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Shying from the door
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    So everytime I go over to my parents house Ike refuses to come inside. He stays just out of arm's reach. At my house he is fine comming in and out and comes when I call him. But at their house, he will curl up in a ball right outside the door but starts to run away as soon as I open the door and invite him inside. It seems as if he wants to come in, but why is he playing hard to get? He also turns and runs mostly when I am up in the yard with them and stays just out of arms reach, but will play and come up to me if I am not trying to catch him. I can trick him into comming inside by getting him to chase a laser light into the house, but then he realizes he is in and starts to shake. He clings to me and freaks if I am out of sight and will pace and pant. It doesn't take a behaviorist to see that the dog is not comfortable. He is definately not like that at my house where it is just us.
    He really quivers and cowers when my mom's SO is inside, the same one who used to grab Beebe by the neck and tell her "I'm the Boss". Is he picking up on his bad vibe? Ike seems really frightened of Wayne although they have actually never had any interactions because Ike refuses to acknowledge him, too busy trying to hide. It's so sad to watch him and he gets so upset. It seems Ike is just really creeped out by this guy (they say animals are good judges of character). Maybe I am misreading this however? I have tried giving Wayne treats and food to feed Ike, Ike won't take anything unless it's from my mom or myself and is just terrified when Wayne walks up to him. He tries to hide under the chopping block or jumps up on the sofa where I am and stands on me, hides under the blankets. Wayne says he is trying to "dominate me" when he does this, but I think he is frightened and looking for help.
    I stay at their house at least once a week. How long should it take for Ike to get used to being here? How can I get Ike to enjoy being inside more or should I just let him adjust on his own and not try to press anything. Would it help if he and Wayne were in the same room together when inside so he would be "forced to deal with it"? I know forcing these dogs to do anything doesn't often end up well, so I wanted to put it to the gallery. Thanks!

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  • Lindsayt it seems to me from what you describe Ike does not care for the SO's forward personality. Does Wayne seem a bit too determined to greet IKe, does he stare, and have forward posture or brusk movements? Any or all of these things changes how the dog will interact with a person. If your mom's SO (Wayne) actually grabbed Beebee the way you state than I could see that a Shibas innate sense would not trust his actions. An over confident male with inappropriate posture can make all the difference in how the Shiba will greet etc.

    Also If Ike has been around mostly women there will be some shyness toward human males and it will take a trusting individual to bring him out of it. I would leave a hanzel and gretel trail or a treat ball so that ike has something to focus on inside. I would also set some ground rules for Wayne and if he agrees to the conditions, have Wayne be the resource provider for Ike while he is there and work some exercises with Ike as play. As harsh as it sounds, pretend you don't see the negatives such shaking and panting etc. Reward for any curiosity via Wayne who does not have to give treats directly out of his hand, instead have him toss them to Ike when he sees Ike doing something positive. You can work with Wayne as a tag team and indicate when to toss. You can click and Wayne can toss for example when Ike comes out to sniff etc.
    What you want to do is something similar as Dave did with 100 things you can do with a box but instead you will use touch in the form of objects around Wayne leading up to touching Waynes hand. Go slow and steady work from far and then hopefully you can have a shorter distance between the two.

    As far as outside I would keep him on a long line or like you have been doing pretend to ignore Ike by sitting sideways and no staring or direct approaches. You could also keep some really good teats handy and pretend to find interesting things calling Ike and then reward when he investigates. Play "gotcha" by first reaching for the collar and next slipping a finger under the collar then letting go. As you reach say Gotcha and reward directly say with bits of cheese or chicken. Always keep good things in your pocket.

    Sorry this is so is tough trying to explain through text.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Thank you so much for the advice. Ike was raised around women and other dogs and very infrequently encountered men. I started some "touch" training with him and hope this will help. Wayne is hard of hearing and very loud, and has exaggerated movements (which as you said would probably freak a sensitive dog out more). I also notice that he does do a lot of direct staring and looming over while trying to pet but I think it's not ill intended so I will have to re-educate Wayne about greeting nervous dogs. Ike took a few treats Wayne tossed to him yesterday so that was a little progress. I will definately try that "gotcha" game-turn it in my favour as right now Ike is always winning. Yea, I don't think it's fair to just let him 'deal with it on his own", I don't think it would ever happen so I will give all this a try. Thanks!
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Patrice is like...a wealth of information!

    Hope everything turns in your favor & Ike starts feeling a little less fearful! :)

    [ oh! & what is "so?" ] ~
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    SO-significant other. It's weird to say my mom has a boyfriend/fiance at her age.
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Oh! lol Thanks :) *duh!* ~

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