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  • Niko is a massive licker...of EVERYTHING!!!  Hands, feet, face, under fingernails, Sasha's ears, Sasha's teeth, the cats butt, the hardwood floor and herself all the time!!  She will lick you if you stop petting her (very good at the passive dominance).

    Is this a shiba thing or a Niko thing?  I love kisses but I love when they are controlled(haha...controlled....shiba....hahahaha...)

    Just wondering. 

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  • hondruhondru
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    Tojo licks sometimes... the most annoying is when he licks the bed/blankets/pillows/whatever else is on the bed.  Sometimes he creates giant wet spots.  Blech.
    -Heidi, with Rakka (shikoku) and Sosuke (kai ken)

  • Maui and Kaia have their moments... Maui will sometimes just sit there and lick your leg or the couch for hours. Kaia does the same, but sometimes she gets like liker crazy and walks around the house liking EVERYTHING... We have to and get her and holder, then she will just sit there and lick the air... I dunno what that's all about.

    I know this is a Shiba questions - but Ahi is a big time licker too, she licks people a LOT!

  • Moto is also a licker. Especially if I have just put on lotion.

  • My Anakin likes to lick occasionally.  Bath water (from wet skin), the blankets, carpets, the sofa, tile floors....

    Annoyingly, due to his allergies, my dog will lick himself a bald spot.  Usually, he does his just above his tail.  Every year he goes back to the vet for this, and every year they tell me that there's nothing that they can do, and to give him his allergy medication the way that I do.

    Personally, I'd prefer him to lick the blankets, and bedsheets, and sofa.... LOL

  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Kaia has allergies too - to corn. When she eats anything with corn in it she will lick herself till she has a "Hot Spot". When we switched her to a more holistic diet (years ago) the "Hot Spot" licking completely stopped.

    What do you feed Anakin?

  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    Nemo likes to lick.  When he licks his butt he goes into a zen like trance and will go at it for like 10 minutes, it's probably his grossest habbit.
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    LOL! That is exactly what Maui does... his eyes get all small and he looks like he is at peace. So gross.

  • Like Nemo and Maui, Anakin sends himself into the "licking trance", too.  I'll normally snap my fingers at him and after a few tries, he'll glance up and give me a dirty look.  As if *I* am the one doing something annoying!  (Does anyone else's Shiba slurp, smack and make noise while licking?  It sounds gross.)

    As far as feeding Anakin... like most people, I thought that dog food brands such as Iams and Purina were best.  So, that is what Anakin has been eating.  Of course, he does get fish occasionally, and red meat, pork, or turkey though.  I also feed him green beans, carrots and/or peas occasionally, as he seems to enjoy them.  I realize that I should probably switch him to a better food, I just have to find one that I'll be able to find in my area and stick to purchasing.  I'm torn at the moment between holistic dog food and the food that my veterinarian suggests that will supposedly help his hip problems...


  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    Yes Nemo slurps like crazy when he is licking.  It's an awful sound.

    Red meat, pork and turkey are fine for your boy if you want to feed them to him, even raw.  Obviously not to much if he is also on kibble.  The veggies you are feeding him are also ones that are good for dogs. 

    You will want to put him on a better food, instead of one from your vet (they are paid to have foods in their office) go with something better.  There are a lot of food related discussions on here, read them over.  There are so many good brands of dog food out there these days they just don't have the money for advertising that purina and iams  have.  Also get a subscription to the Whole Dog Journal for keeping up on healthy, natural, and effective ways to feed, train and care for your dog.  They release a food review every year that is very helpful.

    As far as something for his hips, just get him a glucosamine suppliment.  You can use ones from walgreens (for humans) or buy dog specific ones.  There are many, many brands and formulas.  I use Arthogen and Nemo has any bad effects from his luxating patella.

  • hondruhondru
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    Loki always had this habit of licking the air while he's scratching himself and once we brought him home, Tojo started doing it, too!  What a copycat.
    -Heidi, with Rakka (shikoku) and Sosuke (kai ken)
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I would bet money that if you switched to a grain-free holistic food you would see a major change in Anakin's allergy issues.
  • Moto's eyes were oozing green gunk until I took him off grains! And he pooped so much more. When I dog poops a lot, it often means there is a lot of useless ingredients in their food. Now that he is grain free, he poops less often and it is WAY less stinky!
  • Sesame does that the bedsheets couch, her feet, butt, crotch, my leg, arm, face,. We trained her to not do it so much by snapping to get her attention saying 'stop' firmly and treating after a few seconds. Than working it up to a few minits. Now we just say stop and she does something else. Or comes over for a good scratch from us.
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  • bmass174bmass174
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    Hahahahaha. what a great discussion to find when wondering if it is only my puppy that licks anything and everything.. Honestly probably just made my day knowing that there are a lot of other owners with the same licky shibas. Azriel will just sit and lick for no reason. The other night he was tired and he was licking my leg. all the sudden after about thirty min of it he stopped, but it still sounded like he was licking.. I looked down to see my tired puppy laying his head down but still licking. Best part was he wasnt making contact with anything, just licking the air. SO CUTE : )
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Good article on licking...
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    My adorabe Quake never used to lick my hands unless I had just given him a treat. Lately he comes around to my side of the bed before going to sleep and he likes to lick my hands. He is so adorable and makes me feel so loved. I always pet him and tell him I love him and goodnight. He then goes to sleep in his little bed. He is such an angel.
  • sakurasakisakurasaki
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    My Akuma gets licky when he is affectionate (which is very rare), he likes to lick my lips and face. Very lovable :)

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