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Puppy Food
  • When should I switch Mylie off of puppy food? I could have sworn it was at a year, but my fiance argues that he thinks it's at 6 months... Thanks!
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  • I've been told to switch when your dog generally starts to get 'fat' off of the food. If you notice her gaining extra weight, it would be good to swtich to adult food. :)

    Toby is about 9 months old and is on adult food now, with no issues in the transition.
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    6 months is fine for a Shiba. If I had a large or giant breed, I might consider feeding puppy food up until 1 year of age.
  • One approach is to read the label on your puppy food. The feeding guidelines will tell you when you should switch to adult food based on age and weight. I have actually been engaged in a prolonged email discussion with Joey's breeder about puppy food. Her opinion is to feed solely puppy food for 10 months and then slowly mix in adult food over a 2 month transition period. I have Joey on an "all life stages" food which has been the source of our disagreement. To add to the confusion, Joey's vet is of the opinion that post-speuter, puppies should be put on adult food.

    Ultimately, I don't think there is one right answer to this. What it comes down to is what your Shiba is doing well on and what you are comfortable with. As long as you continue to feed a high quality food, I don't think you will cause any harm. Now, if you are dealing with a large breed dog, then there are some additional considerations to make.
  • She's on Wellness: Just for puppy right now and has been for a few months, and before that she was on Merrick: puppy plate since the day I brought her home. I won't feed her anything but high quality food! I wouldn't say that she's been putting on any "fat" she's very lean... Unfortunately I can't find anything on the Wellness bag or the website that suggests when to switch her.
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    Agreed, I switched Sansa off puppy food at 6 months.
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