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New Dog Owners: Your New Pup, the First Days
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Should this be made into an article? Was it already done and I missed it? What does everyone think? The topic seems to come up from time to time for some reason on here although I have no idea why ;)
  • KaddyKaddy
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    I think it would be great to have a little guide to what you should do with your pup in the first few days/weeks/months you have them! I know I searched the internet long and hard and pieced together things from websites that seem consistent (ie SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE!!!) :o)
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Something about crate training, how long, etc. When to graduate to expens and when it's safe to be around other dogs, so forth. if anyone has anything already typed up, go ahead. I may try to add a little but I am no expert.
  • @lindsay: That's the great thing about the forum. None of us have to be experts, but our collective knowledge is invaluable. Just put something down and others will chime in with their suggestions. :-)
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    I've been thinking about this thread for a while... its hard to even remember what it was like with a 3.5-4 month old Tsuki at first!

    One thing I'm realizing, especially with first time dog owners and/or first time shiba-akita owners is that there is a great deal of miscommunication and skewered expectation happening in the first few days/weeks with a new puppy.

    The fundamental difference between the owner and their new pup is just that - species. You just got yourself a Canis lupus familiaris, not a baby Homo sapien. Therefore, your first step with your new puppy is being logical and creative at the same time to establish a communicative learning base to teach your canine what it means to be apart of human family life.

    When the puppy piddles on your carpet or starts chewing on your fingers and computer cords, a simple "no" cannot and will not ever suffice unless they KNOW what you are saying to them!

    Especially with the chewing on your fingers scenario - I think that is why many people suggest you yelp as a litter mate would, since that is what they *understand*... but the training doesn't end there. What does it mean when the human yelps? Well, when the pup stops what he is doing after being startled by your sound, praise the puppy, then give the puppy something appropriate for chewing (toy, etc). With my dogs, I start with yelping then I transition into an "engh" sort of noise.
    Same concept in training when they chew an object they are not meant to chew - ask them to 'drop' or 'leave' it and reward them with something they can 'take'.

    The beautiful thing about shibas (they are the only category I know) is they are ridiculously intelligent, so conditioning them to be a human companion from the puppy state they come from isn't as difficult as some other breeds I've worked with.

    I think this philosophy of mine is a work in progress because I can't really think of anything else to add right now, but when I'm feeling prolific, I'll add to it.

    Some good resources on this page for crate training, house training/breaking, separation anxiety, poo eating, basic training and positive reinforcement, destructive chewing, excess barking, dog toys, PUPPY basics, etc:
  • Hello shiba lovers,

    I just got my shiba puppy today and im having some trouble. She is 8 weeks old and the breeder tells me she's Been potty trained. I live in an apartment complex and I've been trying to get my puppy to go potty on my patio on a puppy pad but she refuses to go. Minutes after coming inside the patio, she proceeds to poo and pee on my carpet. I clean it up and don't say anything. Hours later, She again poos on my carpet in a different spot. Again I clean it up without saying anything. I place a puppy pad on a hardwood area and try to get her to go there but she either treats it as a play toy or just sniffs at it when she's really tired and wants to go to bed. I don't know how to get her to go potty on the pad. I texted my breeder about the first incidence and the breeder just said to let her adjust. Advice?

  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    She probably is pretty confused about where she's supposed to be doing her business ha. I would be aware of when she looks like she needs to go (is sniffing around indoors) and like practically camp out outside lol. I would wait at least 10 minutes, if I had time I would just stay out there until she goes so that I can be there to provide praise and reinforcement. You're doing the right thing by not scolding her for going inside, that can totally make pups afraid to go to the bathroom in front of you. So instead they'll often just pee in a more secluded indoor area and not be comfortable peeing in front of you outdoors. But if you catch her in the act, I would still try to make a noise like a magazine on the wall or something, or a stomp, and quickly bring her right outside. No scolding her anger, just something to distract her and stop her so you can rush her outside and praise. Even if she goes a bit I side, but resumes when you bring her out, I would praise heavily. Gotta recognize the baby steps and show her exactly what you want her to do. It's a challenge to learn how to bridge the communication gap, but it will click. But it is a lot harder to break a bad habit than it is to teach a good habit, so I would try as hard as I could to set her up to win, even if that means waiting outside with her for an hour. I'd also try to introduce a phrase like "go potty" when she goes. I keep a bag of treats in my coat pocket so I can reward my pup right when he's finished going, rather than giving them once he comes back inside, which can be perceived more like a reward for coming to the door.
  • Thanks @Lilikoi. Same thing happened today and I interrupted her and brought her to where I want her to potty. I even cleaned up the mess and put the Urine saturated towels on the area. She just sniffs it and goes back to the carpet. I'm willing to be persistent in this but I was just wondering if I'm doing this right and how long would it take for her to understand?

    I think she's really missing her mom. She didn't eat dinner last night and doesn't want to eat breakfast this morning although it's out for her. Should I just take it away and bring it back for lunch?

    She's really really really stubborn lol
  • pyleapylea
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Aw poor little pup. When my little guy doesn't finish his food, I put it up and offer it to him a little bit later. If something is exclusive and only available at a rare opportunity, he can't resist it hah. I'd say take it away and offer it again at lunch. You could also try hand feeding and see if she is willing to eat it from your hand.

    I don't think you're doing anything wrong, and being persistent will hopefully prove to be effective. Be prepared to throw a praise party when she does finally go outside. Also, slowly introducing areas to her so that she associates the whole apartment as her den could help. When I first got Ozzy, we spent a lot of time playing in my room. We had just moved to a new apartment and the living room was a bit of a mess. So I would prepare while he was napping, and introduce rooms gradually.
  • @pylea I didn't buy a patch of grass for the patio but I should probably do that. I just thought the puppy pad would be enough. It isn't impossible to take her outside but I do have to hold her and use the elevator to do so. The elevator isn't all that quick and she hasn't been leash trained either. She isn't perfectly potty trained but the breeder said they generally do pretty well.

    @Lilikoi and @pylea she hasn't been eating today which is really worrying me and her breeder. I used some of the food the breeder provided, mixed it with water and microwaved it but she wouldn't even go near it. I hand fed her and she ate a little bit and only drank water once today. I also took her downstairs to see if she'd pee and gave her 15 minutes. She kind of just played and showed no signs of pottying when we went back upstairs. She isn't toy motivated (or maybe I don't have the right toys) and she really liked a peanut butter treat I gave her yesterday but doesn't want to eat it today. I'm taking her to the vet but other than that I'm out of ideas as I can't bribe her with anything.

    She also just vomited
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  • pyleapylea
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    Oh no, I would take her to the emergency vet ASAP.
  • @jessawong I would take her to the vet too. She may be having a hard time adjusting or she may be sick. But a vet check is a good idea (especially if she hasn't had one yet by your vet)

    So I'm just checking here, since you mentioned it.. was the peanut butter treat a actual dog treat or human peanut butter? I ask because some peanut butters use xylitol (highly toxic to dogs) in their mix.
  • @MoxyFruvous it was a dog peanut butter treat. It's lil jacs
  • Oh good. I got worried when you said she was vomiting and not eating.
    So you just got her yesterday? I would say she is probably confused and upset with her move to a new home. The vomiting might have been due to a empty stomach (was it mostly liquid/bile?) Maybe try buying some different foods (and canned foods) to try.

    But if she didn't go to the vet when you picked her up yesterday, I would take her today or tomorrow. This might sound awful, but I look at this as like buying a used car.. you should always take a used car you just got to a shop within the first day or two to be checked out. I feel like the same should be for getting a new pet. Make sure they are healthy and happy and you've got everything they need. Monday is a holiday and you might have a hard time finding a vet that is open on a holiday, but you'll probably have better luck finding one that is open today and tomorrow. Many VCA clinics are open 7 days a week and don't charge as emergencies on weekends. So search around in your area for one of those.
  • @MoxyFruvous thanks haha. I started a new topic as the situation is starting to get out of hand and I don't know what to do anymore. I did manage to take her to the vet and he said everything is fine. She's just really scared and nervous. She doesn't seem to like me at all. She doesn't like being touched or held by me. She only pees when I'm busy doing something else so I can't stop her before she pees everywhere and I'm just so frustrated I don't know what to do

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