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"Addiction" RAW Dehydrated Food
  • BradA1878BradA1878
    Posts: 2242
    Have you guys tried this? We recently got some from, the dogs love it! It's a lot like HK but different ingredients. We ordered the Brushtail, next time we will get the Kangaroo. It's all grain free too! Try it and tell me what you guys think.

  • I have done the Stella and Cheweys raw dehydrated beef and bison as treats for the pups and they LOVED it. The cats do too. It is super expensive, so I am thinking about buying my own food dehydrator and doing it myself. Save a fortune.

    When I was away this weekend I fed the kids the Natures Variety freeze dried venison meal with their Orijen and they gobbled it up.

    Yay dry! 

  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433

    The cats do like the Stella and Cheweys, one of mine stole a sample packet off the top of the microwave and ate out the chicken chunks.  Nemo loved the sample items that the cats did not steal.

    I don't know if I'll get too into the raw dehydrated foods though, they are so expensive.  You guys with so many dogs get to try new things so quickly.  Nemo can only eat a bag of food every two months or so (13-16lbs). 

    Are you suppoused to feed them anything with these dehydrated raw diets?  Soak it in some water or something? 

  • I personally use the dehydrated for treats or to supplement kibble on weekend trips. I stick with traditional raw otherwise.

    They say you can reconstitute with warm water. But I didn't have much success.  

  • I'll say that the ingredients look nice. My only questions to the company would be:

    1) An ingredient list in order of amount (the bulleted list may be different). Lists on bags usually indicate more exact ingredients.

    2) Where do they get their ingredients other than their proteins? Hopefully, none from China. I didn't see anything organic, and there wasn't any mention that the food is human grade (implied, but not explict).

    3) A complete nutritional list. I don't see any mention of how much iodine, calcium, or phosphorus for example.

    4) There's no mention if the food is or isn't all life stage approved. That could make a difference for some larger breeds (like Akitas).

    And that said, while I'm happy to see novel proteins, I try not to feed my two every protein around. One, they don't need that kind of variety. Two, if they ever become allergic to a protein, I'd like to have a few options of meats they've never eaten before.

    Like I said, all in all, the food looks pretty darn good on paper. Errr, website. It's one I certainly find worth in emailing the manufacturer for more information.

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  • BradA1878BradA1878
    Posts: 2242

    Jen and I would like to get a food dehydrator too - when we move. I just want to dehydrate fruit for me to snack on (dehydrated pineapple is freaking great). Maybe I should try it for the pups too.


    Michelle - I think I will email them later and see what they say. Our dogs seem to really love the food.

  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433

    I have a Nesco Food Dehydrator, it works well.  Just made some sweet potato snacks for Nemo.

    In order for food to truly be rated for humans it has to be USDA inspected, which can be an un-necessary cost for a dog food manufacturer. 


  • Brandon - Yeah, true. I use HK which does go through inspection because it is made in a human food facility. I kinda like knowing that there's nothing weird in their food. Some of their ingredients are also certified organic. With all the dog food scares, I feel better knowing exactly what's in their diet and where things come from.

  • Michelle, How do you get Ronan to eat HK?  I've tried everything but Tenji turns into a seven foot long dog and won't go near it.

  • My latest secret is cooked meat. I fry enough up for a few days and add it to his food. I noticed that Ronan also prefers his food slightly warmed inthe micro. Spoiled, isn't he?

    Yeah, Ronan hates Tripe. It's like he's afraid the food is going to attack him or something.

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  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433

    He hates tripe?  Nemo would chew through a wall to get to a plate of green tripe.

  • I love dehydrating!  Niko loves dehydrated bananas.  I have an L'Equipe dehydrator.  Make sure you get one with a motor and not just a fan because the fan takes longer and more bacteria can grow.  It really is just some jerky! is a great site.  We also have a grain mill and grind wheat and make home made bread.  nummy!

  • hondruhondru
    Posts: 529

    I should get a dehydrator... for the pups and for me!  I love dried fruit.


    brad, I've never tried dried pineapple!  Sounds good.   

    -Heidi, with Rakka (shikoku) and Sosuke (kai ken)

  • Lynx will eat anything you throw at her, lol. I am curious to see what kind of tastes Keisuke will have. I plan to start him on a half Raw and half knibble. So we shall see if he has any preferences.

    I LOVE dried appricots (sp?). I had dried sweet potato yesterday and today too, it was delicious!

    How much would it be for a dehydrator?

    - Corina A. Gonzalez | Lynxiene (Belgian Malinois), Shoushuu, Kotomi & Shuran (Shikoku Ken). | Along with a Clan of cats!
  • There is nothing like the real dehydrated fruit.  No sugar or preservatives added and tastes like pure candy.  Pineapple and Mango are my fav's!!!!  I think mid $100 for a good one.  I cant recall.  I have grown up with dehydrated food (fruit and veggies) because my sister was hyperactive and couldnt have sugar, good alternative.

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