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Need a vacuum review!
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    I'm in the market for a new vacuum.. my two Inus were too muck for my Eureka!
    I cannot afford a dyson, but need something up for the challenge of dog hair, stairs, dust, dirt, etc...

    Any suggestions?
  • okironokiron
    Posts: 735
    Shop Vac :D
  • sujewelsujewel
    Posts: 2541
    I would check craigslist for a used dyson. How much are you looking to spend? If you don't want a used Dyson, I'll talk to Kurt. He loves vacuum cleaners.
  • wliu003wliu003
    Posts: 222
    I use the roomba 580. It hope help with stairs but i think it does a great job of picking up dirt and pet hair. if you have a busy schedule and are unable to vacuum everyday the roomba has a scheduler that will vacuum by itself.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433
    We have some sort of hoover wind tunnel, bagless. It works well if you keep the filters clean and don't try and over stuff the collecting bin.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • KFontaine04KFontaine04
    Posts: 1872
    I prefer the bagged to the bagless just because I found with two huskies and now two shibas that the bagless can get clogged and loose suction.

    I have a cheap dirt devel from wal mart that is amazing.
  • Darwin67Darwin67
    Posts: 390
    I have a dirt-devil bagless, but after having it for 3 years I'll never get another empty them and the stupid HEPA filter falls out and you have to pick it up (EEEEWwwwwww) and then it gets clogged and the HEPA filters cost like 22.00 to replace it every few months (That is if you can FIND the filters as they always seem to be out of stock)...what you pay in hepa filters/bags you could by 2 dysons! Needless to say, this summer we are planning on getting the Animal Dyson.

    I think we'll be going through HSN.Com...where i can make like 4 $125.00 payments with NO INTEREST :O)
  • sujewelsujewel
    Posts: 2541
    I should mention that I LOVE my Dyson. Absolutely adore it. Never looses sucktion, don't have to touch anything icky. The only thing negative I would have to say about it is that it is heavy. Carrying it from one floor to another can be fun. But, I have a canister one, so it's not quite as heavy as the uprights. I peeked at craigslist for some used ones, and they were selling for about $150 in the Philly area.

    When we purchased our Dyson, Linen N' Things (way before they went out of biz) had $100 off, plus we had a 20% off coupon and a $5 off coupon.
  • MejinxMejinx
    Posts: 53
    Sebo Felix

    Its expensive, but its one of the best uprights out there. Will out preform and outlast a dyson. Google them or even check them out on you tube.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    Sebo Felix looks impressive! Maybe that will go on my xmas list!
    I've always wanted a Dyson, I just can't bring myself to buy them.

    I settled on a Bissell Power Groom Pet (bagless). So far it works really well, too well... I was appalled at how much our previous vacuum didn't pick up! It has a great attachment called a Pet Contour (rubbery) which works a lot better on the stairs than the mini vacuum hose attachments most vacuums come with. So far, I'm happy. I have 30 days to test its durability against shiba hair, though! So we'll see!
  • *JackBurton**JackBurton*
    Posts: 169
    I have a Meile Neptune. It is a canister vac but has no issues sucking up the fur around the house. On top of that it comes with a hardwood floor brush. That thing rocks no more sweeping ever again. Price $399
  • RyuRyu
    Posts: 1623
    Hey Jen! How's that Power Groom Pet working for ya?

    Roxy chewed through our vacuum cord yesterday (Daddy's fault for not wrapping the cord!) so we need to get something ASAP. They are still blowing coat!
  • I still like my Bissell Healthy Home
  • SangmortSangmort
    Posts: 1361
    I'm with Jess.

    When I worked at Best Buy the store vacuums broke so we had to use the display vacuums in Appliances Department. I've used everything from the Dirt Devil to the $300 Halo.

    Bissell always wins for me! ~
  • ShibaMomShibaMom
    Posts: 35
    I have a Hoover bagless vacuum. It's a Deluxe Elite Rewind (the cord retracts) with a widepath cleaning head. It picks up a lot of dog hair and dust! Even when my carpet looks clean, it picks up tons of Shiba fur.
  • Mines a Bissell "Liftoff" hybrid Pet edition, and I highly recommend it because it picks up so much hair and dirt. The rug feels so nice after a vacuuming. The Liftoff means you can lift the can off the foot, and hold it via a small handle and go vac the stairs using the hose tool and the mini brush without lugging the whole awkward thing along. This is important for me because I used to have to hold the big vacuum for my mom to do the stairs with the attachment and I once wondered if the beater bar under the foot of the machine still spun if you were using the attachment, so I stuck my hand under and, well--- they DO keep spinning, and I have the scars on my fingers to this day. :(
  • RyuRyu
    Posts: 1623
    Ouch Chrystal!

    My main concern is using the attachments. We have to vacuum our couches every 3 days or so and it would be nice to have a convenient attachment system!
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    Its working GREAT, Pam! I would highly recommend it, its holding up really well to two shedding shibas!

    I use the rubbery attachment for the stairs, b/c the hose gets awesome suction, and the pet attachment thinger thats on the front on our furniture.
  • RyuRyu
    Posts: 1623
    Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions guys! We'll have to run by the store tonight to price these suckers.
  • mlvuemlvue
    Posts: 92
    I had a bagless vacuum before and I hated it. Everytime I emptied it dust & crud would fly everywhere so I always had to do it outside. And of course there was the filter that had to be changed every so often. When the bagless broke, I opted for an Oreck XL21 based on raving reviews from my boss. The thing is only 8 lbs so little 5' me can use it & carry it up & down the stairs, uses a bag, works on both carpet and wood floors (and I use it all the time on the tile in my kitchen). On top of that, it came with a free awesome canister with plenty of attachments (maybe you've seen the commercial where the canister vac picks up an 8lb bowling ball? - it's true!).

    I've had the Oreck almost 2 years now and I'm still lovin' the work it does. Every year I take it to the Oreck store for a free tune-up and it stays working like new.
  • Dyson
  • I have had a number of friends return their Dyson because they were unhappy with their performance. Others tell me they love it. Is it really worth $400 is my question?
  • Hi Jessica, i think one has to realize there is no miracle vacuum. carpets are carpets, you'll never get every bit of dust /grime out of there with a vacuum. That being said, the dyson works for me b/c it can take a beating sucking up my hair, every other vacuum i've had would burn out after a few rounds of picking up my hair and having it get stuck in the rotating bar. Also, with the dyson, as long as you keep the joint/ing areas clean, it will suck like new again..we had white carpets in our old apt, and it worked just fine. The new apt i've deliberatly kept all hardwood, though i have a rug in the living room now for the pup which gets the dyson at least twice a week.

    so i think if you're realistic about what a vacuum can do, then you won't be dissapointed with the dyson. :)
  • I did months of product research prior to my last vacuum purchase. I think people fall for hype far too often.My friends who returned the Dyson found it inferior on hardwoods and with weak suction compared to I believe one had a Bissell and the other a Hoover.
    I "test-drove" the top models of Dyson, Hoover, Eureka, Dirt Devil, and Bissell. Checked their reviews with all the major retailers and came to the conclusion that Dyson has a great advertising company and nothing more. I fully concur that ones expectations for any device should be based in reality. However when a products price point is more than double the cost of it's closest competitor it best earn that price. Dyson has not in my opinion.
    Orek on the other hand has proven time and time again to be a superior product. It is priced considerably more than the average vacuum but has numerous studies to prove its efficacy.
    My point being I have yet to have anyone give me a valid argument for buying a Dyson.
    Still waiting for proof of it's monetary value.
  • asiaasia
    Posts: 875
    I have not had a dyson - my mom had this rainbo thing when we were growing up which worked great, but was a mess to clean up. However, both of my friends with dogs swear their dyson is better than anything they have owned previously. One has primarily wood floors. They both recommended I purchase one when I started looking into getting a dog of my own.

    Again, this is not coming from personal experience, just second-hand.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    My grandma's dyson gave her a black eye. Nuff said.
  • asiaasia
    Posts: 875
    Wow Jen, I am kind of curious about that one!
  • SangmortSangmort
    Posts: 1361
    Yes Jen. Do tell! :D ~
  • i don't use the dyson on the hardwood, it's the old mop and broom for me. Though i did use it once for the hardwood when i was lazy, and yes, it's not so great, but in my opinion, that's what the mop and broom are for! I also find the dyson does really well cleaning the sofas (i have microfiber). To be honest we got the dyson through our wedding money, it's been 3 years and still works fine, and I wouldn't hesitate to get it again should it break down even though we don't have much carpeting anyore (mostly b/c of my's long strong oriental hair which reeked havoc before dyson).

    Jen, do tell!
  • *Sigh* I wish I could just use a broom and mop. With 4 cats, 2 dogs (one a Shikoku that took FOREVER to blow her coat), a chinchilla, my clients, and me all with long hair PLUS my horrible allergies (allergic to cats, dogs, mold, pollen, mildew, and dust) and asthma, the few times I have attempted using a broom it just spreads the dirt around and makes me violently ill. I literally have to move all of my furniture and vacuum under it, then vacuum the furniture itself, then my curtains, then go through with a swiffer to get anything I might have missed everyday, when Miko is blowing 2x a day.
    One of the most informative sites I found (Jen this may be useful for you with your mold situation) was something like the national asthma society (I will poke later and try to find it again) they had a forum discussion regarding most effective vacuum. Oreck was way up there (out of my price range) but not far behind was the Bissell Healthy Home. 5 hepa filters, big canister, and for the 2 years I've had it, it hasn't clogged. My favorite is the pet fur tool for my microfiber couch and love seat.
    Next shopping research for me is a steam cleaner for my furniture. If anyone has suggestions I am all ears. Keeping in mind I use no scary chemicals (worse for you than the allergens themselves. All hail vinegar and baking soda.
  • KFontaine04KFontaine04
    Posts: 1872
    I have a bagged bissel - it cost me $30 bucks at wal-mart. I love that thing. We actually have two, one for upstairs and one downstairs.

    I think the next vacuum I get will be the Bissel Healthy Home, I need the pet hair attachment!

    I also just got a SHark steam mop for the hardwoods, cleans the wood like a dream with NO chemicals, just steam. Plus it has an attachment for me to go over couches and rugs with so I can steam my furniture and carpets. I LOVE IT.
  • apshibaapshiba
    Posts: 44
    I got Bissel Pet vacuum for $120. I was amazed how much pet hair it pulled up from carpet. I am very happy with it.
  • Does the shark really clean the couches? Really? I may have to get one....
  • KFontaine04KFontaine04
    Posts: 1872
    It steams them, it doesn't put water into them and then suck it out like most cleaners. But I have to say after a steaming, my couches feel like new and smell great :)

    That is the one that I have. I use the carpet glider attachment to do my couches as well.
    Post edited by KFontaine04 at 2009-08-06 11:57:25
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    Vinegar and baking soda are fun times. I still stand over the toilet when we "bomb" it to watch the fizzies...

    So, my grandmother is kind of, well, social? She wants what other people have, but in the best intentional way. So, she had this perfectly functional Oreck (which now belongs to my happy mom!) but a few of her buddies had Dysons, and she kept seeing commercials and felt that her 8 rugs needed a dyson (her WHOLE house is hardwood floors with area rugs here and there).
    She got the DC17 (I think?) so that thing SUCKS big time. My frail little grandma was using the hose part to get under her dining room table, and the thing got stuck sucking up the fringes on her rug, she repositioned to get to them before they pulled, and BAM - hose recoils and smacks her in the head! She had a black eye for 2 weeks.

    So, I'm a bit afraid of that power. That's not to say when she retires it I won't be first in line... but still. Eeks.
  • I desperately need to upgrade vacuums now that we are living in a place with wall to wall carpeting. Our vacuum was fine for hardwood floors, but is not great on the carpet. I would prefer bagless and would like to spend $200 or less.

    Dyson seems to dominate, but I am not ready to spend that kind of money just yet.

    Any recommendations?
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    You can look at factory refurbished dyson vacs. The new bag less models are always more expensive, but I bought a brand new dyson for my parents at $300 and a refurbished one for myself for $175. Both work fine and both have factory warranty still. Just remember just because its bag less doesn't mean you shouldn't clean the filter and the tube of the vacuum
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    I personally use Dyson myself that my bf got refurbished, it still works.

    However be warned that some people that got refurbished ones didn't have the same luck. I think @Inu Ryuu stated that his broke down after a couple months.

    Another vaccuum I use is Bissell. It works well...but honestly once you go Dyson you can't go to another brand!
    Posts: 1507
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    Regarding woot, those vacuums are 80% refurbished and 20% new lol.
  • MayamaMayama
    Posts: 270
  • RyanRyan
    Posts: 293
  • FYI - Dyson Animal on sale at Best Buy for $299.99, regularly $399. Free shipping online
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  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    I prefer hepa bags you can throw away. Make sure the vac fills up.
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    I also have a Dyson that I picked up at Target about 3-4 years ago on clearance for 50% off. Works great every time! My daughter and I have very long hair and this roller is one that doesn't get stuck on the hairs all the time. I think I've flipped it over and cut the hairs on the roller before it gets stuck- and I don't do it that often. I think it is hardier than most vacuum cleaners on the market now. Nothing has broke on it, yet. It is also very easy to take apart, in case something gets lodged inside it. I love that it is bagless and sucks really well. I do see a lot of refurbished ones on Amazon (free shipping and no tax in most states) and Big Lots. You can also get good deals with a 30% off coupon from Kohls, esp when they do the buy $50, get a $10 certificate back.
  • DaghainDaghain
    Posts: 113
    I have a Dyson and a Roomba. I run the Roomba between vacuumings and it helps keep the kitty litter down (plus gets under the furniture, which is a huge plus). I know the Dyson is pricey, but seriously, best money I ever spent. I love that vacuum.
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  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    Dysons are money well spent IMO. We use ours every other day when our dog is shedding.
  • brscrnsbrscrns
    Posts: 447
    nikolatesla - when you use the schticky, do you rinse in the sink? Does the sink get clogged?

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