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Help please?? What's your crate size?
  • andreamg4andreamg4
    Posts: 136
    I've done so much reading my head hurts.....

    Shiba books and sites say get a 'medium' crate size, but what 'medium' is varies by maker. I've read through the threads here an I'm reading things like 36" L is too big or just right.

    Most sites/retailers say that medium is 30" or 36" L (although a couple say 24"L is medium), but they also say 30" or 36" L can be an intermediate.

    People have also said "get the size for a beagle". Depending on the maker BOTH sizes say "for a beagle" (although many more say it for the 36" )

    Our boy might be on the smaller size for a shiba since his dad is, but I am still afraid to get one to small or to big.

    I THINK I'm leaning towards the 30" L crate, but not sure. Any suggestions from experienced owners?? I, and my headache, would super appreciate it.....

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  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    I use this one:
    (maybe the 30" w/ the sheltie on the box??)

    I don't still have the box though, but I'm fairly certain it said "Beagle/Cocker Spaniel" on it. It has a divider so the crate grows with the puppy. It doesn't matter if its too big (in my opinion) as long as you really only give them space as young puppies just to stand, turn and lie down comfortably. As adults, You remove the divider and you have a bigger crate.. I'm glad my shibas have the extra room, especially if they have to be in there longer than a couple hours.
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  • RomiRomi
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  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • RyuRyu
    Posts: 1623
    Ryu and Roxy's crates are 36x26x24 with dividers
  • andreamg4andreamg4
    Posts: 136
    Thank you for the input. super helps......
  • toecaritoecari
    Posts: 150
    So you guys like the crate vs. the kennel type? like this

    When they are pups do you place a divider in it? if so what kind ? do they make a commerical one or do you DIY?
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
    Posts: 1165
    Ichi's is also 36x26x24 dual door collapsible crate from Titan and it came with a divider panel. He only had 1/3 of it as a puppy and within a month had half. After 3 months with us he had the whole crate to himself.

  • KaddyKaddy
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    Keiko 'inherited' a 36" crate, but we've had SO many potty training issues that we've decided it's too big for her. She's back in her 30" that we used for her as a puppy - it's not too small, she can stand up, turn around etc. in it. I just wanted her to have a bigger place to chill when we're out on the town.

    Hopefully the new doggy we adopt (I'm REALLY pushing to get an Akita cuz I like larger doggies) will be able to use the 36" ... I may have already named him (the dog we don't know we're getting) 'Rogi' as in pierogi my fav Polish food ;o)
  • andreamg4andreamg4
    Posts: 136
    cute name! an yum to that!

    good luck with the akita : )

    and that you all for the input!
  • DabishDabish
    Posts: 203
    Bumping this topic!
    I need a crate but I'm no good with sizes...preferably something that puppy could grow into so I won't have to buy two.

    Will that be a comfy size? My breeder said that I could get a piece of plexiglass measured at home depot, and put a brick behind it as a makeshift divider so it won't be /too/ spacious for puppy.
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
    Posts: 235
    I don't really like the idea of plexiglass divider. That's a decent sized mine is in a smaller one but will outgrow it. I have. Larger one my pit can use but once their old enough I don't crate unless I need to and then I remove when needed.

    Unless you want the crate as a permanent fixture I wouldn't bother getting that specific one. It would probably be more of a hassle to fold up and carry around.

    In my opinion I would get a large one. They always come with a divider and that way when they are bigger they can have lots of space. But it all depends on if your just using during younger years or plan on keeping it around.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    @Dabish, I think a lot really depends on your goals and long term use of the crate along with the particular size of your Shiba.

    For my Shiba, Bear, who has an adult weight at 17 months old of 32-35lb and stands about 17-18 inches at the withers, I got a wire crate for my bedroom that was 31" long, 21.5" wide, and 24" high with access doors on the front and one side. (

    I found I did not like this crate for my purposes outside the home, which included training, and use during trials. It was too bulky even at that size and heavy to really care about folding up and transporting.

    So I also got a soft sided crate that was 30" long, 21" wide, and 24" high and has access doors in front,in the side, and on top (

    I love this crate for when I need a crate outside just being in our house. For travel to trials or outdoor training this has been a great crate. Easily portable and easy for the boys to lay against.

    Both crates are a good size for Bear to stand, sit, turn around, lay down but that is about it. There is no room to "play" or really move about. It is designed for him to rest when in it, which suits our needs as we don't use crates to keep them confined unsupervised for long period of time, they get free roam of our house. They are used for mainly working purposes, therefore a signal to settle and rest, for night time if they are too restless and barky, and around meal times again a signal to settle and rest.

    Now my mixed boy, who is upto about 50lbs right now at 7 months old and probably stands 2 inches taller than Bear can also use these crates (and does). He can comfortably lay down, sit, and turn around but if/when I need a new crate I probably would up-size him to the 36" long, 24" wide, and 28" inch high option with EliteFields soft side crate.

    We never used crates for potty training, so that wasn't our goal. The crate you posted seems to have doors on the front and one side, which is good. Also at I presume to be 30 inches long, 21 inches wide (or high couldn't figure out which was which), and 19 inches high (or wide couldn't figure out which was which) it will be okay for a average to small size Shiba to stand, sit, turn around, and lay down in, but will provide really no extra room, so would be only a place to rest and settle. So assess your needs/goals. If it is only to have it at home, and you want the furniture look, and it will only be used for resting/settling not long extended periods where a bigger kennel/xpen would be useful then it may fit what you want. If you want portability, if you want space to move and play a little with toys and such while in it for extended long periods of time during the day rather than just rest/settling and sleeping times than I would say reassess the choice.

    Hope that all helps.
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  • @dabish - it sounds like you're going to a breeder. I assume that 1) they are aiming for shibas that hit the middle of the standard and 2) they'll know if the particular dam and/or sire tend to have puppies that are on the big or small side.

    I have two dogs (both from a breeder) at the top of the height standard (one male, one female). Both can fit comfortably to sleep and turn around in a 24 inch crate. The 30 inch gives them room for more activity and that is what we use at home. Just for context, they sometimes go into the same crate (we had to train our girl not to get into the crate with her brother) and both of them can comfortably fit in a 30 inch for sleeping together.
  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    I definitely agree on getting a larger crate that has a divider unless you can make one yourself. I have no idea how big my crate is, maybe a foot or so high and 2 feet deep or something? It was meant for a large dog and all the store had left at the time so I took it anyway hoping Tali would grow into it. Oddly enough, she's a few months away from being an adult and it's very unlikely that she'll ever really fill the crate. But the divider is handy and just a few days ago, I decided she was big enough that I could move the divider back two notches and it's working out fine.

    I think bigger is better rather than buying one too small and then you have to buy another. That happened when I bought a kennel for her, I thought it was ok, and it was pretty cramped for her so I ended up returning it and buying the larger one for her - yeah more money but I didn't want her to be squished and knew she was going to outgrow it.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    I have the 36' Midwest crate. Bought it on amazon. It came with a divider that I used the first few months. It's nice and big and gives Sansa lots of space. I highly recommend it. I figured I'd get the biggest one that was still practical.

    My girlfriend went out and bought a smaller one when Sansa was a puppy even though I told her not to, and sure enough now that she's full grown it's way too small.
  • DabishDabish
    Posts: 203
    Thanks everyone, I'm going to go with the 36' Midwest crate
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Like shibamistress mentioned. I went to pet co as well...$150 for a decent size crate.
    Went online to amazon...Midwest crate same size for $50. Thank goodness I checked online. I'm not home so I don't know the exact crate size, buts its large enough to fit my shiba + me. I honestly like the big crate because sometimes when she is sleeping...i like to stick my busy body in there and cuddle with her for a bit, hahaha.
  • ashley15ashley15
    Posts: 63
    What about a PlayPen size? I need to get one for my upcoming puppy when I'm at work.
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    I have the Midwest 24"x30" ex-pen. I was pleasantly surprised at how big of an enclosure it creates! I bought it on Amazon for around $40. If you have a jumper/climber maybe it's a bit too short but I couldn't be happier with it.
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    I believe the height is 24" for the crate. Slighter shorter than the ex-pen. I should note that I no longer use the ex-pen since Sansa is old enough to be left out of any enclosure by now.
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  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    I'm surprised you guys get your expens so short...the one I got for Bootz was 48" (when she was a puppy)
  • @bootz I had no idea what to get so I figured one a bit larger than the crate would work.

    Honestly I thought it would be taller.
  • foxy5foxy5
    Posts: 39
    Hey guyz bumping this post, i want your help about plastic carrier i will get from a friend ,the size is (24Lx15.7Wx19.6H) inches from inside.Is this fine for a fully grown adult shiba or i should get a bigger one later ?Thanks
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    That's about the size of the plastic travel carrier I have for Ozzy. He likes to just lie in it during the day haha. He's all about crates
  • foxy5foxy5
    Posts: 39
    @lilikoi how old is ozzy? I checked the insta link? Is that Midwest skudo size 4? Because that's what I'm getting and if that's fine for my boy when he grows I will keep it and not buy a bigger.Thanks
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    Ozzy just turned 1! It's a travel carrier by Kong. But I measured it and it seems like the very same dimensions you have. His wire crate in my bedroom is by Midwest and we love that one, too. Midwest seems like a solid brand.

    Ozzy's about 16 inches tall (40cm) and weighs 21 lbs (9.5 kg).
  • foxy5foxy5
    Posts: 39
    @lilikoi thanks a lot for the info. I also have a Midwest wire crate that I use at home it's bigger then the plastic.i will use the plastic in the car. So it seems I can use it when he gets older too. Btw Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy.

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