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  • EvanEvan
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    What are your views on such laws? As Pitbull mix owner you can probably guess my opinion. But what about Half-Wolf or Coydogs?

     This is what I feel like saying to every lawmaker thinking about imposing a breed ban...






  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    "Punish the deed, not the breed."

    Breed bans are just absurd.  Punishing animals because of what humans have done to them just doesn't make any sense to me.  Dogs are not born vicious, they are made vicious.  Although I am surely preaching to the choir here.

  • Wolf and Coyote mixes are tricky. regrettably the people I have met who were parents of these animals were in no way qualified to be guardians of a wild dog. Banning them is not the answer (as proven by the ineffectiveness of breed bans). But I still wish that people had to pass a test before they could be responsible for the well being of an animal.


    Ugh. it is all too complicated. 

  • I cant get started or I will never stop.  They will start with the "viscous" breeds and once there is no more attention on them they will focus on other breeds.  Labs and retrievers will be next and "non-aggressive" dog owners need to realize that.  Ok...thx evan!  Good thing I am back on my psycho pills!
  • EvanEvan
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    I read somewhere that Pitbulls passed the AKC Good Citizen Test more often than Cocker Spaniels and most other breeds fro that matter.
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  • Yeah, there are a lot of other dogs above pits.  Pits just tend to cause more harm that other dogs which is why there is such a bad rap.  Damn evil yippy dogs (although I think shiba can be a bit yippy at times LOL).  And that was a joke....Wink

  • Pits have been bred for hundreds of years to be dog aggressive. And they are. Mine is wonderful with most dogs, but if she thinks that a dog poses a threat to me or Moto she is very protective.

    That being said, if I had to leave a child unattended ( which I NEVER would, but hypothetically speaking) with either my pit bull or my shiba inu, there is no question I would trust my pit bull to protect the child and slather her in kisses. Moto would nip if he was annoyed or thought the child wasn't paying him enough attention. 

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    I am venomously against breed bans because it is a slippery slope and even if we did ban certain breeds new "BIGGER" "BADDER" ones would appear. We can take away the "weapon" but we can not take away the will to want it and therefore create another. I am not saying that Pits are weapons but in the wrong hands they can be. I have an American Bulldog which falls under that Pit Bull umbrella and I agree with the above post if I had to choose one of my 3dogs to leave with children it would be my AB. She is an over sized cuddle bug and Momma's baby girl. However she is an extremely powerful girl and in the wrong hands she could do a lot of damage. I wish that there some fair way that potential owners could be screened or regulated that would be ideal.
  • EvanEvan
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    My Great Uncle adopted a border collie from a rescue, but before they okay-ed it, they came to his house checked things out, made sure he was able to take care of a dog like that's and if he ever decided he can't or if he died :Gasps: then the dog must go back to the rescue and they will find another appropriate owner. I think that's a good system, but I don't think a law should be passed to force that sort of thing.
  • I agree with leaving my rott/pit with children.  My friend was here with her 6 month baby and every time he cried sasha who is terrified of everything would conquer her fear and come up and lick him.  Again, disclaimer, would NEVER leave kids alone with them.  Niko has no bad will but she is mouthy and doesnt bite but kids hands tend to be drawn to her mouth.

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