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Furry paws
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    Just wondering if any of you trim the paw fur on your Shiba (or any other dog for that matter). Recently (because there's actually snow on the ground here) Keiko has stopped twice because of ice crystals getting caught in the fur on her front left paw - both time she sits down, lifts here paw and lets out a slight wimper. It's really cute, although I assume it's because it's painful for her. I just pull the snow/ice off her paw and then everything is ok again. It's been the same paw both times, so maybe she's just sensitive on that side?

    I remember having a Golden when I was a kid who's paw fur HAD to be trimmed in the winter or he'd end up with giant blocks of ice and snow for feet. Keiko's fur doesn't seem (to me at least) to be quite that long... but I dunno...

    Sorry for rambling :o)
  • I put Mushers Secret on the kids paws when we go on walks. Brandon introduced me to it. It is a wax that you rub on the dogs paws and it is protective and healing. I would say, the kids seem to travel with little to no issue.
  • sujewelsujewel
    Posts: 2541
    Many dogs are sensitive to salt crystals. As Jessica suggested, Musher's Secret does work very well.
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    Thanks! I'll look into that for sure :o)
  • We ordered Musher's Secret for Hanzo since he seems to be sensitive to salt crystals, not noticing anything yet but its only been 2 days that we've had ice/salt on the ground again.
  • I always check Kirby's paws, to make sure that there isn't any snow on his paws.

    We also use Safety Paws de-icer for our walk and driveway."He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." (Anon)
  • i love my dogs paw fluff!

    however, my mom's yorkie has some serious paw fluff

  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    LOL That looks like a Grinch paw!!!
  • SangmortSangmort
    Posts: 1361
    haha! That's cute :) ~
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    If you can't find Musher's Secret locally and need it fast, you can also go to Walgreens and get some Bag Balm until the Musher's Secret arrives. It's pretty much the same thing...

    edit: wow, I just realized this was from Dec! You probably already got the Musher's Secret by now, lol. Sorry for being so late~
    Post edited by Romi at 2009-01-06 02:06:28
  • SangmortSangmort
    Posts: 1361
    It's ok Romi, we still love you lol :D ~
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    Lol, we did already get some... but I was actually wondering if it was along the same lines as bag balm!!! I actually grew up with bag balm in my grandmas bathroom, so very familiar with that! :o)
  • baantonbaanton
    Posts: 933
    Hey if that Musher's Secret is the same as Bag Balm you'll know it instantly by that smell! Growing up on the farm I know all about it, but we didn't keep it in the bathroom --- it was actually out in the barn and used for the (dairy) cattle when their udders/bags (the thing the udders are attached too) got sores or inflammation. Hence the name Bag Balm, I guess. To my surprise, when my son was an infant I found (and used) a product for his "tusch" (you know - that diaper rash thing) that smelled just like it, too... it must have been the same thing, even though cleverly disguised with a different marketing name that I can't remember now! I guess that stuff has a lot of great uses!

    Josephine and our previous dog Joe have/had no problem with ice/snow buildup. I've noticed with friends retrievers and those I see at the dog park that they are prone to this problem... I always thought it had something to do with their feet, and I guess they have lot more fur on the feet than Josephine or Joe (or any short/medium haired dog. Around here in MN I see people most often resorting to doggie booties --- like they stay on so well! Always see the dog running with at least one or more missing! And sometimes their owner frantically searching in the snow! Guess it keeps the bootie manufacturers going!

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