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Shiba Inu Names
  • OrangeOrange
    Posts: 123
    Awe Simon. I'm not very "girly" in the sense that I don't like chick flicks or cry very easily. But the Simon and Marcey episode made me cry real tears. Pretty much for the first time since I had my daughter. lol. It made me appreciate Simons character a lot more too.

    Anyway it's a pretty cute rabbit name, I imagine a BEW English Angora bunny. :)
  • Going to name our new BT boy Gunther, after Simon's devious penguin. It was between that and Rocket.

    Our red girl is named penny.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1269
    Haha I love the tiki room! Their silly song is my ringtone for when my brother calls, cus when we were quite young (me 6 and him 10), we got separated from our mom in Disney world and ended up meeting back up in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room haha. My brother would always sing that song sarcastically after that. And my boyfriend loves the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, I've only seen a couple of episodes that he's shown me (overall enthusiasm for instance).

    I agree, names are sooo hard. It has to have some special meaning to me. And no Japanese name feels that way... Unless it's from studio ghibli. Instant inspiration, is Ghibli a stupid sounding name?? It's actially Italian and pronounced jee-blee I believe.

    The names I'm currently considering for a boy pup are...
    Ozzy (in memory of previous dogs Oliver and Oscar)
    Mowgli (the jungle book. Love nickname options... Momo like the lemur from avatar the last airbender, mowgles lol)
    Milo (milo and Otis lol I'm a sucker for nostalgia)
    Sulley (monsters inc)

    And girls
    Lilikoi (from the best song ever, boy Lilikoi lol. Yet I don't think lilikoi is fitting for a boy at all, but it's not a name in the song, just a word)
    Nimh (secret of nimh)
    Hushpuppy (more of a guilty pleasure that I adore. I probably wouldn't use it. From Beasts of the Southern Wild)
    Zephyr (my fav level in spyro baha)

    It's so hard blah. I'm pretty sold on Lilikoi for a girl. Has so much meaning for me. And I always tend to come up with random nicknames, even for names that seem to not have any. My family's poodle who is pretty much my mom's shadow is Mollie (typical dog name boring lol). Her most used nicknames are Mollie wobbles (from Harry potter, mr. Weasley's secret pet name for his wife), Mollie-tov (cocktail), hot tamollie... Hahah she has many. Nicknames often just kind of happen for our family pets. Like our cat Ebony became ebodie, then bodie, then Bode. Which now that I'm grown up seems like a very strange nickname lol. And another cat named Taylor after my brothers obsession with the guitars became Taylark, then Lark / Larky.

    Super rambles. Gah I just want to find decide on the perfect name. Maybe once we get our pup (which will likely be a boy but you never know), he'll strike me as an Ozzy and the decision will be easy. But I don't know, nothing feels perfect.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1269
    Hmmm I'm not sure how to edit a post or if that's possible. Sorry for double post though. I wanted to add Sylvester / Sly. Doesn't have a ton of special meaning other than reminding me of a fox and Sylvester the cat, and shibas can sometimes be called catlike haha. Totally a stretch.... Ozzy might possibly be used as a nickname for Oslo xD
  • Sylvester is a very good name. I had a cat named Sylvester. he lived for 20 years, which is darn old for a cat!
  • tbarskitbarski
    Posts: 16
    I picked Suki because it was the Japanese spelling for Sookie, which is a character on Gilmore Girls whom I love. And Suki means like loved one or something, so I liked that too.
  • My boy is named Nigel. My husband picked the name as my son and I were the ones who fell in love with shibas even against advice for being first time dog people. I researched the heck out of breeders, found one I felt comfortable with and he's been just awesome. I think we are a pretty mellow household and he has picked up that vibe. I love him!
  • We named ours Piper... we did the whole name game thing, and eventually figured the heritage naming wasn't that important to us. The name is cute and original. Go luck. No matter what type or name you select, have fun making her care about coming when you use it :)
  • My boy's name is Rhett, after Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind (one of my fav films and I'm a film graduate/lover!)....he's also appropriate to the name; handsome, scoundrel, roguish, ladies-man, tough, and passionate! That's my Rhett!

    However I picked Ryoji (ree-o-gee) for his Japanese name that he's registered with Nippo. It means "good reign" because he's like a little wolf prince emperor, looking over his kingdom...ever watchful, observant, and ready bash!
  • leahklayleahklay
    Posts: 5
    I named my white shiba Anderson Cooper because he's a silver fox : )
  • We named ours 'Mamoru' (守る) which means to protect or as we say, protector. At first we were going to name him Mamori, which has the same meaning but it sounds girly so we decided on Mamoru.
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  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    My little ankle-biter is called Coal. The day before we got him, we weren't sure if we actually would but I wanted to be sure to have a name ready for him. I made a list, but kept gravitating to Coal. After sleeping on it, I had a dream where I kept calling him Coal and so that was decided. ^_^

    Anyway, there is more to it. Coal is easy for my elderly Japanese parent-in-laws to say (they have no English knowledge, so this is important). Also, coals in general have a history with me. I have always been a child of the fire. Bonfires were a big part of my life with my father creating nice ones during the summer months in our large backyard or campfires during our camping trips. In the evenings, my father used to sit and watch the coals simmer after the fire died out, meditating and relaxing in the dying sun and remaining warmth. Sometimes I would stand with him. My dad passed away when I was 17, so this is a big memory for me that I only now just realized. Wow.

    Another thing is that coals hold on to heat and warmth long after a fire has died, spreading it out and about to everyone. They are warm and gentle and make me smile. Coals are also what help a fire to live long, they are an important fuel source for that fire.

    Fire has a symbology of warmth, joy, passion and togetherness. Coal would bring smiles and joy and laughter (he has! more times than he has brought hair-tearing frustration hehe)

    And, yes, another reason. I am a bit of an artist. I love working in all mediums, but when I was getting started, it was primarily pencils (graphite) and charCOALs haha. So the name ties in to so many things that I love in life from hobbies to memories.

    Come to think of it... my very first pet was a Russian Blue stray cat I found under a house. I named him Smokey because of his coloring. in smoke from a fire. I think I have a history here XD

    It is often hard to explain this to my Japanese students, especially my beginners (my Japanese isn't good for in-depth philosophical things) so I usually smile and nod when they say "Oh, because he's black!". I did look at a lot of color-based names, but that reason is really low on the totem pole ^_^
  • ObizaObiza
    Posts: 69
    I wish I could have named Rusty! I’m presuming his previous owners picked the name due to his rust brown color. Since one of the vet documents they gave us at the rescue showed his color description as rust and black. He’s so well trained to the name I didn’t want to confuse him so we just kept it. Then again if I was in charge of picking the name I’d still be deciding and he’d be trained to come as dog/pup because my husband would just call him that without a name. The hardest part in making characters for my stories and when I’m doing RPG games is the name haha.

    Though I think I would have named him Obi short for obsidian since he’s mostly black and I’m a geologist by trade. Or Kiba from Wolf’s Rain. Though I guess Kiba’s wolf form is white so that probably doesn’t make much sense. I just love the name and think it fits a spritz breed well.

    My sister's dog Barks is formally Bacchus named after the Greek god of wine and intoxication :P Yelling out Bacchus gets you some pretty strange looks, especially if they know their mythology! :)
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    @Obiza I hear ya! Naming characters is so difficult ^_^ But probably, in the beginning, changing his name wouldn't have been so hard on the dog. More like the paperwork ;) Now, though, I think you would have a tough time of training yourselves to change it haa.

  • MoshMosh
    Posts: 29
    We went through so many name ideas in our 4 month wait for our little Shibe. I wanted to name her something unique and cute. Before I went to pick her up, my bf and I went to an NXT wrestling live show and saw Asuka in below picture and thought that would be a cool name in passing. When I was driving her home, I still didn't have a name for her. When I brought her in I was thinking of naming her Eevee (cause my favorite pokemon) but when my bf saw her he looked at me with a pouty face and said, "Can we PWEASSSSE name her Asuka?" :P Now for halloween we can all dress up like WWE superstars haha!

    So we are considering getting her a brother and we will probably stick with the wrestling theme and name him Shinsuke. My cat's name is Calcipher too for any fans out there.

  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    We waited a good two weeks before settling on a name for Laika, had to make sure the personality fit the name and all. She barks a lot, she likes to try and be a very Bossy BarkyButt, which is apparently very uncommon for a Shiba but if I hadn't read that repeatedly from others I'd never believe it was true.

    The background of our name choice: the USSR used dogs to determine if humans could survive sub-orbital and eventually orbital space flight. The first dog sent to go in to orbit in 1957 (a horrible and tragic story) was named Laika, which is Russian and means "Barker". :)

    To keep with the theme when we adopted our 2nd we opted to choose his name from the Solviet space program as well, and since he was a red Shiba we named him Rhyzik - Rhyzik was part of a sub-orbital launch in 1952, and in Russian it means "Ginger" or "Red-Headed".

    My Husband has also taken to naming his electronics after the Russian Space Program now, too, with Soyuz and Sputnik occasionally connecting to our WiFi. No, we aren't Russian and neither of us have any Russian ancestry either. It's just a theme we've embraced lol.
  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    @spacedogs same here with Mochi about the barking. Mochi is a very big barker whenever she gets excited or if there's a suspicious person/thing that she sees...oh and when we don't give her her food or toys fast enough she gets bossy and starts complaining.

    I love the amount of thought you guys put into the names. We couldn't decide what to name Mochi. My dad wanted to name her a Korean name but I was like "well she's a Japanese dog and if she can't have a Japanese name then I don't think it's be right to give her a Korean name lol our breeder had named her Korra while her brother was named Katsu. Korra just didn't seem to fit her both personality and appearance wise so we named her Mochi because she's cute and sweet :)
  • We named our Shiba "Griffith" after the character in the Japanese animation/anime Berserk. We both really like the character, and we wanted to pick a name that related to an anime character (to hark back to our Shiba's Japanese roots) but at the same time we wanted an anglo-saxon sounding name to avoid people getting confused when pronouncing the name, etc. So Griffith worked out perfectly. Unfortunately our pup is red and the anime character Griffith's theme color is white... oh well lol.

    Someone else on this forum has a Shiba named Gatsu/Guts, who is the main character in Berserk. Guts and Griffith are something like friends-turned-mortal enemies in the show so I thought this was kind of funny.
  • KariVelaKariVela
    Posts: 9
    We named our babe Ashi (ahh-shee) like from Samurai Jack . Ashi also means blessing , smile , joy - etc. I actually just learned it means 'Evil' in Japanese
  • KiichigoKiichigo
    Posts: 28
    We named our puppy Kiichigo (pronounced ki-ichigo) meaning raspberry. We call her kichi for short.
    Her mom's name was Juniperberry and grandmother's was Strawberry, we figured it would pay homage to both her Japanese heritage and family.
  • FluffsFluffs
    Posts: 32
    Katsudon is named after one of our favorite japanese dishes... Katsudon. :P
    We call her "Katsu" for short, and being sesame she really does look like a little fried pork cutlet so it's very fitting for her.

    AKC name is Honovi Mina Katsudon, Honovi for the breeder's kennel and Mina was her name while she was with them. :)
  • Shiro_PiShiro_Pi
    Posts: 13
    My sister named our red boy, Mochi (Rice Cake) as she was obsessed (and still is) with the ice cream version of the snack. I named our black girl Senbei (Rice Cracker) to match as they're both made from the Mochiko flour ;D
  • ColtyHanColtyHan
    Posts: 39
    We named ours Uzume, and call her Zoomie. Uzume is the Shinto goddess of happiness and also means "twirling". All seem very appropriate for our girl.
  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
    Posts: 37
    We named our boy Kitsu as a reference to "Kitsune" (Japanese for "fox"), but we usually call him Kit. We're thinking of names for a female since we're hoping to get one soon, and I think we've decided on Kira. No particular reason aside from just liking the name and thinking that "Kitsu" and "Kira" go well together. :)
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    I find it hilarious that the majority of names are Japanese (or are heavily influenced by Japanese Food). Just so you know---this is true in Japan, as well. They tend to stick to Japanese names for Shiba, but go all over the place for other breeds. Jirou is a popular name (my husband's Shiba when he was younger had that name)
  • My husband was really set on giving Bonsai a traditional Japanese name despite us having no association with Japan personally at all. I wasn't really having it. Something Japanese just wouldn't have meant anything to me and I didn't see the point in it just because it seems like the popular thing to do.

    We saw the first pictures from the breeder, which we were waiting for to name him, and after days of back and forth I thought of Bonsai, like the bonsai tree, which hints at Japan without being in your face about it. I've always really liked bonsai trees. When I mentioned it to my husband and we said it aloud a few times it just sort of clicked into place and there was never a question of if we were sure. It was a good compromise. I got his ID tag printed the next day. (:
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  • I'm very dead set on naming my future Shiba Inu "Oji" or "Raiden". Both I am very pleased with, but it's one or the other and I have no idea how to choose.
  • Sachiko, which means "Bliss."

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