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6 months, still no undercoat back yet?
  • Hi I live in Michigan and I have a 1 year old male cinnamon Shiba (my 3rd Shiba now). He Seemed to develop allergies because he was scratching near continuously at 6 months. The breeder convinced us to use what she uses which is Royal Canine dog food she swore by it. But with all the scratching going on with Loki we decided to go to a chicken free diet because I read where alot of dogs are becoming allergic to the chicken biproducts do to all the the chemicals, hormones etc... they put in chickens now (dont know how true this is) but we switch to Blue Buffalo/fish/brown rice. This has helped. Loki went from scratching 70% of the time down to 5-10% so thats good. But after blowing his coat this spring around May it is now September and he still has not gotten his fluffy undercoat to start growing back.

    Has anyone ever had an undercoat take this long to grow back? Can it still be an allergy thing. My vet said to wait till the cooler weather sets in and if it is still not regenerating then I think he wanted to check his thyroid (again i think). Loki also licks and chews his paws this late summer and I am pretty sure that is allergies but not sure if it would affect the regrowth of his undercoat or if it something else like his genetics.

    Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    As it’s been said many times on this forum, “first you breed a coat, then you feed a coat.” So really no amount of nutrition, cold weather, or anything else will give a shiba a good quality coat if it isn’t in their genetics.

    How reputable is the breeder? Did you meet the parents of your boy? Does the breeder participate in show conformation and therefore strive to maintain and improve the quality of the shiba standard? Do you know of any other dogs from this breeder and do they have a similar struggle with their undercoat?

    Do you add any supplements? A lot of kibble can be really lacking in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Even if they say they add them to the kibbles, often they get cooked out or lose potency, so adding a supplement like salmon oil or krill oil can help improve coat quality.