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Forum Changes - Paywall - Please Read
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    The Shiba Inu Forum has had a long healthy life. The site is a wealth of information for the Shiba community.

    In an effort to preserve the quality of the content, and eliminate duplicate content, the forum will no longer be open to posts from non-premium members. Premium Members will still be allowed to post on threads, while non-premium members will be set to read-only.

    Non-authenticated members will be allowed to read only public content (no change here).

    For the initial switch to a "Paywall," I have reduced cost of a lifetime Premium Memberships to $10 USD. Yearly Premium Memberships will no longer be an option. After the initial switch over, the cost of a lifetime Premium Membership will go to $20 USD.

    Funds received for Premium Memberships will go to the continued operation of the Shiba Inu Forum.

    New members will only be allowed to join via an invitation from a Premium Member or Admin. You can send an invitation from the "My Invitations" link on your profile page.

    Thank you,
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