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Kibble size
  • Hi,

    I'm changing Sachiko over from a puppy kibble (Acana) to something else, and am considering TOTW. Is this still considered a good food but also what size kibble would be best? Is the small breed variety a good choice? Sachiko isn't too keen on anything big so it makes sense but that limits the flavour to just one and it's more expensive than the others, especially imported here in Eastern Europe.

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  • MeghanBCGMeghanBCG
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    I have a feeling this thread is going to be closed as a duplicate topic since there's a large Food/Nutrition category already, but we use Taste of the Wild and have really liked it. We had to have Bonsai, our older Shiba, on prescription sensitive tummy food for a while and the difference in his coat quality was crazy. It was terrible on the other food, very dull and greyish. We've been able to transfer him back to TOTW and it's back to it's lovely thick shine. We use the regular size kibbles because Bonsai gulps his food and the normal kibble size forces him to chew it. I would assume the small breed kibble size is the same as the puppy kibble, which is pretty small. I guess for comparison, the regular kibble is about dime sized and the puppy kibble is about half that. Hope that helps!
  • I searched for this topic and couldn't find it so I put this in Food/Nutrition. Thanks for the advice. That makes a lot of sense about how the bigger kibble would force them to chew more and slow down.
  • MeghanBCGMeghanBCG
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    Don't get me wrong, I hope it's not closed, I've just been seeing it happen quite a lot lately. (:
  • plasmodiumplasmodium
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    We use regular size/ medium size kibble. Tbh we pretty quickly weened our puppy off of the smaller size and onto the medium one so she could share the same food as our adult shiba. She still gulps it down so I’m not sure that it’s slowed her chewing at all.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I don’t think there’s a big problem with smaller kibble pieces unless you’re worried about them inhaling pieces from eating too quickly or something. I had read a study about increased kibble size being better for teeth, but obviously things like brushing teeth are far superior to a minor difference in kibble size.

    I used to feed Nature’s Variety kibble, which have pretty small pieces. I have also fed TOTW but Ozzy can have tendencies toward soft stool, and he didn’t do as well on the TOTW options. Now I feed acana regionals varieties and switch up the flavors with every bag. I’ve always fed at least one raw meal a day though, and will transition back to full raw, but use acana when we travel.

    I think TOTW is pretty good, but I’d get somewhat concerned that just having the same flavor repeatedly would get boring or that limiting recipe variety could cause issues. But if your options are limited, I think TOTW is a lot better than most dog food brands out there.
  • ObizaObiza
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    We've never had an issue with the standard kibble size ToTW uses. Rusty is a lamb fan so we get both Sierra Mountain and Pine Forest varieties. Honestly I think he'd eat any of the flavors though... he's not very picky when it comes to kibble or food in general, unless it's a vegetable!

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