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males vs females personalities????
  • ok this i a newbie question is there any difference between a male or female shiba. like will one sex be more picky on what kind of food it likes. or there aggressiveness. or it doesnt really matter. personally i might pick out a female.
  • I have a 1 year old Male and a 5 month old Female Shiba Inu. Here is what I can tell you (but Im no expert!) and remember, no matter male or female no two dogs are alike and gender can not really tell you what your pup will be like when it grows.

    My Male is a wuss, he doesn't like to go outside to pee or poop if it is raining. My Female will go out in any weather and just sit there, she thinks it's fun.

    My female is a DRAMA QUEEN, she will cry, bark, scream, etc to get what she wants and if she doesn't get it she will throw a tantrum and not talk to me for hours...My male could care less.

    My Male seems to be more cuddly although the female has been getting cuddlier, but she only lasts for about 10 seconds.

    They both eat Orijen dog food and love it.

    Neither are "agressive" or "reactive" but this is because of the HEAVY socialization I have put them through and continue to do so. We go to lots of different places, meet lots of different dogs and people and they have both gotten very good about it. The female is still a little nervous about certain things (i.e. strollers, joggers) but she is still learning and gets more comfortable every time we go. A puppy class can really help socialize them.

    I am sure there is more, but I have only had 1 cup of coffee so far, so if I think about it I will edit this post... :)
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  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    I think it is pretty hard to use sex as a guide on how dogs will be. I know some female Shibas that are just little Princesses that do not want to get dirty, be out in the cold, or play rough. Then I know some female Shibas that are very Alpha and are always bossing other dogs around, playing rough, and willing to do whatever.

    Dogs are truly individuals.
  • I've had 2 male foster shibas and 1 female foster shiba along with my two resident shibas (one male, one female) and I have to heavily agree with Brandon when he says that dogs are truly individuals. I think Kristin's explanation shows that too, because while I can relate to her dogs, no two have been the same in my house.

    Is there a specific reason you'd want a female?
  • CaliaCalia
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  • I think gender really only becomes relevant if you are mixing your pack. Meaning if you are adding a dog to an already established group. Otherwise pick the dog you like.
  • Each animal is unique and different and gender has little to do with generally how it will behave in terms of fear, weather, food, bossiness etc.
    If you already have a dog pick an opposite gender and if you can discuss with your breeder and find opposite personality to your current dog. That way it is better balance in terms of developing a friendship between the two.

  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    From the 3 breeders I have dealt with/spoken with on the issue:

    1-They are called bitches for a reason.
    2-The males tend to get placed much easier due to reason #1.
    3-First time shiba owners report males generally being easier to live with.

    Having ignored all of that and me starting out with a female shiba first off instead of a male, I feel like I conquered the mountain and everything would have to be easier from there. It was but why put yourself through that? I know I still would have wanted a female anyways even after I got my boy. They are good together but I find my boy's temperment much easier to live with than the female's. Again, as was stated above, it all depends on the dog. There are a lot of pleasent easy going females and plenty of reactive boys.
  • Mylie's a female Shiba and a little snob, but I say that with all the love in my heart! She'll bark/cry/squeak for attention, she's intrusive of everyone's personal space, and she think the world is supposed to stop for her when she drops a ball in your lap. She only obeys commands when I'm extremely persistent, or there's something in it for her. She huffs and puffs when irritated or bored, and plays rough. Late at night, about and hour before bed, she turns into my little snuggle bug. If I successfully tire her out, she'll fall asleep on my lap watching tv. She insists that my ears need cleaning on a daily basis and will hold my face down with her paw until she's satisfied with her cleaning. She's very smart, and very aware of her surroundings. If something in my house is out of place, or new; she will bark at it as if to warn me.
    She's a cutie, truly committed and so funny; Although, I chose her based on her personality and the connection we had when we met, not her gender.

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