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the treatment of abandoned/stray dogs & cats in Japan
  • You know I never really thought of a place like Japan to be that 'new' to animal protection laws. I truely hope the Nihon ken people bring home from Japan are not from the types of people that would 'throw away' a dog. That is very sad to hear.
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    Ling: Thanks for sharing this information. Awareness helps spur action. My daughter spent a couple weeks in Japan last spring, and she commented on the appalling conditions in the pet shops in Tokyo and other cities. That was only the tip of the iceberg, I guess.
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    Thank you for posting this. The article really brings everything into perspective in regards as to how the different cultures regard animals. I knew conditions were bad from the limited stories I have been told by American breeders visiting breeding operations in Japan, but this is absolutely terrible. I really have to admire those qualities in our nihonken that have allowed them to endure hundreds/thousands of years of what I would consider to be downright neglect. Yet still, they are amazing dogs in the end and embody the Samuri spirit, and are perhaps more deserving of it than any person.
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    Yes, when I read this, it seemed that all the statements made about Japan could be also true for the USA, especially in the rural areas. In my city of St. Louis, animal control is also under the city department of health and of course many cities here have dog catchers. In the rural area where I grew up there was and still is the same attitude about small dogs being inside dogs and large dogs being outside dogs. Almost none of that is unique to Japan, except for the statement about petshops allowing people to dump their old dogs with them.
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    1) Japan passed a law that dog owners must keep their dogs until death. AWESOME.

    2) I think I found my next business venture. It sounds like a TON of fun!

    3) There is no way this is profitable, so I should be doing this in retirement, right?

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