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eye boogers?
  • TaaarsTaaars
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    Morning all,
    Are shiba pups prone to have eye boogers in the moring? noche seems to have them every morning, I wipe them clean, and usually I dont see them again till the next day, but he also seems to be tearing a tad. Sol does tear a little, but no boogers, Luna dosent have either. I cant remember if either Sol or Luna had white eye boogers in the morning when they were pups. The boogers are small white and slimy, they wipe away, he dosent scratch at his eyes or anything, and I know visually he is good cause he sees from a distance everything (and tries to eat it) runs around the house up and down the stairs without running into stuff as well.
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  • If you haven't already eliminated grain from your dogs diet, I would suggest trying that. Moto's eyes would weep in the morning before we eliminated grain. As soon as we did his eyes stopped weeping entirely, his coat got amazing and he stopped farting. A trifecta of dog goodness!
  • Lucy and Joey are both on grain free diets, but they still get eye boogers on occasion. Joey's tend to be crusty by the time I get to them but Lucy's are usually still slimy. As long as its not excessive (as in to the point where you are wiping them off every time you interact with your dog) then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Eliminating grain from your dog's diet as Jess suggested may or may not help with the eye boogers, but it can't hurt for sure and is likely even healthier for them in general. So you may want to give that a try.
  • Miso and Sake both get morning eye boogies, but that is the only time I see them. I too have eliminated grain from their diet and have seen a great improvement in overall health.
  • TaaarsTaaars
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    Ill try that, not sure if merrick dog food has grain, ill have to check, but it is holistic and has been good to Luna and sol, also going to see the vet on Thursday for his 3rd set of shots, (forgot he was due for those), ill have him take a look.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Ike: has always had dark crusties when he wakes up which are fine and normal. He is grain free.

    Beebe: aka, Little Miss Allergy. Off and on gets poopy smelling green ocular discharge. She is not grain free yet and I wonder if that will help, but my guess is that her weak immune system, environmental and food sensitivities (we are working on them) contribute to the green goops. Until I do her diet trial #2, I have antibiotics when the discharge turns green/yellow and smelly.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    Merrick is a good brand of dog food. Most of their foods do have grain, but they have grain free offerings now.
  • Tsuki's been grain free for a while and still got the occasional boog. We finally figured out that the dehydrated cow ears we were giving them had a chicken flavor sprayed on (even though they claimed natural) and thats why. She's allergic to cooked/manufactured chicken.
  • Right as I was opening this I cleaned one out of Niko's eye. I dont recall her as a puppy having them but both my girls have had them more frequently lately, I think it may be weather related. Sasha (non-nihon ken) gets them a lot more than Niko.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Its good to know that im not the only person who calls it eye boogers
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
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    I call them sleepies as my pit bull and me occasionally get them in the morning after We wake up
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • MagMag
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    Has rubbed all the fur off her eyes again and every morning
    Has had eye boogers which makes her rub them even more.
    I feed her blue buffalo wildernesses grain free.I know its
    Allergies but not sure what from.
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  • @Mag, I was feeding BBWGF when I had this issue.

    I switched the dog to raw and started changing his proteins up. For my guy, its chicken that does this.

  • MagMag
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    I thought that Miki had food allergies but we had her one grain free food. right at 6 mos she started rubbing her fur off her face. after several trips to the vet I just kept looking on the internet and I thought she may have mange. I made the vet check and the first time her didnt see anything but I had him check again a few months latter and she has DEMODECTIC. I was told all puppies have the mites but they can fend them off but Miki has a low immune system and about 6mos if they cant fend them off it will show up. So she was on IVOMEC 0.25 everyday for 5 mos. she didnt need any flea or tick because the IVOMEC kills everything. She also has smelly frito feet. vet said from mange BUT I didnt think so. I did more searching and the grain free food has sweat potatoes ( not good for yeast) she has yeast feet from her low immune problem. If I would have know that it was yeast back on DEC when I had vet check her or maybe in March I bet it would be gone by now. The DEMODECTIC is gone but the feet after changing her food (3 mos ago) still smell and she licks them. I use the peroxide,water and vinegar dip and this shampoo from the vet but still stinky and I know its yeast. Vet hasnt done a ph test because he wanted to just get her mange taken care of and feels the feet are not a issue. Does anyone else have this problem. I will post some new photos with her cute little face and her hair all grown back. She just turned ONE and I threw her the ball she ran and got it brought it back and then she wobbled around and then KEELED over with paws out and a blank stare for a minute. I thought it was a siezur called the vet(knew they cant do anything) said to watch her and see if she gets anymore keep a record time of day ect. that was a few weeks ago nothing new yet but it was so fast I could have turned my head and missed it. Anyone have issue like this?
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  • sunyatasunyata
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