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  • My husband and I are awaiting the arrival of our first shiba. she is due to be born in the next week or so. we are starting to get all the essentials necessary to bring our new puppy home. one thing we are not sure of is what type of collar to get for her. we've been on a many websites and they all have differnt opinions. some say a regular nylon collar is best, some say a rolled leather collar is best, some say a martingale collar and some say a harness works best with shibas. does anyone have any suggestions? please let us know which collar you use and why you like it over the others. thank you for your input!
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  • RyuRyu
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    get a cheap buckle nylon collar now because your shiba will chew through it in no time! :) I wouldn't spend a lot on a fancy new collar b/c (1) she'll outgrow it or (2) she'll chew through it first :D

    For walking, I started our puppy shiba on a harness since his neck was so teeny but a buckle collar would also be fine. If you're scared about her slipping out of the buckle collar, go with a harness for first-time walking. Sometimes, puppies can hurt their necks in a martingale collar while still young and learning how to walk on lead. You can eventually move up to martingales when they grasp the whole walking on lead thing.

    Just my $0.02!
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I use rolled collars on my adult dogs, but I would definately not trust a new dog or puppy with one because they can easily be slipped. I sometimes use harnesses or martingales for walks for that reason. Rolled leather is great for an at home handle, but a martingale/harness might be more reliable option.
  • CaliaCalia
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I got Beebe her "big girl collar" on her 1 year birthday and she wore it on her graduation night of one of her obedience classes. It was a fancy flat leather collar with rhinestones. It was getting a little dusty, so I brought it out and put it on Ike for a walk (he was adorable even in a foo-foo collar), and the butt head slipped right out of it and took off down the driveway. It was on tight, too, but his fat neck was bigger than his noggin so it slipped right off. After that, it's been martinagles or a harness on walks.
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  • We always use a Lupine harness for Triton. It seems more comfortable for walking than a collar, and his neck is so teeny that collars just didn't seem to work!
  • i would just get a nylon harness for the puppy until they are over 6 months old. i bought my shiba a puppia3 harness too early and the little maniac chewed threw it while i was in the shower one day. i would try to find one with metal buckles too. my little terror has been intentionally chewing and breaking the buckles. i wouldn't trust regular collars on the tiny pups as they will slip out a lot.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • Never owning a Shiba (raising Labrador Retrievers for years), we were unsure also. I started out with a black nylon collar, however Skippy absolutely hated it. Someone suggested a Puppia harness. He absolutely loves it and will stand by the back door and try to put his head into it when it's time to go out. They are very comfortable and safe. Good luck.
  • ArcticArctic
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have a question about collar sizing. I'm looking to order Lupine collar to fit Sansa as an adult. I was going to go with the 10"-16" collar. Is this a good size for an adult Shiba (one on the smaller scale)? What size collars do your full grown dogs use?
  • tatonkatatonka
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    @arctic best to bring him/her to a pet store and check. Never hurts to make sure everything fits perfectly. Kuma used a small then 1no later had to be switched to med.

    @tatonka never had Kuma slip out, except when my godson walked him, he put the leash on the wrong loop, and he slipped right out.
  • Bump...

    So I need to buy Banjo another collar. He is usually naked, except when he leaves the house with me (I put on a normal collar, faux leather, with his tags). I am fairly sure the walker doesn't put on his collar. I was looking for a collar I could leave on "24/7" (not really 24/7, but when I leave for work, I want it on him). His faux leather one seems to itch him and mat his fur so he can't have it on all day. I have tried a kong nylon collar and that is worse. What is a good material for me to purchase?

    This is NOT for walking as I use a harness for that so if he can slip it is irrelevant.

    Should I fear him choking with a collar on unsupervised?

  • zandramezandrame
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    @BanjoTheBetaDog, my dog wears a tag collar too. I stick with ones that are tubed webbing, like climbing webbing, that won't cut the fur. They are lightweight, soft, and smooth-edged. Brands I like are White Pine and Canine Equipment. I also rotate collars every few weeks to minimize continuous wear. Here's a good thread -
  • MooseMoose
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    This is slightly different, but still on the subject of collars. Should I remove the collar when the puppy is crated (for the night/naps)? I'm not sure if it will be a choke hazard...

  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    @Moose - yes! There are a few horror stories out there where a pup gets their collar caught on something in the crate and chokes themselves... I remove Ozzy's collar whenever I'm not directly supervising him. Like when I'm sleeping or when he's home alone. Otherwise, I want him to have ID in case he slips out the door or something... but when I'm not there to watch him, I don't want it to get caught on anything... Once when I WAS thankfully there to watch him, somehow his collar got caught on one of the floor vents, since our heating comes from there. He was playing with a toy, managed to drop the toy down the hole while he was running with the heavy vent grate stuck to his collar. :O He wasn't hurt or anything, and I have no idea how he even managed to get it stuck on his collar. But things like that can happen, so better to be safe! :)
  • Reviving an old thread again. Has anyone had any issues with the puppy slipping out of a puppia or lupine harness? I was going to go with puppia but it looks like a lot of the reviews say that they're easily escaped, and I'm a bit concerned.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I have a puppia that I think would be really challenging for Ozzy to escape haha. It's like the normal mesh style ones (not step in) but in a striped pattern. With a hood. :| But Ozzy isn't much of an escape artist. He's gotten close with a couple of harnesses (ones that clip in the front, so he is able to slip a leg through if he pulls and creates a gap with the front strap that the leash is clipped to).

    I think it depends on the style of the lupine as well. I prefer to stay away from step in style harnesses cus I've read about them being easy to escape, and Ozzy hates them. Lupine makes both a step in style and H / Roman style. I would definitely go with the the H / Roman style (I can't remember if lupine calls it H or Roman style. Different companies call it different things lol).

  • Thanks- I'll look into both of them!

    We are potentially getting a puppy soon and truth be told I don't know how much of an escape artist it will be, but I'm definitely paranoid about it getting away and hit by a car or eaten by a coyote... but I'm also worried about a martingale hurting its trachea since we have an adult shiba now who is not deterred by choking herself with the martingale or any other collar (We use a harness with her and she's has never attempted to get out of it).

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