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Bathing your shiba
  • Ok, I have to ask this question because I heard that Shibas HATE baths, that they let off shiba screams when you try to bathe them. My shibas dont seem to mind it much, in fact tehy seem to "cope" with the ordeal very well, they just sit their and let me bathe and blow dry them clean...I do this about once every 6 weeks. Mind you I have been grooming them since they were pups, so maybe they just are used to me doing it.
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  • I have a shower-like attachment that connects to the faucet in the sink and ut reaches to the tub. Jazz doesn't mind it all. She doesn't like a tub full of water though. Jazz gets a bath every 4 months or so.
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  • KaddyKaddy
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    I've only had to bathe Keiko after accidents in the car-crate (luckily only twice... and both times I think they were stress related). She HATES the tub, HATES the shower attachement and REALLY hates getting wet! She doesn't scream but she does wiggle a lot. She doesn't like when her paws get wet so she's constantly trying to balance with them off the bottom of the tub. If I ever think she's really in need of a bath again, I'll take her to the self service doggy wash - only $5 and you get everything you need plus the baths are the kind groomers use (with the leash hookup thingy right in them), and you get to use the grooming tables with the dryers. I feel like it would be safer for her in case she gets all wiggley again!
  • It is great that they tolerate baths well. Just a little heads up, shibas have VERY sensitive skin and really only need to be bathed a few times a year.

    When I first got Moto I would bathe him seasonally, now 2-3 a year tops.

    And he still smells like a petunia!
  • The reason bathe them a tad more is because of the huid weather here...they seem to stink up a little faster, but I do use oatmeal based dog shampoo, and blow dry them with an ionic blow dryer....however I I think i will cut back to only shower when necessary. I have been lucky so far skin reaction at all.
  • RomiRomi
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    Like LJ, I have a shower attachment I use. My shiba doesn't really mind it. He puts up a fight for the first couple of minutes, but after I start massaging him - he is pretty good. He just stands or sits there while I bathe him. I've never heard him whine or scream in the water either...
  • SangmortSangmort
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    lol I think the shibas-don't-like-water is a nother behavior that reminds me of cats :)~
  • Toby can tolerate when I use the shower attachment. Though, if I let go of his collar, off goes the soaking wet doggie! He'll jump right out of the sink and be gone.
    He's starting to really hate the water. I tried getting him used to it as a puppy, but I think I waited too long. :( Had I gotten him younger, in the summer -- he probably would've liked it a little more, cause then he would've been in the pool/kiddie pool a lot.
  • Treat while doing the bath/shower. Small treats like what you use when you would be training. Fletch did not like baths at all (screaming, raving maniac), so I put him in the tub, no water and treated. Turned the shower attachment on (but not on him), treated. I did this nearly ever day that he was with me. By the end of his 2 weeks with me, I could get him to stand in the tub with the shower attachment going, with water on him without a problem. I had not yet progressed to actually bathing him. This was the same way that I did with Jazz and no problems with her. Once she realized that she was getting a full body massage, she was ok with the bath.
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  • There is also waterless shampoo that works great. We have the furminator waterless.
  • tyler just got his bath right now, he all sad. He hates baths!!!!

    my gf just email me the pic to my phone.
  • Daddy, why did you let mom do this to me? Why?
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
  • HarlowHarlow
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    That looks like one unhappy pup! I have to admit that after years of giving all our dogs baths I have copped out. Our Shibas are now given 'hydrosurge' baths by our mobile groomer. It's a system where air is injected into the water line and the water really gets down to the skin and even gives them a bit of a massage. Their coats feel so much better than when I bathe and dry them with the dog blower.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Aww. Poor Tyler. He looks so mad... and cute!
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I think you have the answer, it really does make all the difference with shibas and bathing if they have been bathed and groomed routinely since puppyhood. The best breeders will already be doing the stand for grooming, nail trims and first baths well before the pups go home. They may not like it, after all they aren't really water dogs, but they should learn early on to respect that you are in charge, and when it comes to needed grooming, showing teeth and screaming is not going to get them out of it.
    Beebe was doing well with the baths at home but my back was getting sore so I went to a self serve wash, and Beebe did the whole bit there with screaming, flailing (I feel really embarassed to go back because I know she will just put on another show for the crowd knowing I can't really stop her with everyone watching me, thinking I'm hurting her or something-dog is smart!)"Common sense isn't so common"
  • Bathroom door is closed, so Takumi can't escape anywhere.....poor boy. But doesn't he look sexy? lol
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  • SangmortSangmort
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    lol Poor pups :) ~
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    What a soggy stud muffin."Common sense isn't so common"
  • Some of you might remember my water issues with Mylie... well it turns out she'll tolerate a bath as long as there's only one person giving it to her, preferably daddy... & she has recently decided that she loves to go swimming and jumps in the lake every time we take her down there to 'attack her reflection.' It's quit funny, and I was more than surprised the night she just wandered in the water and started playing :) I'll take video next time.
  • OH!!! Videos of that is a MUST! lol sounds super cute! I wonder alot if Honey would enjoy getting in deep water.

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