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Experiences with Shibas and Dog Daycare?
  • Hi all,

    I'd love to hear of some experiences anyone has had taking their Shiba to dog daycare. There is a lovely young woman who owns an adorable pet shop/daycare in my city, and we are arranging Senketsu's first free trial visit for next week. Senketsu has never been to a daycare setting but had lots of free play with other dogs at his breeder's and also is interested and mildly friendly with smaller dogs he sees on the street. I have also never partaken in dog daycare, and I'm excited to see what it's like!

    This particular business holds their daycare in the pet shop itself. The dogs get lots of free play and are exposed to strangers in the form of customers. The weight limit of all dogs is 40 lbs. which is promising; Senketsu is a little scared of bigger dogs; he only played with other Shibas and some dachshunds at his breeder's.

    I got to speak with the shop owner over the phone and she regularly pet sits for Shibas in our area, which makes me feel good about her experience with the breed! She told me she totally understands how sensitive they can be, but would be so excited to have one in daycare. She also said his first day will be as comfortable as possible; Senketsu will have his own area for the first part of the day so he can watch the other dogs play before being allowed into the mix. He's quite shy, so this made me feel a lot more comfortable.

    What are your experiences with your Shiba(s) and dog daycare? Do they tend to get along with others? Do they enjoy group play? Any aggression or possession issues? Let me know!

    Thanks in advance!

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