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I love their guard dog instincts!
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    'Shibamiss that has to be freakin scary how do you manage shibas when there are clearly coyotes around stalking you guys . What does the Akita do ?

    Oneluckymug thanks for that video that guy is insane .... But was that coyote playing with him? I would've shat myself lol N threw my phone at him and ran off!!! So funny at 1:18 (approx) where he starts cursing. Your comment was warranted lol
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  • JuniJuni
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    I am curious, I don't know anything about coyotes. But in Sweden a lot of people hate wolves, so they put out poison and traps in the woods, which of course mainly get people's dogs killed, or shoot them.
    Since we only have few wolves, the pack sizes are small so they are likely to or on purpose aim at killing the breeding couple. And this in turn lead to the problems of wolves killing livestock because the wolves left will be the youngsters who are not experienced hunters yet and will go for easy prey.
    So I was just wondering if this could be something similar? Areas with unstable or loose or inexperienced packs may be more opportunistic?
  • fisticuffsfisticuffs
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    @Saya There was a 5 year old bitten by a coyotes like last year maybe? It was an hour and a half from where I'm at. I only remember it because we happened to be camping in Nehalem Bay (where it happened) a couple weeks or so later and there were warnings all over the place. It seems stranger to me that they'd not do more than bite a 5 year old - I mean, thank god they didn't, but they're such great hunters...
    Some of the more rural areas here have issues with small dogs or cats missing. My husband's family lives in a tiny rural town and they raise haired sheep (St Croix). They were missing a ewe one day and found just the intestines behind the barn. The dogs never heard a thing and they never found anything else of it. They suspect a mountain lion did it - coyotes are great hunters, but not particularly stealthy like a mountain lion. I've never seen one here, and I'd like to keep it that way.

    @Kobe1468 Aw, see now that makes me sad. I hope it died quickly. I'd have preferred it had a bullet in the head or something - who knows how long the poor thing suffered before it died there alone. :/

    @Juni The "coyote authorities" (they have a special number and everything!) preach heavily about not killing them because of something similar to what you're saying about the wolves. Apparently, only the alpha pair breeds in coyote packs and they tend to be the ones that are the most brazen. So when they get killed, all the other coyotes in the pack will breed and it will make their numbers triple quickly. They do a lot of catch and release here. I remember there was an issue with them constantly being on the runway at the airport...
    I think they're just very opportunistic.

    @Shibamistress Where you live sounds similar to my area. We're considered an "unincorporated neighborhood". But the area I'm concerned about is a huge set of fields ("Paula Jean Powerline Park", though calling it a park is a bit grandiose) with sidewalk right along a patch of woods. So these coyotes just like, walk right into the neighborhood?! Like, in front of people's houses? My neighborhood looks like the typical picture of suburbia - sidewalks and basketball hoops with lawns and mid-sized 2 story houses. I just can't imagine a pack of coyotes stalking between the neat rows of hedges, lol.
    And, yeah, the malamutes are like 15 minutes from my house, a huge green area called Forest Park. We just moved from Salem in December and it's quickly become our favorite hiking spot because of the massive amount of trails in it and the close proximity. I feel awful for the poor things. A couple coworkers live closer to it than me and they were saying they'd been hearing loud, long howling before they were discovered. I guess coyotes "yip" more when they howl, and the howls are shorter overall. They still hear it, so there are more of them out there. Lots of people take their dogs on the trails. Not all of the ones they've found have been aggressive. Why would someone abandon them all suddenly like that? There are tons of shelters here...
    Your mention of "Alaska" and "bears" reminded me about the girl who was hiking with her stepfather (in Russia?) and they were attacked by polar bears. The girl left her mom several voicemails during the, err, ordeal. Horrifying.
    I grew up in Hawaii and I was totally in love with raccoons when I moved here (and squirrels!). I played peek-a-boo with one in the window at my ex's parents house. They used to come up on the porch for the cat food. So cute! Until they're mad. Then they look absolutely terrifying. Got over that crush quickly.
  • zandramezandrame
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  • fisticuffsfisticuffs
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    @zandrame Wow. Thanks for this. I guess their level of skittishness varies greatly...
    I was talking to my friend about this today, she works for Intel here in Beaverton and told me they get a large, solo coyote in the parking lot a few times a month. People call Intel security about it, and security calls animal control but by the time they get there, it's gone (the campus is massive). She gets to hear the security people complain about getting calls that need to go to animal control and we giggled at the thought of the security guys flashing the coyote their badge and attempting to escort him from the premises.
    When I was young I had a cockatiel snatched from my shoulder by a hawk, but I still can't imagine such a brazen coyote grabbing a leashed terrier. That's really scary. I don't know what I'd do...
  • fisticuffsfisticuffs
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    @shibamistress So the cops came and cleared out the homeless people from the woods (one or more of them had been charged with child molestation) and the coyotes are back. I know this because they tried to do that chase-into-a-corner thing with me that you described! I was eating a bowl of oatmeal (it was our before-work walk) and I threw it at the one nearest to us. They took off. They're more skiddish than I expected.

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