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Advice: Leaving Shiba with Sitter
  • toecaritoecari
    Posts: 150
    I need some advice. I want to get a shiba pup. We are going on vacation the first week of July. I was wondering when should I get the pup, before or after we get back.

    If before, how long should we have him before we leave him (with a sitter) for a week. 1 month 2 months or more?

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  • CaliaCalia
    Posts: 3664
    I'd say after the vacation, due to the fact that you'll be focusing on preparing for the vacation and the "stress" of a puppy might be overwhelming.
  • kektikekti
    Posts: 256
    I agree after the vacation it's be less stress for both you n the pup
  • There is absolutely no question, AFTER. I wouldn't spend a week away from a puppy younger than 6-8 months unless it was a medical emergency.
  • toecaritoecari
    Posts: 150
    thanks for the advice............I was leaning that way myself........I'll have to resist the urge...........
  • tobyshibatobyshiba
    Posts: 1121
    Just curious ... but, did you just recently decide to get a puppy?
    I mean, are you going to go to a reputable breeder?

    Best thing to do is wait until after vacation and patiently wait for a puppy. Otherwise, you could end up mentally damaging a puppy ( or giving it anxieties ) if you decide to get one before vacation and ditch it for a week. Please be responsible and resist the urge. Puppies are a ton of work, and need constant supervision and attention for the first few months of life at their new home.
  • toecaritoecari
    Posts: 150
    I've been researching for months. I've been in contact with a few breeders. I've read 3 books, ready to read more. I've been reading this forum and I'm on the Shiba-L disscusion board. I'm not rushing, I'm excited. I definitley don't want to screw up.
  • SangmortSangmort
    Posts: 1361
    That's great Tony. Stay on that track & you'll be a proud shiba slave...I mean, parent. ;) ~
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    Congratulations on doing the research!!! I have to say... I'm at the 9 month mark with my puppy, and she's STILL the largest handful ever. Every day presents new challenges and new things to make me smile... thankfully the smiles make you forget the challenges, but they're still there!
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  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
    Posts: 235
    So I am a bit nervous I am going on a 4 day vacation and leaving my pup with a friend he has only met a few times. I hate being away from him and nervous he wont eat. I did buy these chewables called composure to help him not be stressed so i hope that helps. Has anyone left their shiba with a friend? how was he when you got back?

    I am providing his crate and lots of his toys so he will have something from home.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    Speaking from experience. I would only leave my shiba with another Shiba owner, a professional dog sitter or somebody who will watch my shiba in MY house.

    Not to scare you, but I've left my Shiba with 2 people (that she knows well) and she ran away from both.

    Make sure to STRONGLY emphasize that Shibas are known escape artists and make sure she is extra careful. How old is your Shiba?
  • I have. It is nerve wracking but you should be ok provided that the friend is dog savvy. See if you can have your friend come over and practice leashing your pup.

    In addition to beds and toys, I tend to pack food in separate bags for each day, as well as labeled treats. Mine is very thin so I allow her to eat whatever treats she likes, but I would suggest portioning by day for treats too if your dog has issues or you prefer for your friend not to free feed teats (many inexperienced people may give them too many treats in a day).

    One thing that I suggest is printing out a sheet for your friend. List latest vaccinations, microchip number, registration number, physical description (breed, color, weight, age), and full name of the dog, as well as the microchip agency you use. List your contact info, a secondary contact, and the breeder (if you got your dog from a responsible breeder). Have the name, address, telephone number, and main vet contact at your normal vet on the info sheet, as well as the name, number, and address of the closest vet clinic. Also list eating habits, walking habits (if any), and potty habits, and any quirks or signals your dog uses.

    Having that sort of list may seem like overkill but it will give you peace of mind and your friend will have something to refer to if they have questions and cannot reach you immediately. We use these info sheets whenever anyone dogsits for us and they've been really helpful. The only time I forgot to give the info sheet someone crated my girl for about 12 hours (at night) which was not part of her sleeping or potty habits. Needless to say neither I nor the pup were happy when I returned (and I was only gone overnight).
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
    Posts: 235
    @bootz He is a yr and 6 months. I unfortunately can't have them watch in my home. I am in between houses. Waiting to close on a house I am buying and staying at my grandmas and she doesn't want to watch him. She ( my friend watching Riku) has a beagle. While not quite like shibas are known to escape. She has a fenced in yard but I advised to take out in harness and leash I do not want him left in the yard. I am leaving a full detailed note with instructions. She knows he can escape cause I called her hysterical once when he slipped out in my own house!

    I was gonna board at a kennel but I think that setting would made him depressed and extremely stressed due to dogs barking all the time and only seeing someone twice I day. I swear I am never taking a vacation again! I really hate leaving him

    Thank you for the advice. While I did advise she can take to any vet if anything happens ( I have insurance for him)I did not provide where he goes or microchip number. I will make sure to add that. I did advise he may not eat his food so he can have plenty of treats I am also giving her baby carrots. He loves those like treats. All his fav toys and bed/crate is going. I did not put food in a separate bag but I did put the measuring cup for the bag.

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  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    Your friend has a beagle? Have your Shiba met the beagle before? Not a good idea if they haven't met before as this might cause more stress for your Shiba.

    Kennels are actually not bad if you find the right place.....
    Vacations are fine as long as you planned ahead of time for yourself as well as your Shiba.
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
    Posts: 235
    Yes. He has met the beagle and been on walks with her. He loves other dogs. But skittish of people. My friend Katrina who will be watching him has met Riku a few times and he is comfortable with her petting him.

    He has stayed with other people quite a bit during the day, but I have always picked him up that night. I think I may be more nervous and making a bigger deal out of it than need be? I just don't want to leave him. I want to make sure I covered all bases.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Just make sure his chip is up to date with your information, he has tags on a collar that will be kept on him at all times and you should be fine :)

    If he's stayed at other people's place with no issue, then it should be fine.
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
    Posts: 235
    Thanks everyone for your advice!
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    I am actually watching an older Shiba this Fourth of July weekend. To be honest, it was through a post on the DC Shiba Wellness Facebook page. She lives in my city and her usual sitter is out of town so she posted a plea for a Shiba owner to help so I volunteered to watch hers.

    I'm the person that types a 3-page long instruction and information file for my sitter (because I am bat shit crazy).
    One thing I would STRESS is giving your sitter information on how your Shiba reacts to loud noises and/or fireworks. I read an article that stated that 30% more lost and missing dogs are reported from July 4-6 than any other time of year.

    And obviously, how they can be phenomenal escape artists and to never have them off leash.

    Good luck, hope everything works out well!
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  • KokadrilleKokadrille
    Posts: 26
    Good Luck!

    If it's any comfort, I had to take a short trip and left my pup with a trusted friend (one who had met my shiba, and whose dog had met him, too) for four days. When I came home, he was almost ready to have abandoned me and sworn loyalty to my buddy.

    I think everyone's covered all the things I could think of, my only two cents would be make sure the person who's taking care of your dog is active, and go over your method of training/reinforcement so you don't wind up learning someone hit your dog because he/she did something they didn't like or something. That's always been my big paranoia.
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
    Posts: 235
    Thanks everyone. Dropped him off today. I know he is in good hands ( she will never hit him. Her dog had separation anxiety for awhile and distorted her house but was not mean to her). I am confident she will take good care of him althought I still miss him.

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