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What do you feed when your dog wont eat anything?
  • TacyeTacye
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    I’ve posted I n the past about my picky dog Kiyoko. We’ve done pretty well on royal canin but now she has decided she doesn’t want it. I was feeding her boiled chicken and white rice (she had been dry heaving so I thought maybe she had tummy problems). She happily ate that for a few days and then she was bored of it. I’ve tried every dog food known to man. I even tried the fresh pet stuff and h doesn’t like it. She likes cheese. Lol that’s the only thing she will gladly eat. Obviously I don’t feed it to her regularly; just a small piece as a treat when I run out of real dog treats.

    Please forgive me for asking; I’ve looked on the forum but a link would be so helpful. Does anyone actually have a menu or list of “human food” recipes that they feed their dogs? Human food seems to be the only thing this dog wants. She thinks she’s human and she wants to eat what we’re eating. The dog is just too darn smart. I’m at my wits end.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • I just found this new food, its called The Farmer's Dog and my boys LOVE it. They dont have a fish option but they have beef, pork, and turkey. It's fresh made food and it actually looks pretty good! One of my boys was gaining a lot of weight on kibble and I wanted to check out other options, both of their coats are softer and they seem to have more energy! Plus my chunky boy seems to be getting back to his normal weight :) It's a little pricey but they're willing to work with you if you try it and like it. I found a 50% off your first order code online too!
  • SethSeth
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