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Labeled Leash to Keep People from Grabbing My Dog on the Street
  • Hi all,

    I wasn't able to find this topic in another thread, so hopefully this topic is okay to post here.

    So myself, my husband, and my Shiba boy Senketsu live in the heart of the historic downtown area of our city. In a way, this is great for Senketsu because he gets to see, hear, and smell so many new things every day. However, we have had issues multiple times since we brought him home with people petting, grabbing, and even RUNNING at him on the street in an attempt to touch him without permission. This terrifies him because he is not fond of being touched any time but on his own terms or chased, for that matter. His fear of strangers outside stems from a woman who snuck up behind him while my husband was walking him and attempting to cross a street when Senketsu was about 4.5 months old. She literally grabbed him and attempted to pick him up and would not let go until my husband physically took him from her and left. I know, crazy. When people ask to pet him, I usually say he is shy and prefers not to be touched when on leash. Luckily he is very submissive and has never bitten or shown any sign of aggression toward person or dog. I am worried because behavior like this from others sometimes causes a decent amount of regression in his social behavior, and, as we all know, this is frustrating and difficult to make up later, especially if he goes through another puppy fear phase when this occurs (he is almost 6 months old).

    I would love to get some kind of leash to put on him that says something along the lines of "Please do not pet" or even "In training". I don't want to buy any expensive equipment for this purpose. Just a cheap fix of an embroidered leash would be fine. Even a harness of some sort. Something in a bold font with a color that stands out so people can see it easily. Has anyone tried this and had any success? Where can I find one for a reasonable price? It's the only thing I can think of that is clear enough without actually having to catch someone in the act and tell them off for being rude :P

    Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thanks!
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I think @jtocchio0531 mentioned getting like a leash sleeve on Etsy that you can slide onto the leash? I’m sure they’ve got tons of options for what to say. Of course there are like harnesses with Velcro patches like the Julius k9 that you could get, but that’s pricier and I really think people would pay more attention to a leash sleeve. It would stand out more from all angles.

    Lots of options like these: not pet leash&ref=sr_gallery-1-7&more_colors=1#

    And can say things from “in training” to “give me space” to “please do not pet” etc. I’m sure a lot of Etsy shops could even customize the text if you needed something more specific. :) There are a lot of leashes on Etsy as well with text straight on the leash. I have a tonnn of dog gear and like to switch up the leashes I’m using, so the idea of a leash sleeve seems more versatile and functional to me haha. Then you don’t have to worry about finding a good enough quality leash, you can just slip it on to ones you know you can trust.
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  • @lilikoi - Yay for Etsy! I saw the Julius K9 on Amazon and it’s such a beautiful harness but I can’t justify spending $50 on it right now, especially when I already have a harness. A leash sleeve would be perfect! I’ll look around and see if I can find one on Etsy :) Thanks!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I probably have like... 30 or more harnesses LOL. 3 of which are the Julius k9 IDC power harnesses, and I have a couple Julius belt harnesses too. But I don’t use them too often. I don’t dislike them, but I definitely have other brands that I prefer. I don’t love that the front strap on the Julius sits lower on their chest, so I think it could create an unnatural running gait. But I do love the patches, I think the harnesses look nice, it is one of few that Ozzy doesn’t run from lol, and I even bought one for his future sis that might not be born until 2019. I do like them but it’s not my “go to” harness for sure.
  • @lilikoi, what’s your favorite brand? I use a Rabbitgoo dog vest right now which offers pretty good control and seems comfortable on him as well. It was $25 on Amazon so it was an easy choice :) I’d like to move onto a martingale someday for city walks and keep the harness for hiking, etc., but I want to get him more excited about going outdoors before using just a collar in case he thrashes out of fear and hurts his spine.
  • @jtocchio0531, I just ordered one! I’m really excited to start using it!

    We have tried the treat thing with strangers, but ever since he was grabbed, he absolutely refuses to approach someone in that context. We’ve gotten him to the point where he will walk past strangers and even in crowds and he is absolutely fine with them as long as they do not reach out their arms or try to touch him in any way. He is also almost 0% food motivated when outdoors; I think he’s overstimulated most of the time and just doesn’t pay attention to food.

    I’m very tired of strangers being rude so I’m really hoping the leash sleeve works! Even today, a woman was attempting to get him to come near her and asked if he was friendly. I told her he does not like to be touched. She mumbled something under her breath rudely and turned away. I don’t understand people. If I said that about a child most people wouldn’t question me. Why is it different for a dog? I appreciate the recommendation :)
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Favorite harness hmmm... :)) It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I feel like I have different favorites for different categories.

    I looove our ruffwear harnesses (front range, hi and light, and webmaster) mostly for hiking. The hi and light I use rotationally on daily walks. Ozzy seems to like it. I think it makes him look like a silly little preschooler or something hehe.

    I have some fleece lined harnesses by Dog Games Co that I like, and a fleece lined pulling harness by Alpine Outfitters. They were customized to fit him and fit very well. The fleece does gather fur, though. Both of these fleece ones seem very comfortable.

    I like the style of the freedom no pull harness for training not to pull and training the correct position a dog should walk at. It has a double ended leash, so the dog is pretty naturally positioned at your side without moving too far forward or behind. But I don’t use this one that often with Ozzy since he is pretty good about not pulling.

    I really like the comfortflex sport harness. This is one of ozzy’s absolute favorites. He prefers harnesses that don’t have straps between his legs. This is one of those “Norwegian style” ones that you put on over the head and clip behind the legs. Similar to the Julius k9 style. But it is more minimal, lightweight and great for summer, and the front strap sits higher than the Julius so I don’t see it causing as big of a problem with gait inhibition. It also is very good about not sliding side to side and stays centered. It doesn’t sit so close into his armpits like a lot of Norwegian style harnesses do (some of his hurtta and ezydog ones do this).

    Ruffwear might be my favorite brand since we like to do a lot outdoors. Ozzy’s favorite is probably the comfortflex sport. I’m a big fan of the versatility of the alpine outfitter harness, but it was pricy and takes a long time to customize. It just fits him like a glove and had a lot of customizable options that I included, like side rings for him to run alongside the bike, a front ring for ID or to discourage pulling, his name stitched on the top, etc. Also our favorite collars are martingales by knine couture, the ezydog check mate limited slip, limited slips by white pine outfitters for casual / daily wear (they’re not as durable for outdoor,a but extremely soft webbing that doesn’t dent double coat), and the comfortflex makes a pretty good limited slip collar as well. I dislike the look of the comfortflex collar tho somewhat. Looks like a turtleneck a bit. :D but very nice and padded and reflective. I like the hurtta padded half choke collars too. I think they also kind of look silly. They’re more narrow and make his head look like a balloon to me. :))
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  • @lilikoi, I’m going to have to look all these up for the future! Thanks so much :) I’m thinking about a different harness for him since he’s not a big fan of the one we use, even though it does the job. This is very helpful and gives a lot of options!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    I’ll have to update the collars and harnesses thread sometime with my latest favs and some pics or something haha. I do have like the chai’s choice one that’s is extremely similar / the same as the rabbitgoo one.. I’m kinda confused cus I see that same ish harness under a lot of different brand names lol. I’m not sure if there are subtle differences or not. It was harder to adjust compared to the ruffwear and the edges seemed to dig in a little more. Also the front clip on the chai’s choice, when I used it, pulled his harness down cus the ring placement was so low. So it made it easy for him to step a leg out of the neck area and escape haha. I thought it was a good harness for while Ozzy was growing though. Maybe Senketsu would be similar to Ozzy and would prefer not having a strap between his legs. I’d definitely look at the comfortflex sport harness if you think it would meet your needs! The ezydog quickfit is a similar style, but sat too close on ozzy’s armpits and sometimes rubs them raw. Have never had problems with the comfort flex even on long walks / hikes. Very easy on and off.
  • @lilikoi, the front hook on the Rabbitgoo does pull it down and he attempts to pull a leg through, or else just limps oddly when I use it. It does help with pulling but I’m worried it’s going to create a weird gait or chafing. I’ll have to check out some harness that don’t have the strap between the legs!
  • @callofspacey- I can't wait to see a picture of it when you get it! I know exactly what you mean with people, people think just because their dogs are nice they should bring them over to my dog, who is clearly not friendly with his muzzle and leash tag and try to let them play. Despite me saying he's really mean please leash your dog... :-?

    I second the front range harness by ruffwear! Also Ace's kong harness is looking a little rough so I'm going to try the comfort flex sport harness @lilikoi has, I found them for pretty cheap on amazon!
  • @jtocchio0531, I'll be sure to post some! I saw the ComfortFlex sport harness on Amazon for pretty cheap and I liked it a lot! I'll take a look at the Ruffwear one as well :)
  • Shelbz93Shelbz93
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    People are crazy - i used to have issues with my dog aggressive corgi and people would insist their dogs had to be friends with mine. I eventually had to go full on crazy dog mom to get people to back off (politness never seemed to work). I'm amazed by the number of people who won't back away until you have to very rudely say "my dog will bite yours - i'm not kidding" (told you full on crazy dog mom required).
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