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Blowing Coat/Itch Creams
  • When do your dogs blow coat?

    Tsuki has nearly no undercoat on her entire torso, I'm wondering if it was blown recently or if something else is responsible.

    Also can anyone recommend any good topical anti-itch creams?

    The antihistamines arent working and so far the vet doesnt want to test for allergies, he just wants to try another mange shot.
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  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    Can you ask him to test for allergies? I don't know why they wouldn't want to! But if the antihistamines aren't working, that could be the reason to not waste the money on the allergy test...

    we had a foster dog that we gave some oatmeal rinse cream to, biogroom maybe? I'll have to look for it at home tonight.
    Did you also look into Neem products?

    and the coat blowing thing - I think we've determined that it is conducive to age, season and weather (and sometimes health/stress). All three of my dogs blew their coats at different levels at different times, but generally in late spring/early summer most double coated dogs will blow coat to some degree.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    There is no specific time as to when dogs blow coat. The average is twice a year, sometimes dogs do it more often. When it happens can be a mystery.

    It's going to take time for the food and fish oil to get into her system and really start helping.

    Here are some anti-itch products.

    Dr's Foster and Smith have a lot of Allergy related products along with their line of Itch Stop products:

    They also have a soothing line:

    Most of these though, you wont want Tsuki licking, so if she starts to lick it off all the time, it might not be good to keep using.
  • kojichankojichan
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    Tsuki's lack of a substantial undercoat this time of year is nothing unusual, especially in the warmer parts of the U.S. like NC and now in DC, where she lived/now lives. Most likely blew the coat in early Spring while living in NC. I wouldn't sweat it.

    As far as the cream goes, did you ask the vet to provide or recommend one? That bald, red spot on her lower right flank looked like a "hot spot" from excessive licking and scratching. An anti-biotic ointment may be called for to treat that while you address any underyling skin / allergic conditions.
  • I mentioned it in an earlier thread and I will scream it from the hills if need be. There is no greater product available for you or your dog for pretty much ANY skin issue than NEEM oil!!!
  • The itching is getting worse, way worse, guys. Im seeing the vet again today, Im going to beg him to give her a steroid shot for some relief. She's going to open a wound soon. I took a benadryl before I went to bed because her scratching haunts me all night, Im getting so worried.

    Jessica, I'll look for this in Whole Foods, I think that should be a good place to find it maybe?
  • sujewelsujewel
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    Really???? Neem Oil????

    I use it as an insecticide on my orchids! And I actually hate the product. It smells, is all sticky and little white dots (I assume dead insects - who knows) appear after a few hours.
  • I buy it at whole foods and it had no smell, or stickiness. But then again I would assume human grade and plant grade would vary
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    You can use gentamicin/betamethasone spray which helps with itching and the infection that starts from the serious chewing/licking. I think you can buy this or something like it OTC for in between vet visits. Always handy to have around for itchy dogs."Common sense isn't so common"

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