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Joey's 101 things to do with a box videos
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  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • HarlowHarlow
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    Great going Joey and Dave!
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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  • Thanks guys! I was (and still am) super proud of him. He's been pretty tired ever since, so I think he got a good mental workout. :-)

    Its interesting to have the videos to look back at. I can see a few places where I missed an opportunity to click or some things I might have done differently.
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Joey looks just like a handsome fox! I love him so much, too cute :)

    This is awesome Dave! If anything, they show others just how much patience & consistence you have to have.

    Go Joey!!! :D ~
  • HarlowHarlow
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    Dave: Have you ever tried gently massaging the back of Joey's neck for a few seconds to help him relax? All our Mals and Shibas seem to really enjoy it and if you do it for very short times at first it won't be over stimulation of his senses. When we first got Koshi he was very nervous and jumpy so we used to gently massage him for a few seconds at a time on different parts of his body. He couldn't handle being pet or scratched in one place for more then a short time, it seemed to be sensory overload for him.
  • Great job, Dave and Joey!

    Very interesting tutorial!
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • first of all - Joey is gorgeous!

    these videos are a great learning tool! you can really see how he's really trying to think about it with you, not just running for the hills. That is awesome! I enjoyed watching the progress! Great work!
  • YAY Joey! Good job!
  • baantonbaanton
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    Very interesting videos -- thanks for sharing, and I think viewers will learn a lot from a training perspective. Joey is a cutie, by the way!

    Interesting side note: Your Joey and my Josephine share a nickname -- my husband and many of our neighbors use the name "Joe-Joe" for her. In part, her nickname is a fond tribute to her predecessor in our family and neighborhood, the departed Joe who loved and was loved by all around here. Maybe that's why Josephine loves people so much because of all the attention focused on her by everyone around here who missed Joe as much as we did!
  • Patty: That's a great suggestion. I have tried it, but when Joey is stressed he doesn't like to be touched. It stresses him out even more. He'll flinch if I even brush up against the tips of his fur and if I proceed to try to pet him he'll start panting heavily. I tend to just give him is space so he can deal with it on his own and encourage/reward him for being confident.

    Bev: That's great they share a nickname! I guess Joey is in good company. :-)

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. The videos are as much for me to learn from and have a record of Joey's progress as they are for others to see. I'd love any suggestions or constructive criticism anyone may have since I'm a self-taught clicker trainer. :-)
  • HarlowHarlow
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    Dave: How about trying it when he is not stressed. That way he might start to associate your touch with a feeling of calmness.

    You're doing great with Joey and I'm sure you will continue to see him gain more and more confidence as time goes on. BTW how is Miss Lucy doing?
  • miketmiket
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    Looks like you're doing a great job Dave....hooray for Joey!!! Looking forward to seeing how things progress
  • Patty, yes, I do pet and massage him when he's not stressed. Although if I do it for too long, he becomes stressed. He loves to follow me around from room to room, but prefers to have his space. For example, if he's laying comfortable on his bed I will sometimes crawl up to him and rest my head on his bed too (not touching him). He'll wait a few seconds to see what I plan to do, and then get up and go to another corner of the room.

    Lucy just seems to be having setback after setback. We're on yet another diet since the Hills z/d didn't agree with her. This one is better for her in some ways but isn't working as well in others. But that's a story for another time. Thanks for asking. :-)
  • sujewelsujewel
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    Hi Dave.

    Sorry I'm late on this. Great job on the training! He's doing so well! And is such a big boy! I can't get over that.

    Keigo doesn't like to be smooshed either. If Brittney or Mika are touching him in any way while he's relaxing, he'll cry and move over. I can lay my head on his belly and he'll put his head in my lap, but no other pets can touch him while he's lying down. It totally stresses him out!!
  • Corina: I've had boxes laying around the house since Joey moved in here. I actually just cleaned them up a week ago for the first time since he's lived in this house. He accepts them just fine as fixed parts of the house, but when they move he gets nervous all over again.
  • RomiRomi
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    Great Job Dave! Sorry im so late to this! But the training seems to be paying off! You should be very proud of mr. joey! :)
  • miketmiket
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    Hey Dave, any more sessions with Joey and the box yet?

    I tried it with Remy the other night just for fun. It took him a while to catch on and the most I could get him to do was jam his head into the corners.

    PS - he also got his head stuck under the couch again trying to get his ball today...I really need to get that on video!
  • Hey Mike,

    I did have another session yesterday, but I forgot to charge the camera battery so I didn't get it on video. He did really well. This session we focused on change the box's orientation and moving it while he remained confident and interested in it. It was really interesting how we had to basically start over again when I changed the orientation of the box. It was like a completely different object that he had to become comfortable with all over again. Each time it took him less and less time before he was back to being comfortable. He also picked up that the box moving slightly wasn't a big threat and reacted well to that. He still shied away when I made big movements with the box though.

    The BIG breakthrough came last night when, for the first time, he approached the toy box and sniffed the inside of it. He didn't have the confidence to take a toy out yet, but I'm proud of him anyway.

    Keep trying with Remi. Each time you do it you'll find a new thing to do with him. Its fun!
  • miketmiket
    Posts: 193
    Sounds like you're making progress, thats great!! I have to say that the more clicker training I do, the more impressed I am. I'm training Remy to "go to your crate", which means he goes in and lays down. We are upto him laying for about 45 sec before I click and I am increasing the time by about 5 to 10 sec each rep. I trying to get him excited about going in his crate as he still cries for a while when he goes in there at night.

    Anyway, keep us posted on how Joey progresses
  • hondruhondru
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  • Thanks guys!

    Heidi: I have no idea why he's afraid of boxes. I've known he has some fear issues for a few months now, but it seems like every time we tackle one a new one comes up. Boxes are his latest. I had/have 4 house guests for the last week due to Thanksgiving and poor Joey didn't do well at all. I'll post more about that another time, but it seems his fears are constantly shifting. Its hard to hit a moving target. :-/

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