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Shiba with pancreas issues (EPI / pancreatic insufficiency)?
  • nobunobu
    Posts: 8
    Nobu has very sensitive digestive system since young, usually it goes away after a week or two. In the past, it happened when he's eaten a new treat/food. However this time he has been having diarrhoea on and off for months (from Feb till now June). It all started since around Feb when I was away, the person caring for Nobu at the time told me it sort of happened all of a sudden. We've been to the vet on regular basis but I feel there's lack of veterinary knowledge or facility here in Indonesia. One vet (regular one we visit) seems unsure of the condition and I feel frustrated because rather than trying to find out the exact cause of the problem he's just prescribing different meds. The other vet suspected Nobu might have an EPI. However she didn't know for sure as the blood test needed to confirm it isn't available here. I feel so helpless, Nobu is now at 9kg (lost around 2 kg) and I can feel his bones when I pet him :~~~~(
    Any shiba owner out there whose shiba has an EPI? Does anyone know if EPI can be tested in a normal laboratory and not a specialised veterinary lab?
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I don’t have any experience with or knowledge about EPI, but I really hope your able to get to the root of his issues and treat them!

    I read through some stuff about EPI on this site:

    It said that most blood samples are looked at at Texas A&M. Maybe you could contact the school or see if your vet could and see whether or not your vet could send a blood sample of your pup to them or something? It might be expensive, and it might be entirely impossible, too... some of the symptoms they list sound pretty specific, like a constant voracious appetite, the yellow/grey large quantity of stool...

    Have you ever tried out a raw diet? That article mentioned that some dogs with EPI really thrive on raw. Others can’t tolerate it as well and it just depends on the dog. I don’t think a raw diet is necessarily the solution for every dog owner, because to be done right and have balanced nutrition, it can take a lot of preparation and research. It’s not as hard as it seems, but I think a lot of dog owners tend to get stuck just preparing the same old meals that are easy for them and the dog needs more variety to really thrive. But there are a lot of great online resources about feeding raw, content to start with, how much / when to add new things, etc. Maybe you’ve already tried other diets too, but I just hope you can find some relief for him!
  • Bumping up this thread - puppy is being treated for Girardia, as i believe inital symptons of both can be simialar, but if it doesn't clear up vet wants to do blood work for EPI. I know there is a girardia thread somehwere, but can't find it today. Just curious if anyone has a similar issue and how long it took for the girardia poops to settle out. Thanks all!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    Has the vet taken a poo sample to confirm giardia? I think it can commonly be false. I was reading about it recently but I can't recall the exact numbers off the top of my head. It was something like only 30% of the time giardia shows up in the stool, so it can be hard to get a definitive diagnosis. But with like 3 samples, that probability increases to like 70%... or maybe it was even 90%. One of Nimh's littermates got giardia about a week after they went to their new home, so I was reading up about it to make sure she wasn't dying. xD
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • Thanks all! Giardia treatment is working and everything is clearing up nicely. His stomach is still a bit sensitive to different food outside of his kibble, but i think we are on the up swing. #:-S

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