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Dremmel and Dog Nails!
  • I have never had to trim my dogs nails before. I have always walked my pups 3-5 miles 2x a day and in doing so their nails have always sort of filed themselves. Well as most of you know my pit bull Piglet had knee surgery this summer and her walking had been cut back considerably. The vet trimmed her nails for me once or twice during post up follow up visits. But I hate those guillotine trimmers. Jay and I have a dremmel and bought the guide that goes on the "Peticure" but kept avoiding using it. With cold weather doing a number on Piglets knee she really can't walk as much as any of us would like her to. So her nails got pretty long. We were nervous about freaking her out with the sound of the Dremmel. So I got out the unsweetened peanut butter, and we sat on the floor. I dipped my fingers in peanut butter and just let her lick while Jay ground down her nails.

    I swear to god, from now on I will just take the peanut butter with me to any uncomfortable situations. Miko was almost asking to have her nails trimmed!

    Yay! Peanut butter!!!
  • starrystarry
    Posts: 187
    I have a dremmel and toki is okay with the sound and the touch but i'm having a hard time getting him to let me get at his nails cause he keeps rolling around and pawing at the treat I've got in my hand
    any suggestions?
  • Someone to help you.
    One of us grinds the other is the bearer of the treats.
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Yay for PB! :D

    Glad Piglet let you dremmel her nails without any fuss! Hopefully the weather will become kinder toward her knee :) ~
  • sunyatasunyata
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    That is exactly how Eric and I do our pups nails. Organic natural PB and the dremmel. :)

    Mmm. PB. I think I may go have some PB toast.
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    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
    I Wander, I Ride
  • i've never thought about using PB! I am currently bribing Aiko with cheese which doesn't always work 100% of the time.
  • I almost never give my girls any dairy (at most a tablespoon of cottage cheese every couple weeks). Peanut butter is crack to most dogs.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8588
    Yep. Cheese makes my gals have ridiculously funky farts.

    I have to have two different kinds of peanut butter. One for the dogs, and one for me. Otherwise, I would never get any peace if I wanted to have a PB sandwich. But if you do give your pups PB, try to get them the kind with no added sugar. :)
    Bella 2Mountains 2Nola 2
    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
    I Wander, I Ride
  • JaYiJaYi
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    I just got the peticure power off ebay and tried it today on my other dog (maltese/yorkie) at first it was reallllly difficult to get him from retracting his paw from my grip every time i tried to grind his nail. The KEY as mentioned above is having someone help you. I got my girlfriend to feed him treats while I went to work and it was a breeze, he didnt pay any attention to me doing his nails and was just fixated on the treats. It really is much easier then clipping nails IF you have someone to help you that is.

    However the true test will be trying it on my shiba puppy... =|
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I used the Peticure and did not like it at all. It didn't have enough power and the guard kept getting in the way. I like the Oster dremmel and it's fairly quiet. All in all, dremmeling is easier than using guillotine trimmers but those are nice for getting any long parts off."Common sense isn't so common"
  • You can buy just the guard. Which is what we did. We use it with our Bosch dremel. If you use it with a good dremel the guide makes things way safer for squirmy pups (shikas for instance).

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