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Very Strange Episodes - Please Read! Need Advice!
  • Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone has had a similar experience with their dog.

    Robin is 5 months old. I picked her up at the airport on May 11. A week later Robin had her first “episode”. She becomes very disoriented, unbalanced, wobbly, and unstable. We rushed her to the vet, but by the time we got to her appointment the episode had ended and Robin was back to walking normally, completely straight, and in good spirit. The veterinarian ran blood tests and checked her ears and everything came back perfectly normal. Fast forward to a month later, and Robin had another episode. At this point she has had three, each one being consistently the same as the first. They last a few hours, she usually falls asleep, and wakes up normal. She is very active, smart, has a healthy appetite, doesn’t seem to drink too much water...I’m at a loss as to what could be wrong. My veterinarian thought it might be a shunt, but blood work that came back today looked good. I’ve looked online to see if anyone has had a similar experience, but I haven’t found much. I’ve found very, very scary articles about rare diseases, but she doesn’t really fit those problems.

    Please comment if you have any ideas! Or any similar experiences! I’m pretty worried about my baby. Thank you!!
  • I can offer a little bit of experience with another animal I've owned. I adopted a cat a long time ago from a rescue who was extremely inbred, so he had a lot of health problems. What you described is exactly what my cat went through regularly. They are almost like weird, mild seizures. Mind you, I have not seen this in a dog I've had, but I wanted to offer that tidbit in case it helps you at all. I believe my cat was diagnosed with a very mild form of epilepsy. It hardly affected his life, which was a plus; he probably had one of these short, wobbly episodes once a month. He learned to live with it.

    Can I ask where you got your dog from? I noticed you said you picked her up from the airport. Some puppy mills do this frequently, and this might explain this odd phenomenon due to bad breeding. I absolutely mean no disrespect by this question; my family adopted a puppy mill puppy without realizing it a while back and he had a lot of health issues. Once we found out where he came from, it answered a lot of questions for us.

    Hopefully this helps a tiny bit. Maybe ask the vet about testing for a neurological problem? I have no idea how this is accomplished, but it might be worth asking. Obviously something is off. I'm glad her health is good otherwise!
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  • CallofSpacey,

    Thanks so much for replying! Yeah these episodes are SO strange! They don’t hurt her, she just gets wobbly and disoriented and is fine right after. She seems to sleep it off.

    Unfortunately, I think I purchased Robin from a puppy mill. The woman I talked to seemed so nice and answered all my questions for months. She came from Arkansas, and after searching this forum, her name did appear underneath possible puppy mills. I thought I had done enough research but it’s definitely a possibility :(

    I did talk to my vet about a neurological exam, but she rwc
  • *recommended waiting until the puppy is older because of the cost of those exams and MRIs.

    But the tidbit about your cat definitely makes me feel better! Thanks so much
  • @Robin21618 - Yikes, I'm sorry you found out after the fact :( It is NOT a good feeling! At least now you can just give Robin the best life possible! And now for the future you will have a better understanding of breeders, etc. Unfortunately, dog breeding can be a strange and difficult world to navigate, especially since most reputable breeders do not advertise online, and the Internet is such a huge portion of our lives nowadays.

    I'm glad your vet was up-front with you about the costs. Maybe these episodes will subside by the time she is older, but if not, those tests might be worth it depending on whether the issue is growing in severity.

    I am glad I could help a little bit :) I hope everything works out for Robin!
  • I know this is very late, but I agree with spacey. My experience is with humans (medical personnel in a stroke unit) but it really sounds like mild seizures. Seizures themselves can be very short (even just 'zoning out' for a second or two, called absence seizures) but the post-ictal (after seizure) phase can last for hours, even up to a day or two. Disorientation, balance issues and vision problems are very common after effects.

    I hope you've found the problem by now, and I hope for both your sakes it's nothing serious. Best wishes!