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A sudden shock as Mercutio squeezes one out in the house
  • Hi,
    Does anyone have any theories as to why Mercutio came in from the yard and pooed on the living room floor?
    He also had a pee by the front door the other day.
    No warning or walking in circles. No whining. Just a sly pee and poo.
    Does this mean that he is not properly toilet trained?
    Is he upset about somthing...
    I couldn't get angry at him for the pee cause I didn't see him do it.
    The poo he did right infront of me just at the moment I turned my back to go and do the washing up. So I didn't actually catch him in motion.
    But, he didn't seem to know he had done anything wrong...
    Any ideas?
  • im not eaxctly sure why, my yellow lab did that too actually. my shibas have never done anything like that.
    my lab went outside to potty, i saw him potty and when i let him back in, he walked over my feet and peed on my feet :/
    he used to poo in his bed too, after poo-ing outside.
    dont know what caused the behavior, but it happened only for a couple of times and then he stopped.
    i assumed he did it out of spike cos we had punished him by keeping him confined in the crate earlier that day(he was in there for 20mins) for pottying all over the living room and carpet.
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  • OH my GOD!
    I put this occurance on Facebook and a friend of mine that lives in the same city as me said her Shiba did the same thing this morning too!!!
  • wliu003wliu003
    Posts: 222
    wow, that is crazy. I haven't ran into this problem yet but would love to hear the opinion of everyone.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433
    I'm not sure why he would do it, he is still very young correct? No need to get angry at him, anything outside of a "No" and directing him back outside would be unnecessary. Some people are still under the impression that you should rub a dogs nose in their mess, and that's not the right thing to do. I'm not trying to imply you are one of those people, just thought I would cover that ground.

    Possibly Mercutio would prefer going on a walk to do his business instead of just being sent into the yard.
  • CaliaCalia
    Posts: 3664
    Sometimes a dog would have too much fun outside, that they forget to go, and remember that they really needed to when they come inside. Others may consider the yard as a play area, and don't want to soil it. Just some ideas I heard when it came to housebreaking dogs.
  • When outside by Skippy is placed in a 4x6 kennel until he does his duty. Then he gets to come play inside. He's never even thought about doing anything inside because he's trained that when he goes outside, that's "duty" time. We make it a playful time when he comes back inside. I even have a fenced in yard but he doesn't pee/poo in that area, he waits until he goes inside the kennel area.
  • Maybe leaving him out longer until you know for sure that he's done his duty, then when he comes inside, make it fun time. If he looks like he's going to go poo then pick him up and get him outside quickly. Consistentcy will make him realize that going outside is poo time not play time.
  • Well Honey has done this to me. But it wasnt right after she was let outside I dont think. She has peed on my feet before without warning. Without the normal walk to the door to alert me she had to go. I posted a thread about it and someone said it was just because she loved me! LOL Stinkin pup. :D
  • OMG WHO IN GOD'S NAME WOULD RUB THEIR DOG'S NOSE IN IT??!!! Sick freaks. That is really awful and mean. Sadie occasionally will leave a small poop between the couch cushions when she comes to stay with us. It's kind of weird, she hides it and I will find it later, dried up. It's pretty gross, I think she just forgets to go when she's outside sometimes. Our yard is large and fenced and there are lots of smells.
  • How old is Mercutio? He's still a puppy if I recall correctly. Puppies make mistakes. It happens, especially if they are excited or distracted. If it becomes a regular thing, then I might be concerned. But the isolated incident every once in a while is nothing to worry about.
  • my mom would 'show' her dog her mess and say that she was bad. Honey is now almost 14 and still is not house broken.

    I agree with Dave, growing pups make mistakes - Tsuki did - but they grow out of it. And they might as adults if they are ill or something. It happens.
    But be consistent, perhaps walking him instead of yard time will motivate him to have a 'movement' so he's empty by the time the walk is over? That works with our dogs.
  • Miso refuses to poop in our yard unless he absolutely HAS to go at that exact second (he will pee though). He will only poop on walks. I think it's part of the Shiba 'Tude and not wanting to get "their" space dirty.

    Maybe Mercutio needs a potty place other than his yard?
  • wliu003wliu003
    Posts: 222
    I used to take kelly out at certain times of the day and she would go. but after a while that failed. I do notice that when I walk her she always poops. Maybe you can give a command when you know he is about to go, I am in the process of doing that with my shiba.
  • Darwin67Darwin67
    Posts: 390
    The potty command is great and really is a benefit for the owner. Anytime I told cody "potty" he'd go (darn that pavlov thing)...although it got a bit tricky when I had my first baby and started saying things like, "Ohh...did Katie do a potty??"!!! poor cody, talk about mixed signals!
  • Thanks for all the comments.
    Yes, Mercutio is still 8 months old. He's young, so I hope that it's just an iscolated incident.
    When he poops on walks I always say "good poo poo" He doesn't seem to be listening though. Just that "Can't you see I'm working here!" face.
  • CaliaCalia
    Posts: 3664
    Teddy the schipperke has a potty command. Whenever he is in the process, he walks and circles until he can work it out of his system, takes forever but is funny to watch. His potty time has been dubbed the "poopy dance", and he will go when you say it.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    My Shiba Quake who is almost three years old had a weird poop accident today. I had taken him out in the morning and he had pooped and peed and then he was taken out again at noon and peed and did not poop. Then four hours later he began running around the apartment like he was sniffing around for something. He's done this before and I just ignore it and he calms down. But today he let out a little cry and then pooped a huge poop right on the rug of the foyer and right in front of me. I was so shocked I did not say anything but went and got some baby wipes and picked up the poop. I did not get mad at him. I waited until he was calm and then took him out for his evening walk. I did not see anything unusual with the poop but will be calling the vet tomorrow to make and appointment since when this happened the vet's office was already closed. I had given him a second benadryl about an hour before the pooping incident. I usually give him only one benadryl a day for his allergies but he has been itching more so that's why I gave him the second benadryl. He weighs 30 pounds and Ii have given him two benadryls a day in the past without a problem. I have posted this because i hope that his pooping in the house does not become a pattern. Even when he was in pain after the neuter he never pooped in the house. And even when I got him from my son and he had worms because my son did not bother to give him flea prevention medication he never pooped in the house. I've had him on the same schedule for the last six months and there has been no change in his diet in the last three months. I don't know what to do and hope it' a one time thing. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • The only time Banjo went #2 in the house was when he was sick. He got diarreah and went in his crate. Was this a standard poop?

    My advice is bring a fecal sample to the vet with you.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    @Banjo. Thanks for the advice. Yes, the poop seemed standard but I will take a sample to the vet just to make sure.
  • Must be the full moon. Just woke up to banjo peeing on the carpet. No idea where that came from.
  • enzo_inuenzo_inu
    Posts: 32
    Enzo did that once as well. He usually goes to the door and lets me know when he needs to go but this happened right after coming home from the dog park.. I think he was too tired to go back to the front door and tell me he needed to go outside. I just make sure he goes outside after I get him home and it hasnt happened since! He might have been too tired to let you know and just went.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    I personally wouldn't freak out and run to the vet. Banjos case was diarrhea. You mentioned Quakes stools are normal. Sometimes dogs just forget. But honestly from what you mentioned, the first time he whined but didn't poop might be because he could hold it. But this time around, maybe he couldn't?

    Sometimes dogs get hiccups in their systems. It's normal. For example my dog Jackie usually go twice a day. Just this past Friday she went 5 times in one day. And when I say 5 times, I don't mean 5 little poops. It was normal amounts but in 5 separate occasions. My husband took her out, she went her normal amount. 2 hours later she had an "accident" in the house where she pooped again, then later that afternoon when I came home, she had poop again.Her stool schedule was normal today.

  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    Thanks everyone for your responses. Quake seems to be fine today. He also seems to be itching less so maybe the benadryl is helping. I am going to go ahead with the vet's visit on Monday only because I want to talk to her about Quake's allergies and also want to give them a stool sample just to be on the safe side.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    @Bootz-actually I wound up not taking Quake to the vet today because the Vet Transportation lady was out ill and I don't have a car. I talked to the vet and she said Quake might have gotten hyper from the benadryl and since it's not helping with his itching I should stop giving it to him since it makes some dogs anxious. Today he seemed much better and was not running around panting like he's anxious and the itching was a little less without the benadryl. He was able to relax more today thank goodness and no pooping accidents. I'll just continue to keep a close eye on him. Thanks for the responses Shiba parents!!! I really appreciate that.

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