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Cold Weather
  • It was 40 degrees this morning here in Miami, FL. I saw a lot of dogs at dog park was wearing nice outfits today. My roommate always tries to put some blanket on my Takumi when he sleeps, which he never stays in for a long time. This might be a stupid question to ask....... Is there anything we should know about shiba's dealing with cold weather? I know shibas are from Japan and it gets quite cold over there in winter time, and also we are in sunny Miami, where it is much warmer comparing to other parts of USA........
    I would just like to know how other shiba owners deal with cold weather.....
  • From my experience, your Shiba will let you know what they think of the weather. Joey seems to really like the cold. We've been out in 15 degree weather and he doesn't seem to be phased at all. He runs and plays and rolls around and, if we're on a walk, trots along like a normal day. Lucy, on the other hand, doesn't like the cold as much. If it gets down into the mid 30s, she will start shivering if we aren't moving. If we are out in the dog run, she'll walk around for a few minutes, and then sit by the gate shivering waiting to go back inside. I put a fleece-lined jacket on her when its 35 or below and she does better. If its down in the low 20s or teens, she still gets cold even with the jacket so we'll limit her outside time (especially if she starts shivering).
  • My shiba Moto would have lived in the snow if I would let him. He got cold once and it was when he fell through ice into a puddle and it was about 10F out.

    My shikoku Miko was out playing today in 12F weather with a windchill WELL below 0. She is blowing her coat and still didn't seem to notice it was cold.

    My pit bull Piglet got about a third of the way into her walk tonight wearing a coat, began to shiver and whine until we turned around and went home.

    Basically what I am saying is your dog is highly unlikely to catch a chill in Florida. However if for some reason he does catch a chill he will let you know in no uncertain terms. One thing shibas are not is subtle.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    I saw Nemo shiver for the first time ever this winter, it was -15 at the time. Takumi is going to be just fine in the 40's.
  • Yeah I agree with Dave....they will let you know how they feel.

    My Shibas love the cold and the snow and will play in it for longs periods of time until their feet get a bit too frosty from "snow-cicles" between their toes. (My one has very long hairs between her toes giving a snowshoe effect and she is able to stay out much longer. However her feet are much more slippy on hardwood floors and tile so they get trimmed in summer.)

    However, liking the cold does not deter them from the desire to bask in the sun on the south side of the house all seasons of the year.

    I have not needed a doggie coat for any of them their hair is so thick. Right now one looks like moths have invaded since the fur is coming out in such large chunks as they blow their coats. But that does not seem to change the plan though. This evening it is 18 degrees and they spent at least 40 minutes playing without a request to come in.

    Basically I think it varies from dog to dog. If I were in FL and move suddenly way North I would think it would take a little acclimation for the dogs body to adjust to very cold 18 to 20 degree weather.

  • I agree with all of the above.

    This winter we've gotten to -11 with wind chill and our shibas just kept on truckin'. However, my toes nearly fell off. I don't have their fur to protect me.

    We were given a fleece doggy coat thing this xmas and we returned it to the store - my shibas would never ever tolerate it and I am convinced that with two layers of warm, warm fur - they really don't need it!
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    Agreed with all above. Bella can tolerate cold unless her feet get wet. Then she will start to shiver. Nola LOVES LOVES LOVES the cold. Even when it is 5F out, she wants to hang outside and be chilly. She even starts to pant when she comes into our nice toasty 68F house!

    40F is nothing for a Shiba... and is considered quite warm lately, if you ask me. (It was 2F this morning when I woke up!) If your pup gets cold, he will definitely let you know. They are known for being drama queens. :)
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  • I forgot, this weekend its supposed to be upper 30's to mid 40's and we're planning a hike.

    40 is warm!
  • Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate.
    Well, as you all say, considering us being in a warm part of the country, I do not have to worry too much about it.
    I still can't believe how PEOPLE can live in such a place where its temerature goes down to 20s, even 10s!! lol
  • We live in Nebraska where it can get cold!!! When Skippy is out in his run and it's colder than he cares, he'll do his duty quickly then bark to let me know it's time to come inside. If we take a walk when it's cold (less than 30), he's good as long as he's moving however he's always anxious to come inside and really play. I don't use a jacket on him at all...doesn't care for them.
  • Triton hates the cold, he will go to the bathroom but no walks unless it is above 15 degrees and anything below about 35 he has to wear his coat. When we had -10 degree temps in Upstate NY this winter, he didn't even want to go outside to pee!

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