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tricks to teach
  • starrystarry
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    I'm pretty amazed at how smart shibas are (i spent 10 days with 3 malteses and learning is very hard with them)
    anyway, I've pretty much got sit, lie down, shake, roll over, fetch, and he'll sit long enough to get brushed. He also knows stay, drop it and to come when called but these take lots of effort on his part and not always 100%, ...I'm working on crawl and to wait till I tell him to fetch
    toki is 17 weeks
    what else can I teach him or should teach him?

    here is a snow pic as well
    BTW, toki's coat has a black band near the base of his tail and I was wondering how many other shibas here have the same this a common coat coloring trait?
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  • starrystarry
    Posts: 187
    here is a pic where you can see the band on his tail
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  • Honey has that same "band". She also seems to be getting a VERY white tip on her tail.

    Congrats on toki learning so many new things. Honey really caught on quick to most commands. We are still working on "down" though. she will do it with no trouble if I bend half way down to the floor, but if I am standing straight up she thinks she needs to jump up. ???? crazy pup. We still have some work to do. lol
  • ZinjaZinja
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    Since my puppy is full of energy, I want to teach my puppy some agility once I rehabilitate his behavior. Then I want to transition him to a more urban evironment.
    I do parkour and would love to have him to do it with me.. I see a lot of potential in him!

    I read somewhere tha "high five" is one of the worst tricks to teach a dog ::shrugs:: But I heard this from one person only. We taught Ninja to play dead... he does sound too!
  • Aiko also has the band around her tail AND a very white tip on her tail!

    One of my sister's friend has a dog (i don't know what breed) that when you say "bang bang" the dog plays dead. haha that seems like a fun one to teach although i have no idea how to start teaching it!

    Aiko is familiar with come, sit, stay, down, roll over, handshake and twirl. It's been hard teaching her up!

    Toki is a handsome fella!
  • I would just keep reinforcing what you have taught. That is great. Not to be a downer, but to give you fair warning, many shibas "forget" a lot of their training during their adolescence. So just be prepared for that. And keep reinforcing all the good work you have already accomplished.

    As far as the band goes, if you were showing your pup, that would be considered a "fault". But that is like telling someone their childs freckles are a fault. Knowing your baby is a family member and not a show dog, it is just a cool trait that gives him character and means in a pack of shibas you could identify yours.
  • toby knows the basics but ive now got him to "dance". lol i tell him to sit and i hold his treat up and then say "show me what you do" and he will balance himself on his back legs and spin. its so cute. and toby has the band around his tail as well. he also has a small white tip on his tail.
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  • starrystarry
    Posts: 187
    oh god really they forget when they get older jeez
    any tips on how to get him to spin?
  • well when we get toby tospin i hold the treat above his head and move my hand in a circle motion and he eventually caught on. lol. hope that helps:)
  • he sort of does a "dance" now too lol
  • wliu003wliu003
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    shiba inus are incredibly smart. i was shocked. the first night i got her she understood her name and learned sit. the next day she was comepletely potty trained. a week later she knew lay down, stay and roll over.

    so i really wanted to push the limit so here are a few cool tricks that she learned. (shes 9 months now):
    -going to her crate on command
    -putting her toys away, i'll say "put it away"
    -closing doors and cabinets "close it" and usually i'll point or knock on the thing i want her to close.
    -this one she learned on her own but she can open doors if the handle isnt those round types.

    the most challenging was bark and i think thats just because they dont like to bark. good luck!
  • starrystarry
    Posts: 187
    thanks for everyone's tips
    toki figured out high five, stand, and maybe spin (but that is just him walking around in a circle)...having him wait to fetch a ball is pretty impossible unless the ball is right next to me. and standing was hard for him, he has balance issues, keeps falling over backwards so I had to start with him balancing on my arm but now he does it on his own although occasionally still falls over backwards

    wliu: how did you get her to put her toys away, and does she then just take them out again or does she leave them in there?
    anyway, if anyone has more ideas I'd love to hear them, I think toki has some ADD or needs a job, he can't just sit still "sigh"
    here he is with his new lobster
  • wliu003wliu003
    Posts: 222
    starry- prior to learning "putting it away", he should understand how to fetch, drop and recognize his toys.

    By knowing how to fetch and recognizing his toys, it'll be easier for you to redirect where you want toki to drop his toy.

    so i started by playing fetch with her and everything she brought her toy back i would say drop. if she brings her toy back in a timely manner and drops it near me i would praise her and reward her with a treat. i wanted to make sure that fetching the toy back and dropping the toy were two different commands.

    my mom would get mad at me for not cleaning up her toys so i came up with the idea to have her do the cleaning. so i used a designated basket for ALL of her toys. she started by recognizing that the basket was were she had to go to retrieve her toys to play with throughout the day. then i would play fetch with her and she would bring the toy back, then i would say "put it away" and "drop" while pointing at the basket. eventually i phased into saying put it away and pointing at the basket. after much practice with this method i decided to just try giving the command and pointing at the toy without the fetch. this part was hard, she appeared confused for a few days however the few times that i did get lucky I rewarded her and praised her like crazy. after much practice, she eventually got the trick. let me know if you have any more questions!
  • We taugh Copper to "bow" It was actually very simple and he learned it in about 30 minutes.....but whether he will do it or not is the ultimate Shiba question...sigh.

    A member or the meetup group I am in's Shiba does a really cute trick. When she says Yum Yum, Sushi sticks his tongue out like he is licking. It is really cute!

    We are in the process of working on, put your toys away...but since we have 5 in the house, someone is ALWAYS in their defiant Shiba mood. I guess that one will just have to go in the trash :)
  • I taught Logan to spin with toys first then he would do it with food too. I put a squeaky toy in his face and tease him with it then circle it around as I say spin and he would follow it... It was totally accidental but he did it.
    Former user name :danaysio
  • WOW! I become more impressed with Shibas every day. To teach a Dog all those tricks at the age of 17 weeks is amazing in my eyes. I taught Roxi how to sit in about 10 min. (she doesn't do it 100% of the time but for a ten week old pup I thought that was good). But now I'm inspired to see what Else I can teach her.
    My friend John taught his dog to roll over when he says "show me your Weener" hahah, I think it's hilarious
  • Teaching Lexi new commands was fairly easy.

    She knows Sit, Down, Off, Back, Out, Up, Paw, High five, Spin right, Spin left, Up & spin, Crawl, Bed, Inside(means go in crate), Stay, Touch, Get em'(when theres ducks to chase).

    I want to teach her to speak, but that one just seems impossible.

    She HATES rolling over on her back so i havent even tried teaching her that one.

    We are very proud of a smart she is
    photo imagejpg1-3.jpg
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  • I need to keep teaching my pup too. Any recommended books or online resources?

    So far Sonic knows:
    Sit, Floor (Lie down), Paw, Other Paw, Bang (Play dead), Roll Over, High Five, Stay, Crate, Night night (Bed)

    How do you go about with the spins and crawl?
  • @realslimatey We tought our dog to crawl by placing a real smelly treat on the floor when the dog was laying down and then said "crawl" as I drag the treat away.
    Fred and Jodie...Madison WI

    **Mika....The Shiba Inu**

    **Zoey....The Schipperke**
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  • BootzBootz
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    @realslimnatey For Spins I used the same method as ShibaLogan but with treats. Then as they get use to it I remove the treats and do a circle motion with my hand. Same thing with crawl, lure them with a treat and then remove the treat and just do the same hand gesture with my hand. What I find funny is Bootz spins counter clockwise only....and Jackie spins clockwise ~_~
  • They really are impressive! Here's a video of Logan at 9 weeks!!!
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  • SayaSaya
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    Saya knows go to mat, sit, down, come, spin, bang, roll over, touch, paw, kiss, and working on under.

    She also knows drop it and leave it.

    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • I'm just curious to know... does your shibas always respond to the "come" command? I've heard this is part of their selective hearing, but I'm wondering if it's possible to train a shiba to always come.. at least 50% of the time lol
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  • finley doesn't always come with the 'come' command, especially if we're in the same room. sometimes he won't even look at us! :P but when he suspects we have food, he always comes. surprise surprise
  • BootzBootz
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    @ShibaLogan....I think the only person I know of that has a Shiba that comes all the time is @Lucylu

    Bootz comes ALL the time when we are at home. Even with the garage/front door wide open. At the dog park she comes within 2 feet of me and go "yeah mom? i'm playing. What you want?" But I still think thats pretty good :)
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1268
    Muahaha! I know of people that claim their shiba's recall is perfect but I am yet to see it...
    If I have good treats and keep playing and working with Juni she is pretty good but there can be no animals or scent of animals nearby to distract her.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Someone posted this competition before, but here she is again, just showing off her tricks

    Regarding come command... Kuma comes when he's bored of whatever he's doing unfortunately.
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  • I tend to say "c'mere" and pat my thigh to get Nobi to come. I found out that he seems to respond to some commands better with hand gestures...with treats involved, of course.

    From that video, I actually want to train Nobi to do the roll over into the blanket trick, but I don't even know where to begin. haha
  • One trick we've mastered with Kari was "Peek-a-boo." Every time someone says it, she'll immediately run up to the person and go between his/her legs from the back. It's very cute especially since my girlfriend and I will alternate in saying it and she'll run from one side of the room, go between our legs and back to the other side, etc. ^^
  • @Moonxlight, wow peek-a-boo sounds amazing. I'm going to steal that! :D

    "Go to bed" is probably the second most useful command we've taught Kyoto, followed by "leave it."

    Shibas love using their paws like hands and they're freaking adorable when they do just about any gesture with their paws. So I've recently taught Kyoto to "high-five" and "bump it," which are essentially the same command to him. "Stick-em up" means he stands up on his hind legs with his paws straight up, then "spread-em!" means he has to spread out against a wall, followed by "BANG! BANG! BANG!" which is play dead. :)
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  • @Spartanvi, haha go for it! Your Shiba will probably get it down in 15 min =] Also, we're going to steal stick-em up and spread-em hehe
  • Bisu showing off a few of his best tricks.

    Training him takes consistency and persistence but progress is definitely more measureable than with other dogs.
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  • TacyeTacye
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    I was going to suggest "fetch." I taught my Kiyoko in just a few minutes. She caught on immediately and loves it. The only drag is that sometimes the nocturnal little beast will drop a tennis ball on your head at 0200 and want to play. We have tennis balls all over the house. Lol. The cool part is she tries to anticipate where you're going to throw it and she runs off in that direction ahead of time to try to catch the toy in midair. Shibas are crazy smart and catch on so quickly; to the things they WANT to catch on to. There are things we try to train kiyoko on and she just won't have it. Lol
  • I taught my Quakey to play "fetch" and at first he would do it one or two times and then he would stop. About 1-1/2 year ago when he was showing signs of separation anxiety he started bringing a toy to me to throw while I was getting ready for work. It was great because instead of his sitting there looking sad as I would be getting ready; we would play fetch. It has become a wonderful and fun ritual for us every weekday morning. We spend about 15 minutes in the morning playing fetch. He really enjoys the game and it is one more special thing for us to do each "work" morning. Afterwards he is tired too since I've have proceeded our game of fetch with a 40 minute aerobic walk around the neighborhood. By the time I actually leave for work he is a tired little boy and he jumps up on my bed to nap!
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Bumping this thread because it's been a lot of fun for me to teach my doggos some of these things. I just wanted to share a few things I've taught, kind of accidentally, that I didn't see here.

    First one would be boop.
    Just a cute little thing where they touch their nose to ours. My husband was overjoyed by this one and sat for a good hour the day I taught them this lol.

    The second one is mrumphs.
    This one has come in handy sometimes when Laika gets barky, I'll interrupt her and ask her to mrumph instead.

    The newest addition is tell me a story
    Rhyz has this one down pat, he will carry on for a few minutes straight if he thinks you've got a good enough reward. Laika isn't very vocal unless she's barking at someone so she's been less inclined to this one but will give me a series of boofy mrumphs so she's making progress. :D

    Going to work on crawl and bang bang with her while Rhyz is recovering, but I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for things that I can teach him that don't require him to move too much.

    So far they've learned:
    1 - sit
    2 - down (lay down)
    3 - touch (touch their nose to your hand where ever it is, very useful for teaching movement tricks)
    4 - stay
    5 - wait (same as stay but we use it with food)
    6 - leave it
    7 - drop it
    8 - go to bed (they'll go up to our bedroom and wait to be released)
    9 - paw (paw to hold, used mostly for cutting nails)
    10 - high 5 (a quick high 5)
    11 - go team (both of them put their paws on the back of our hand)
    12 - fetch
    13 - catch
    14 - bring it/what've you got?
    15 - speak
    16- sass personname (same as speak but they bark at whoever you name)
    17 - boops
    18 - mrumphs
    19 - tell me a story
    20 - Rhyz does lap (comes and sits on your lap) but Laika won't do it.

    Don't think I've forgotten anything. Any suggestions for Rhyz?

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