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Differences as they grow?
  • anthonyyanthonyy
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    Good evening everyone. Just had a quick question. Remy is about to turn 4 months and overall he has grown a lot. He gained a little over a pound in 3 weeks and has grown a lot larger. His legs are noticeably longer and his face seems to have changed a bit. His neck also got a lot thicker and I had to buy a new harness. A small but important difference I’ve noted is small bits of white fur on the side of his mouth. It’s still not fully white but it does help get rid of worries I have that his urajiro will not be as prominent as I want. His ears however have oddly grown a lot longer, almost coyote-like. I know I shouldn’t worry too much because he’s not done growing but I’m trying to learn how they will grow over time physically since I have not met anyone who owns a shiba. Am I just overthinking it and do they each grow in different ways. I feel like it’s a silly thing to ask, but i have been looking everywhere and this has been on my mind for so long. :-? :-S
  • MeghanBCGMeghanBCG
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    Ok so to start with, Remy's growth rate is going to depend on a lot of different things, some of which you have no control over and it's best not to worry about them, like his genetics. Do you happen to know how large his parents were? That can be a good indicator for how big he's going to get. Bonsai is just a little smaller fully grown than his dad is. The kind of food you're feeding him might also play a role. At 4 months old, Bonsai was 14.4 lbs. He was 7.6 lbs when we got him at 8 weeks, so he nearly doubled in weight but not necessarily in size. It's normal for them to do a lot of growing in their first 6 months and then it sort of levels out for a while. As long as your vet is happy with Remy's growth and muscle tone I don't think there's any need to worry. :)

    4 months is the beginning of the their "teenage" phase and honestly puppies can start to look a little funny in that time. Just like people, sometimes parts of them grow at different rates so they look a little stretched out, haha. I'm guessing that's what's happening with Remy's ears. He'll grow into them! Bonsai looked super skinny around that age, but he fluffed out. I'll put in some comparison pictures for you. You can see how he grew into his ears and how much his coloration changed over time. He looks a little grey in the one year picture but he was still blowing his coat at that time.

    This is the day after we brought him home at 8 weeks old.

    This is him at 4 months old.

    This is him at 1 year.