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Just Neutered! out of the box ideas for keeping him out of his surgery site!
  • Shelbz93Shelbz93
    Posts: 11
    Hey all - Bandit's mom here, we are on day 6 of 10 for his surgery. it is healing really really well, aside from one small spot that is a bit behind (vet checked it nothing to worry about). That being said, I have barely been able to take my eyes off him since he keeps wanting to go after his surgery site. So far little mens boxers work (he can get up them or get around them to get at it, but its 90% successful) and he won't keep either the cone or inflatable collar on and can get around either of them anyway.

    I have been lucky enough to take him to work this week and Sunday is day 10, but he's going to have to be alone in his crate next monday. The vet freaked out when i asked if normal licking was ok (ie. just cleaning the area without obsessivly licking), and its not realistic to have the doggy sitter who lets him out at lunch deal with little underwear.

    Any ideas?

    I am hoping that he is "over" trying to get at the area by day 10, but you never know!
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  • kittymskittyms
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    Can you keep him distracted with chews or bones? When my girl was on bed rest after her spay, she got lots of chew treats, puzzle toys, bones, and stuffed Kongs and that helped keep her calm and busy.
  • Shelbz93Shelbz93
    Posts: 11
    Trying - he isn't food oriented so its difficult, often he will get "bored" of his kong even with stuffed with something he loves if its too hard to get the stuff out. LOL