo is. I would definitely take her in for a check up. Eye infections are no joke and can graduate to corneal damage rather quickly. Better safe than sorry. Especially after hearing that scary pneumonia story :(
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Anytime there is anything suspect with an eye, a vet visit is in order. Take her in sooner rather than later.
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  • Thanks for the help! That's what my thought was as well, but I just wanted some confirmation, because it's been a few years since I've had a puppy (20 if we're counting) - so I'm a little antsy to do things wrong.
  • Hey everyone,

    Sorry to also bump this thread, but Momo has been having similar issues too.

    She's acting really normal but she keeps getting eye gunk.
    On 08/23 I noticed she was having green ones...
    I called the vet right away and they said to observe!
    On 08/26, I felt like she wasn't drinking as much water as usual so I called the vet and they saw me that day. It wasn't a scratch because we did a test for it too. She said it looked like conjunctivitis since one eye was red.
    The vet gave us eye drops with steroids in them, and within a day they stopped.
    On 09/02 she got her third set of shots.

    09/08 But then since a couple days ago, it started up again, but her eye isn't read. She isn't really sneezing or anything else..
    However, I am fostering two other dogs, which were vaccinated fully but still... :/
    I'm going to call the vet.. but I suspect allergies. Since she also has kinda itchy skin.
  • Just wanted to follow up. The vet determined conjunctivitis. Did a scratch test that was negative.... We have some eye drops like RurouniInuGirl.

    Oh man, RurouniInuGirl. Hope you get it figured out soon! Good luck!
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    @rurouniInuGirl I have no experience with allergies but I don't quite see the connection based on the things you have mentioned only, for example dusty carpets that you mentioned previously would make anyone sneeze. I don't see the connection with vaccination either. Conjunctivities can be very contageous though so I think it is easy to reinfect the eye. So that seems like the most likely reason to me.
  • @Juni Well, I suspected that she may have mild allergies, even before this. And even the vets say that sometimes they get some eye stuff if it's allergies.

    Every other day, I sweep and vacuum though. I mean, it could also be the AC drying out sensitive parts because we have it running all the time.
    I mentioned all other things because I'm not sure if they are factors, but felt like they were important to mention anyways.

    I think it may be allergies, since it's not as bad as last time, her eye isn't red, we make sure to keep her eyes clean. Also sometimes her eyes look super watery, but there is no green discharge. But obviously, I'll go to the vet tomorrow/the next day if it gets worse. But I'll call them tomorrow for their opinion, but making sure to keep an eye on it.

    Will update within a couple days~
  • zandramezandrame
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    It is possible to get eye discharge as a reaction to a vaccine. But more likely, it's a mild case of kennel cough, which a vaccine can't prevent 100%.

    Live intranasal vaccines including the kennel cough vaccines ... can induce mild signs of the disease that they are designed to prevent, with a watery ocular and nasal discharge and sneezing (occasionally coughing) being the most common signs.

    Distemper vaccine can also cause gloopy eyes
    Some strains of live distemper virus [vaccine] are relatively virulent and, under certain conditions, are capable of causing disease symptoms somewhat similar to those seen in the wild-type, environmental distemper condition.
    The animal develops irritation and swelling of the eyes (eye pain, squinting and a watery ocular (eye) discharge), nose (nasal discharge and sneezing) and mouth. Secondary bacterial infection of the nose and eyes can occur, resulting in a secondary, pussy bacterial conjunctivitis and rhinitis (inflammation of the nose).

    Discussion of vaccine complications. Shibas are not listed as highly susceptible to vaccine-related side effects, but interestingly, Akitas are. With a specific mention of white/cream dogs in particular are more susceptible to vaccinosis.

    So it's something to be aware of when getting boosters as well. To minimize complications, you can avoid giving more than one vaccine at once, hold off if the animal's immune system is otherwise compromised, and follow a minimal vaccination schedule as outlined by Dr Dodds.
  • If you think it might be the drying effects of the A/C, maybe try out a humidifier for a couple hours a day or at night. Doesn't hurt to try. They make small sized ones that work off of water bottles, so that you're not buying a big one just for a test...
  • Fwiw giving banjo coconut oil helped (pollen Allergy causing eye boogers). He weighs 30 lbs. I give him one heaping teaspoon a day.

  • Thank you, I will try that! It can't hurt anyways. She's not really having any discharge atm, but I also just bathed her.
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    Thank you for explaining! That makes more sense now. Not to be stubborn but it could still be worth washing blankets or whatever she sleeps on and other surfaces to try kill off some germs...
  • Juni, she sleeps on my bed/mostly on my pillow, and I wash my bedding every couple of days too. So if it is reinfection, I'm not sure what is the source. I did pretty much lysol the crap out of my house today, so I'm hoping that helps. :D

    Thank you for the suggestions though, because reinfection is completely a possibility (but I hope it is not the case.)
  • Mochi gets these too, but not green or too gloopy. Hopefully it's just allergies, I know I'm suffering so he probably is too.

    The first couple of times I tried to get them off his face it was such a struggle... and then I thought maybe he just wants to know what I'm doing with my hands up there. So I showed him one of the boogers and let him sniff it after I swiped it off. Next thing I knew my finger was clean! :-O

    Probably not the best thing to be snacking on, but also not the worst... right???
  • Is it pretty normal for conjunctivitis to go from one eye to the other?! We just got the left eye clear and the right eye got all goopy! Vet recommended putting the eyedrops in that eye as well.... 1day on the eyedrops later and it looks clear. Washed all the bedding and toys.... Should we clean the rug too?! She enjoys the eyedrops about as much as sirens.... (Which she does not like... At all.) so I just wanna make sure we're covering all our bases...
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  • Hrm... it has pretty much stopped for the past two days..

    @Lauratherose Yes it is possible. I cleaned pretty much everything that my dog is around with lysol wipes.
  • Sorry for the late update but the vet did say it was mild conjunctivitis after all! And I just continued to use the drops (under her recommendation).

    Thank you again everyone for the advice~ especially @Juni who ended up being right! :D
    Post edited by RurouniInuGirl at 2014-09-25 13:25:44
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    I looove being right :-). No seriously, nice to know it was nothing more serious.
  • Sigh, she's having a flare up again with green eye discharge.. but in both eyes this time. I am not sure why they keep getting infected. We have moved to a new place, cleaned the floors, change her bedding every week, vacuum every week, don't let her sleep in the bed, I clean her paws off every time we come back in (don't touch her face), and immediately wash my hands before even touching her. :/
    She isn't itching more than usual, and doesn't usually try to scratch her eyes or anything.

    Does anyone have any hints as to how I can further prevent this from reoccurring? I will call the vet again tomorrow and set an appointment... but this is becoming frustrating.
  • What food is she on?
  • Maybe it's happening during play time? Does she play with other pups?
  • @banjothedog currently, Orijen, but we are phasing it out to Wellness core since a lot of reading suggests Orijen isn't good for shibas due to the extremely high protien.
    But I am planning to switch to raw after we finish unpacking, and I can do more reading on it.. Since I hear it helps with a ton of problems but that probably won't happen till the next month. ;-;

    @lauratherose it seems to just happen regardless. She hasn't played with any dogs since Sunday and it started acting up yesterday. :/ the vet opens in about 10 mins so I will call.
  • So I had eye boogers that wouldn't go away on kibble and I switched banjo to raw. Turns out he is chicken insensitive. No more eye boogers.

    Does Momo typically hang out on "cool" surfaces, get tired easier in heat, etc? Meaning is she a generally "hot" dog?

  • Ah that could be it because I believe both Orijen and the Wellness are chicken?
    Dumb question, but does that also mean you don't feed him raw chicken either?

    And she really doesn't like the heat. She won't even walk outside if it is too warm. She may do her business but runs straight inside, so I think so, by your definition.
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  • Ok, sounds to me like you have the exact same problems I had. I should preface this by saying I am a reformed investment banker who now works at a not for profit and turned down medical school. In other words, I am just a guy on the internet, not a professional.

    I think your dog is "hot". That's not good or bad, just a description. To that end, Chinese medicine (and even Primal raw dog foods) subscribe to theory of warming/cooling/nuetral/and heating proteins and foods. I would switch momo to all cooling and nuetral proteins as well as include coconut oil as I mentioned above.

    This link gives the chart I use.

    So in summary:

    See if her food is more "hot/warming" than "cool/neutral" and adjust accordingly. I firmly believe based on my experience and what you described that this is a food issue more than anything else.

    Banjo doesn't get raw chicken. He eats duck, rabbit, beef, turkey, and pork with coconut oil as a supplement.

    I hope you find this helpful and suggest reading about the energetics of pet food as it has grossly transformed my thinking on what my little @$$hole eats.

  • Nym's got another eye infection. We washed EVERYTHING after the last one. She hasn't seen any other dogs for a while... blah, blah, eye boogers.

    Here's my main concern though... She will NOT let us put in the effing eye drops. We've tried doing it while she's calm, while she's not suspecting, we've tried training her to tolerate them treats on treats on playtime, we've tried the stupid effing muzzle, everything that we could think of. Meanwhile her eye gets worse, and Hubs has scratches all over his arms.

    Does anyone have any other thoughts?! I am SO open to ideas!

  • I don't know how much he typically gets held, or takes to it, but if you can hold him on his back in your arms, and get the drops near his eye, just tilt his head a bit till it spreads into his eye. They still don't love it, but I find mine take to that better than trying to get it directly into their eye (same strategy for people who freak out with eye drops). Also, really high value treats afterwards (goat cheese, or maybe some free dried tripe?). Probably not the solution you were looking for, but if you haven't tried it yet, it is worth a shot.
  • Just an update on Momo; the eye discharge kept persisting, going away, and then coming back... and finally it just stopped.
    Banjo's owner mentioned that when he stopped feeding Banjo Buffalo Blue, it stopped. After a month of switching to mostly raw, and Acana, the eye issues stopped pretty much completely.
  • @BanjotheBeta Dog-thanks for the chart. I have noticed that Quake is more of a "hot/warm" pooch in that he get's very tired in the summer heat and loves the cold and snow. He had gained some weight due to some coconut oil (warming) that I was giving him. I am now giving him flaxseed oil (cooling) instead and he has dropped the weight. I also have been giving him 1/2 of his kibble Wellness Core low carbohydrate chicken (warming) and 1/2 Acana Duck (cooling) and Bartlett Pear. I will transition him to only Acana and see what happens.
  • jarvizjarviz
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    what kind of eye drops are good for general cleaning of an infection or allergy induced mucus. I can't see a Vet until Saturday so in the meantime I want to give her something to help clear up her eyes.

    I hope it's only allergies as the only symptom she has is some white/yellowish discharge from her eyes. It looks a little swollen, but her pupils aren't cloudy and the white is only slightly red. She is definitely not lethargic at all and ate all of her dinner and drank her usual amount of water, so her appetite and personality are haven't changed.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    @jarviz - Eye issues are not something to take lightly, it could lead to permanent vision loss. Take her to the vet sooner rather than later and do not try to self-diagnose or self-treat.
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  • pyleapylea
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    Wow this thread is super helpful. Pylea woke up with a goopy/crusty right eye around 2 weeks ago, 3 days after he last DHPP vaccine. I took her to the vet immediately, they did a scratch test and luckily no scratch. The vet said she likely got something in there and got irritated. I gave her antibiotic ointment 2x a day for 4 days, per vet instructions. Eye cleared up beautifully within 48 hrs, but of course I gave her the full course of antibiotics. 2 days after her full course, it came back. Got her back on the antibiotics, for 5 days this time (vet said 4-5 days). Eye looked great within a day, but the second full course ended yesterday.

    This morning she woke up with a goopy LEFT eye!!! White, not green. No crust this time and her eye looks totally fine--bright and clear, lids held open nicely, white part is very white. But omg. I hope this doesn't become some kind of chronic issue. I texted her breeder, asking if this is normal, and she said this can be a normal response to the DHPP vaccine. Mild cold-like symptoms, jumping from one eye to the other, etc., and to keep an eye on it (ha). I normally take her to the vet ASAP but this time I am going to wait for a few hours because her eye looks really good still. I will take her in later today if she has any more symptoms.

    You can see her left eye (on the right in the photo) still has some remnants in the corner. I wiped away the goop from her face but I didn't want to touch the corner of her eye.

    Pylea is actually prone to small, white, dry, wispy eye boogers. I asked her vet about this and she said sometimes dogs with very small eyes and tight eyelids drain tears differently and it's normal. Similar to what @lindsayt said here:

    lindsayt said:

    I think the anatomy of their eye shape (the folds and breeding for the upturned eye line) can make it easier for debris to accumulate in the corners.

    She also went to a Humane Society "puppy romp" yesterday and played with a bunch of puppies, so maybe she picked something up from them. I hadn't vaccinated her for bordetella based on risk assessments from her vet and two reputable breeders (the one I originally was going to get a pup from, and the one I ended up getting a pup from). I'll have to read some threads about bordetella here.

    Sorry for the long post, I mostly just wanted to rant. Will probably call the vet this afternoon.
  • CleoCleo
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    Bella's eyes seems to be sensitive to grass and other allergens. A friend of ours recommended a natural treat with Lutein in it - it is the same thing that pomeranian and other breeds whose eyes weep use to help stop eye leakage. Worked wonders and she loved them!

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